Fitrova scam investigation, the saga reached it's final confirmation

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

Crypto Scam Investigations is back under a new name and with 100% undeniable proof that Fitrova is not a legitimate project.

The telegram group has continued investigating and has found much more convincing evidence over the past few days, but nothing that could not be potentially debated or downplayed by the Fitrova team until now. Without wasting any time on small talks, We will start right off with the proof you’re all here for and move on from there.

It has been uncovered so far that 5 of the 8 team members have stolen identities!

As previously reported in our long list of red flags, one of the most prominent issues was the team information and their lack of presence on the internet. The Fitrova team has stated that an agreement was signed with Google to remove all information of the team from their search engine. The team has also said the LinkedIn profiles that were originally indicated on the Fitrova website and all social media/contact information have been removed due to an unclear anti-spam policy.

Our investigations looked into multiple search engines with no success of finding anything about the team members. The list included Google (US), Bing, Yahoo, Baidu (China), Soso, and Meta engines that compile results. While talking to ICO investors to seek info on Ethereum addresses used for the initial ICO, one investor gave us a tip about another Russian search engine Yandex that was turning up results. Which brings us to the following photos and links to the team members stolen identities in order of the whitepaper. Please visit the websites and browse them for yourself to confirm that these sites are not fake and the images have not been fabricated. You may notice that all of the photos have been flipped horizontally to cause the reverse image searches that were attempted to fail. The team members have been removed from the Fitrova website and the whitepaper but don’t worry...copies of the originals were made and will be provided. All of the ICO review websites also retain their posted team members.

Edit: Black bars have been added to faces and names shortened to avoid internet searches associating the actual person's name being associated with scam articles. Reference links and Fitrova whitepaper remain for verification.

Sonya Harding AKA Raquel P., Real Estate Agent
Company Profile
Company Profile 2


Joseph Lampton AKA Gideon B., Oncologist Doctor
Company Profile


David Powden AKA Graham E., Senior Business Analyst
Company Profile


Tyrone Campbell AKA Felix W. Bank Advisor
Company Profile


Colin Martin AKA Johnny H., Construction/Labour
Company Profile(7th person from the end)


These people are in the process of being contacted to inform them that their identities have been used to promote this illegitimate project. It is ultimately up to them whether they want to press charges and at this time I don’t believe any responses have been received yet. As far as this group is concerned Fitrova has been reported to (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) and other law enforcement routes are being pursued actively. The remaining and upcoming exchanges will be contacted again with the new proof. They have not been cooperative previously and it is ultimately up to them as well whether they will continue to list Fitrova or not.

This is a clear undeniable explanation of why the Fitrova team has been unable to photograph, video, or talk with any members of the team other than the CEO despite the CEO mentioning in his latest interview with a YouTube cryptocurrency promoter that the community has been asking for photos or videos since before the ICO.

Before moving onto the remaining new evidence the group would like to clear up the intentions of this investigation once again in response to FUD and price manipulation accusations. The information has been released to prevent current and new investors from losing money on an eventual and inevitable exit by the Fitrova team. As for current investors that have lost money due to the information we have released previously, we are very unhappy about that and empathetic to your situation. If Fitrova did not choose to operate this project no investors would lose money on it now or later. Best efforts were made to communicate our evidence to Fitrova investors however all group members were banned from Fitrova communication channels. The group telegram was created to address this as well as one member going as far to direct message every online person in the Fitrova telegram channel with the investigation telegram for further information. This member was reported for spamming and was unable to send further direct messages after some time. Additionally our article was posted on Reddit, Steemit, Medium, Fitrova youtube videos, Twitter, and various telegram channels. Two additional articles were posted online that no one in the group has claimed responsibility for as well. Banning users from seeking information is what led to this investigation starting. The group has been a mix of Fitrova investors, day traders from exchanges Fitrova listed, and interested bystanders from other telegram groups that saw the story or previous article. All history from the telegram group created a week ago is visible and everyone was allowed in to discuss the investigation including the Fitrova team and Fitrova volunteer admins who visited regularly.

The rest of info is to follow in sections.

The domain is up for auction, with an end date of July 4th, 2018

If the links do not reflect the screenshots please know that the auction can be removed at anytime, so the images have been provided here in case that happens. One of our investigation members was in the process of registering a new domain to spread awareness of the newest Fitrova findings when this domain auction was found. The project was projected to extend into 2019 before the final Fitrova mobile application was released, yet this auction has an end date one month from the posting of this article.

Prior to finding the team member identities a very brief internal discussion between the investigation admins was held to decide whether to obtain this publicly available domain in order to provide additional proof against the project. It was decided however that it would be unethical to potentially provide additional funding to Fitrova.

