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Market drop

As a long term stock market investor I went trough some market drops. Like everything that you do first time and you have no experience, my first drop of stock market was painful and I panicked.
I did't start investing without any knowledge, I was prepared theoretically for market drop but when market has started correction, I have PANICKED and SOLD at LOSS...

I knew all old postulates like:

"buy when there is blood on the streets" or " buy fear and sell hype" or maybe
Warren Buffet's " be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful",

But when market start dropping,there are rare people that are new on the market that can hold, see that as a chance for profit and even accumulate more. I was not one of them...

Usually people react on the way like, better save anything than lost all. I was one of them.That was my first painful lesson but without it I wouldn't be successful like I was after it...

This is what is happening now. Crypto market is new, there is lot of people without any investing experience are they are panicking, thinking that everything will go to 0. Some of them start investing with a belief that they gonna become billionaires and when they realize that this is not happening and that they are loosing money instead of earning, panic and selling is there...

I was never GREEDY. Never wanted to earn millions of dollars from 1000$ investment. Chance for it is same like to win at lottery and that is not for me.

My stocks where almost always among dividend aristocrats.

For those who don't know what that means: The Dividend Aristocrats are stocks of companies that have increased their dividend payouts for 25 consecutive years or more.

Even when my first loss happened, I had that type of stocks. With them you can't become super rich but when market is dropping,they are not dropping hard. Most important thing, they pay you dividends so even if market is dropping, you are earning something.This is psychologically very important and every market drop is much easier to take. This is why they are called SWAN stocks.


SWAN means Sleep Well At Night.

At crypto market there is no SWAN cryptos by standard stock market rules.

For me, SWAN cryptos at crypto market are those that have or will have future important use case. With some of them you get passive income and it is much easier to HODL them than others.

My crypto portfolio is diversified, but not even close like my stocks portfolio. Reason is because I buy only cryptos that I have belief in and I don't believe that more than 5%-10% of all cryptos will be successful.

Here is my portfolio:

BTC - I am believer in BTC, here is why: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@cicbar/bitcoin-use-case-in-my-view-and-why-he-will-stay-a-king

EOS - If they realize promises, it will be game changer platform. Dan is genius, his previous projects are great and I believe EOS will be his master piece. EOS is my largest holding.

NEO - not powerful as EOS but powerful enough to be successful plus you get GAS for holding NEO. Passive income with crypto. Great :-)

STEEM - I love STEEM, believe that Steemit will be huge in future and you can earn with STEEM on many ways. One more passive income crypto :-)

TRX - Tron is one more platform that I have belief in. It was pumped and dumped but it's potential is huge. Their marketing is great, they have many partnerships and they will have future use case. Potentially one more passive income crypto :-)

ADA - Cardano will have similar use case like other platforms for DApp. Crypto world is not Highlander and there is no "there can be only one" rule... I believe several projects will be successful and used and Cardano is one of them. Potentially one more passive income crypto :-)

SMART - SmartCash is much smaller market cap crypto than previous ones but I really like their idea and their community oriented approach. With SmartRewards you have passive income for holding it and dough it is much riskier investment then my other investments with less liquidity on market, 24h volume is around 100000 $, it is my SWAN crypto.

NRVE - Narrative is new rewarding social network that will go live this year. It is differently oriented than Steemit, number of tokens doesn't buy you the power on the network and I believe it will be very successful. For sure bot of them can coexist. ICO is still going on and if you are interested here is link: https://www.narrative.network/

These are my largest holdings and beside them I have smaller investments in BTS, ETP, BCO, OBITS, COSS, XP.

This market drop is normal thing and I am using it to raise my holdings. Even if market go lower from here, I don't regret. It is not easy to correctly catch bottom and I only did that few times in my life. More important thing is to invest in quality projects that will make you Sleep Well At Night.

Like Warren Buffet said: "Better invest in a good company at bad price than bad company at good price"

I would like to know SWAN cryptos in your opinion

This is not investment advice it is only my opinion and if you wont to invest, you should do your own research.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good Post @cicbar! My biggest holding is Bitshares and I think it is a good time now to add some shares. Did you heard about quint ? The BTS Dex will get a Quint and Fiat on/off Ramp soon. Also every Bitshares holder get a free Whaleshares airdrop. Do your research fellas...

Cool list! I honestly think the NEO will succeed bc it has chinese gov backing. But still hold it :)
IDK about Tron, I feel like it is trying to be everything but since you are a holder can you explain to me why Tron good, the tron cult was not very helpful :( It almost as bad as the ripple cult....
But i never understood Experience Points? What so special about it?

