Tired of all the Hardfork nonsense yet??

in cryptocurrency •  last year

It's been a little while since my last post. Excuse me for that....I was TOO BUSY trying to give my cryptocurrency portfolio some MUSCLES!!

I had a good run of it, first getting in on ChainCoin at close-to-bottom prices. I had a couple of Masternodes running and then the DUMP BEGAN! I had the opportunity to get out at a 30x profit but I have to admit...I really did like the idea of HODLN until the prices skyrocketed. PLUS, the 'Gordon Gekko' side of me took over and I started getting greedy. I should have gotten out when my gut told me to, but instead I had to settle for 5x profits. It's too bad the whales took over. Oh well, on to the NEXT IDEA!

Anyway, since then, all anyone could talk about was the possible Hard Fork of Bitcoin and pulling their money out of crypto markets because of the volatility. YOU'RE IN CRYPTO....VOLATILITY Then, with a great sigh of relief BIP-91 was good to go and prices shot right back up....only to find out at the last minute that a couple of KNUCKLE HEADS decided to branch off and create Bitcoin Cash (BCC), which pulled the rug out from underneath everyone again. WTF!?

And don't even get me started on their Ticker symbol....BCC???? You mean to tell me you guys didn't even check the top 15 coins on CoinMarketCap before launching your STUPID idea?? As if Bitconnect doesn't exist?? LOL. You guys slay me!!

Why can't we just be DONE with all this nonsense of "softforks, hardforks" and the like? Now we're going to have to not only wait until AT LEAST August 1st, but most likely until September or October before people start to carry on with their daily Crypto routine. With all the noobs entering the space it's making things that much more volatile. Weak hands panic selling when there was no need to panic, doesn't help much either.

There has just been TOO MUCH uncertainty in an ALREADY uncertain market. PLEASE let this be over soon!!!


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Good information but the hardfork keeps on confusing me. Still wanna get enlightened more if bitcoin will eventually fall or just change in price..


Bitcoin should remain at it's current levels, but with so many new people getting into the market it's anyones guess now. From what I understand, BTC will be split into 2 on hardwallets. Half will be BTC and the other half will be "Bitcoin cash". After August 1st, anyone with Bitcoin cash has the option to either keep it and trade it as priced, or sell it back to get BTC.

So we'll just have to wait and see what most people do when the time comes. It's a waiting game now. I mean, you can't even use BTC right now because of all this crap. Every exchange and any kind of crypto platform that uses BTC has paused anything to do with BTC. This is screwing with a lot of people's money.

There has been a great amount of uncertainty injewcted into the market because of it. It used to be that everyone wasn't worried about the August 1st deadline, but now it's all anyone can talk about. It's disrupted how everyone trades, platforms going down until it all subsides, BTC having to be taken off of exchanges, etc..

As of right now, people are taking their BTC off the table on hanging back. But, they'll be spectating for AWHILE. There has been a lot of talk of not returning to "normal" for a couple of months...which will really suck because It's been relatively easy to make exquisite profits as of lately. Hopefully we can make some moves to beef up our portfolios after the storm has passed.


Thanks for the education


Long time no chat :)

I think it's important to remember that your Bitcoin is not being "split" into 2. You will keep your original BTC and recieve BTCC at a 1:1 ratio for absolutely nothing. Your original BTC will continue as planned according to BIP91. BTCC is a new cryptocurrency going against the consensus to create a 8mb no segwit blockchain. Nothing has changed. You get a free share drop and BTC continues as normal. BTCC was in development for over a year so this is just par the course I think


Hmmm, good to know. I just want this to be over so we can concentrate on bigger and better things. Whether it be with a new split or not, i just want my portfolio to GROW!

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