Blockchain Info: The wallet that handled the ICO has been sending large amounts of ethereum to Binance sourced from all the exchanges Fitrova is listed on. (800+ ETH)

For those not familiar with how the ethereum blockchain works from a wallet, contract, and transaction standpoint this will be a little difficult to explain. Presented in the most simplified manner to be accessible to all:

[A] At time of discovery this address had 1 billion Fitrova (14% of total supply)

This transaction from that wallet sends ethereum to Binance [A] -> [B]

[B] The receiving Binance wallet is here. This receiving wallet has more transactions of ethereum coming from all the exchanges Fitrova has been listed. Transactions total over 800 ethereum.

[C]This wallet is the creator of the Fitrova token contract. That means this wallet is the one who has created the Fitrova currency. In the list of transactions (there’s only 15 transactions) you can see two ETH transfers from [C] -> [A]. One transaction is PRE ICO, one is after.


The owners of the wallet who created Fitrova currency and the owner of wallet A are related and have been connected for a long time. They are now moving a disproportionate amount of funds that are not from the ICO fundraising or supposed staking wallets - but from the trading exchanges as recently as 3 days ago.

Numerous people have suggested the heavy youtube support gives more legitimacy to the project as big name knowledgeable crypto content creators have promoted Fitrova. Some youtubers have stated they were paid in FRV to promote the Fitrova. As to not incite personal attacks towards these channels and comply with terms of service here names have been removed.

The first content creator graciously offered to remove the Fitrova content to avoid endangering future investors until our investigation had completed. (Disclaimer: Messages were stated over the course of a conversation and have been compiled here to save space). Hopefully the followup video will still be made. This is an ethical and responsible content creator that cares about their viewers.

Many other youtubers have visited our investigation telegram with the “Shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose”, “it’s not my fault if people get scammed”, “I’m not a financial advisor you should do your own research” blurb and chose to retain their content after our previous article. Some further chose to call us fudders and imply it’s smart to buy for the price rebound since our investigation was only present to manipulate the price after talking with the group and being provided evidence.

In addition all Fitrova admins were notified of our findings as they were found short of the stolen identities that were just discovered. They had chosen to insist it’s a smart time to buy and to block our attempts to provide open, honest, information.

In the unregulated world of cryptocurrencies that we’re all participating in, it’s important for us to take care of our community for the legitimacy and future of cryptocurrency and to avoid massive losses in the case of malicious and misleading projects disguised to pull in and fool average investors.

The investigation group will continue to pursue law enforcement actions and several members have to decided to continue on and try to uncover more scams out of goodwill. The time investment on this investigation has been significant and many skipped sleep throughout the week to bring this proof to light as soon as possible and in a professional manner.

Investigation group telegram:

Original Fitrova Whitepaper

Replaced Whitepaper w/ information removed by team

Original unedited Fitrova website as archived

Our group has gathered endless screenshots and records proving everything stated in this article and the last. Any additional evidence requested can be provided with some digging through the pile.

Previous Article of our Investigation on Steemit
Part 3 of our Investigation on Steemit

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Go good that Crypto Scam can detect activities that are not legal as the project Fitrova, congratulations!


Thank you @naconc sir! Please share this with others and help us spread the word so that other investors might be saved from falling into this scam...

This will protects us from getting cheated


Yes. Please spread the word and resteem it if possible @teenovision :)


will try my level best

Good thing this scam has been revealed as what it is. Nice work.


Thank you for appreciating our joint efforts. If you want to help us in our investigation and save potential future investors from falling into this scam, please drop by our telegram group: . Your contributions will be highly appreciated by the community!

It was SCAM since the beginning. I invested only $50 but just after ICO, I sold it when the price was 0.$48. I posted this message on their TG a few months back and I got banned right away. 1. No presence of team on social media. when you click on their linkedin it doesn't do any thing. 2. Not a single photo or articles regarding partnerships. 3. In the world of crypto where it takes just a few minutes to fill the ICO, they are still arranging money. They are not arranging money they are begging it from the investors. 4. New price prediction is just a big speculation. They didn't talk about their new private investors. Who are they? 5. Any photo related with 24 hour fitness partnerships? 6. No updates on FB page. FB is where you post the photos. Where are the pics regarding partnerships? A BIG BIG SCAM.
Also their Technical and Innovations Lead guy name xin lin doesn't look like chinese. He looks like an indian guy. By the way I just checked their site - all the partnership and team is gone.


We feel sorry for your loss brother. Rest assured, we have notified the authorities and supplied them with hard pieces of pieces of evidence. These scammers will have to answer for their crimes.


I made the profit right away after hitting the exchange. I didn't buy back because I knew that it's a scam

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Thank you @nicnas ! Please help us spread the word and share this to other people if possible. We need to shut down this scam immedaitely to protect further people from falling into this scam.

I wish I read this post earlier. I lost a few thousand dollars due to not doing careful research on this scam :( . Thanks for sharing though. Hope people don't make my mistake


We feel sorry for your loss brother @leoju1992 ! To make it certain that this happens to nobody else, please file a case with your local authority as your small effort might be worth someone else's life.