I missed out on NEO earlier but I'm going to stock up on some now that he is back near $60.
I also think stellar is at a bargain right now!

I love the idea behind the SWAN cryptocurrencies and I love your portfolio. I previously held some XP before selling them off. I have some EQL tokens too since it's a self deflatory cryptocurrency. The supply decreases per transaction and I believe this strategy will raise its price in the long term. I will be holding Steem in the long term. For now, I think it's the only cryptocurrency that I will purchase with fiat currency before the bull market.

As a gamer who spent many hours for gaining XP, name attracted me and idea of having currency for games.
You can stake and earn more XP so one more passive income crypto :-). I can't say that I am strong believer in XP success but small speculative investment is OK.

I agree the government backed Cryptocurrencies are going to fail

Stay calm. Bro



Never knew about this concept. Learning everyday :)
I'm not selling for the moment, I will keep on hodling, but my faith is decreasing to be honest. Still, I will invest some more money next pay day.
But difficult decisions have to made. So thanks for giving an insight in your portfolio. Probably I will buy some Neo, Steem and have to look into Eos. (And maybe increase my share a little bit more in KCS (LOL)).
Edit: I only did see this post an hour after it was posted! It attracting a lot of attention. Great job!

SWAN stocks should increase dividend payout and KCS is decreasing :-) but most important is if you believe in it than buy :-) I wouldn't :-)


Hi everyone! pls do help to upvote this post for my friend's father's heart. They need our support right now..

I'm with you and KCS??? Ugggh. That killed me. I am learning to make small careful trades. I made $40 yesterday. :)

Very interesting concept of SWAN cryptos. have you looked at minexcoin? They claim to be very stable in down markets. They pay 70%pa on the cryptos you park with them. They try to stablize the coin price by adjusting their interest payouts.

I have never heard before for Minexcoin(MNX). Thanks for info, I will look for it :-)

Same with smartcash.

Interesting article and also holdings.

Too many people get involved and invest without doing the basics or only buy a coin because they are recommended it.

Investing in crypto is simple and similar to other investments.

Do your research, invest in coins you believe in, and never sell at a loss.

Simples :-)

Good writing mate. Kind of strange you don't even mention eth, which is working on PoS. What's your take on ethereum, I would love to know...you clearly are invested in all best competitors. Cheers!

I respect ETH and admire Vitalik Buterin work.Currently ETH is the best and maybe it will continue to be the best platform for DApp but reversing blockchain is not my cup of tea...

Thanks mate, I agree... Maybe I'm more invested in the community than the technology (which I'm quite ignorant really).

Plasma cash has a big issue in my opinion, node will basically pick what crypto they want to0 "host"

I like your list but I also would throw a few smaller caps in there like Substratum

Substratum is interesting project. I like idea.

That is true but IPFS is more popular heck dtube and dlive run it.
I planing on buy its token filecoin as such

Interesting news! thanks for sharring

Strangely bitcoincash seems to have kept it's value and is edging back upwards. I wonder if they're planning another pump?

I love your posts! this is not the first time!

one point:
EOS is great, ETH was and is great etc... But it will be greater to see projects rise based on these PLATFORMs! after all they are meant to be platforms not only speculative commodities.

if Gold worth, it is because there is use for it. EOS should fund apps and products on its platform. this will be a sign of BUY BUY BUY for me.

can you comment on my concern?

P.S.: "I was never GREEDY." this explained your success overtime in the best way. I have been in stock for two decades and I had the same motto and I have made my life out of it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Last year, 2017. was year of promises and 2018. will be year of deliveries. I have no doubt that EOS with all money and intellect that they have will have many useful DApps.

I can't wait to see that :) I have a startup right now, and all my teammates are also talking about programming on blockchain... maybe we move on EOS too. let's see :)

Again, it's me!
I really appreciate last time you visited my posts, and it means a lot to me; may i have your attention again on my last post ?

It's about steem/us$ trend and a trading opportunity on that

I like your posts and I am following you. Your last post is TA and I don't like TA and that is why I didn't upvote your post 😁

Tecnical analysis?
Sorry I interrupted you by something out of your interest 😞

No, you didn't interrupted me, I just don't vote for things that I don't like. Your post was good for people that like technical analysis :-) you gonna have my support for anything that you post and I like :-)

that's completely understandable. anyway, congrats on your thousand :)


What is TA? 😐

excellent information

Thanks for sharing my friend...😊

Thanks for this very personal point of view, SWAN will become definitely new defined in my vocabulary! - I guess the problem is really awkward: When the first hype on cryptos occurred, EVERYONE was told about the volatility of the market, but surprisingly, anyone was expecting big wins by just investing, and with the first correction, FUD appears. - I totally believe that cryptos have their future, regardless of short-term movements.

