WATCHIN - Big Woodz

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Watchin Watchin My Coins Flip!

Whats this I see, When I log in?
We got a couple alts thats switching to up trends
Well Is you ready?
I got my Feddie!
I slap a couple BTC to break that Leavy!
Make it flood Digital Guapo
Numbers look like Lotto!
Winnings, Come from humble beginnings some time hit Pot Holes
And now I'm Chillen, Peepin Game on charts,
Got to watch that Bitcoin and the Rest gone play they Part!
What You poppin CG?? (Craig Grant)
You say Monero? (KING SHIT!)
I'm talking Pharoah
Thats why I'm watching
Seing whats gone Flip! Catching Pips! Get the Moon and then I Dip!

Watchin (4x) My coins Flip

Connect, Connect, Connect! Collecting a Couple of Checks!
I seen that my homie was on it, I had to get on it, I seen it was next
What up Andre, Thats my Compadre!
Put me down with, a couple investments, to get to that money!
Looking at my Portfolio, Wherever I go like there it go,
Continue to moon, More soup on the spoon, I'm holding the chips and I sell it to BOOM
The Currency Blueprint, We taking in new Fish!
Teaching our people how to get this digital money and see its the new gig!
Peepin profit, Yes it is so obvious that crypto is what it is, Its better than capital one, What should be in your wallet
Crypto, Hit 4, Lotta bread to flip thats fasho, As I'm watching the profits rise, I feel like I overdosed on the mojo!

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Wow cool song with a lovely video shoot.

@craig-grant, were you the one being chased?

I love the video quality though. The screen Play was dope and the song is a killer. Nice one bro nice one...

Creativity in performance and balanced words and smooth
Great rhythm and quiet 😍😍
All of this form us a very beautiful painting
good luck my friend


Amazing flow of words. You really have a great talent.
Crypto is the salvation of mankind.
Salvation from financial slavery
No matter what the government do
Or what they say
We keep rising like the morning sun
We keep blooming like the lilies 's bloom
We keep freshening like a freshening cream.
Yes no matter what they say or do
We keep soaring higher yea
we keep flying higher yea
And we keep repping wella yea

woow its really cool to see this intresting and cool crypto song with wonderfull video, i really like it @craig
now wana sing this (Watchin Watchin My Coins Flip!)
you make a post after many days

It's been a while. We all miss you(your followers). Good to see your post again.

hahah nice man a big gap in your post and now with this post an awesome and brilliant entry @craig-grant
fantastic song thanx for share this with us .my season start to listen only this song in next days

Wow...what a cool song :)

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LoL. This is so cool and creative. Someone is singing the crypto song. Good job.

I keep watching, watching, watching my coins flip... 🕺💃🕺💃

Wow.... I was flowing with the rhymes. Lol. Weldone @craig-grant
Crypto to the moon! Yes!!!

The market is still bleeding, red candles everywhere wish I could sing now but my badly dipped portfolio won't allow me. Oh my precious crypto coins when will thou return to thy glorious days ?

it's been a while..Great post man..

Hehehe hehehe😀😀🎶🎧🎤🎙️..
Promoting digital money could be done by divas means... creating songs is one unique way!
Music leaves a more impactful impression, I think🤔...
Continue to moon, More soup on the spoon, I'm holding the chips and I sell it to BOOM..
I love that part the more👆🕺💃💃💃🕺..

wow it's nice to read it a lot of mixture of rhymes

Nice to see you post man! 👊

track is hard..

very nice song i want to use it for ringtone ( when my crypto frieds are callin ) It`s soo cooll i like it very much . I will resteem it :)

Nice and welcome back, It's nice taking a break from things and focus on something else. Nice rap man. Hit up the open mic. ^^