Thanks for sharing my friend..
I'm resteemed and upvote...

It is the first drop pain to be the first of all.

It is great learning for me because it is a new concept for me.great work for sharing such a valuable information.

Great post @cicbar


You are welcome :-) @cicbar

Interesting article congratulations @cicbar


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@cicbar TRADING IN THE ZONE is a book that explains the psychology of tranding .. excellent book

Thanks, will look for it.

Hey @cicbar, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)))))(((

wow nice post..i like this post..

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most welcome..

SMART is one of my SWANs. The other is ALQO. They appear to be doing their best to create a crypto that plays by the books in Germany and then Europe. Very cheap right now with masternodes. Could come from nowhere if the team pull it off.

Great analysis! And upvoted!

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Great article, love the SWAN concept. Very important during these tough times. If you believe in the use case & the team behind the coin... you've got your SWAN. For me, I believe strongly in

Bitcoin Private - Love the tech, especially without the 20% founders fee like Zcash, I believe in Rhett , the team & the brand name

NEO - Da HongFei is a Genius IMO & I love earning gas

Ethos - Will solve a major pain. Shingo (like Da Hongfei & Rhett) is in for the right reasons.

Civic - Identity on the blockchain will make life better. Vinny Lingham, love him or hate him (I like him)... he knows how to get it done!


These contributions are the ones that are really needed in steemit, publications that provide something good ... You have my congratulations, keep it up

I enjoy my NEO dividends. Your future self will like it too!

My list is very similar. It has been a very stressful time to be a try and ada holder, so much blood has ran through the crypto streets. for those of us who are still holding strong, god speed boys, profits are coming, maybe not today but soon

As a gamer who spent numerous hours for picking up XP, name pulled in me and thought of having cash for recreations. You can stake and procure more XP so one more easy revenue crypto. I can't state that I am solid adherent to XP achievement however little theoretical speculation is OK. Extremely intriguing idea of SWAN cryptos. have you taken a gander at minexcoin? They claim to be extremely steady in down business sectors

I will look into Minexcoin. Thanks.

As an investor, it is very much must that we keep everything in mind regarding the activity around the market. It is the ONLY way we will move forward to gain in every situation.

I always believe in dividing my investment, as that is the ONLY way to gain well. I love investing on upcoming ICOs and that’s where I like it ever so much more with CryptoLux. The thing got HUGE benefits with making transactions so easy and decentralized without fear of any interference.

They are starting the Pre-ICO from 25th March with $0.5 price, so is truly awesome time to get in! https://www.cryptolux.io

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I will follow you if I find your articles interesting. I saw that you have tried to cheat and copy some others articles. You can do that if you state your source in your posts.I upvoted some of your posts. Good luck :-)

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nice info and I am very happy to read this post.

It is surely to new to me. Could you help me by sending information immediately.

sorry if I bother you. But take a look at @sonpham1997 to update the cryptography chart every day. I'm sure it is very useful.


in each and every investments is the chance of loss like probability of loss or profit, it depend upon your investments you do in the market anf look for better return while there can be veriance in that.

thanks for sharing

Good as always.

Keep it like that!

Yeah really true. This is really valuable information especially to people that are looking forward to investing.

I just holded it.
I don't know what is going on in the Market

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Steem will be one of the best cryptocurrency that anyone could think of using. With less than a million people on steemit, steem is already popular. What about if it gets to about 100million users? It's very possible because this is a social media Platform and will make it the best and most popular crypto in the world. Great though! Thanks for the great work.

good one, thanks for sharing

It is but natural to feel scary and have fear of losing when one has actually invested to make huge bucks. But after reading this piece, I feel that every cloud has a silver lining. In fact, I learned that pricedrop is an opportunity for prospective investors to buy more. SWAN is a wonderful idea. Love it. An immaculately written piece. Keep the goodwork up!

very interiating article. thanks to share this information. upvoted

It is great learning for me because it is a new concept for me.great work for sharing such a valuable information.

Interesting and well written article, I share your views on BTC, NEO, Steem and EOS. Not a huge fan of TRNX, mostly because they seem to be indifferent to the pump and dump potential of their tokens. For me that is a sign on the wall not to get involved.

I currently have NEO, EOS, XLM, ETH, KCS, BTC and PRL, also relatively small positions in ICX, and BNB. Considering to pick up a fair amount of Steem at these prices.

first of all I am also holding SMART and hoping as like you. Panic selling plays an important role to educate newbies for understanding more about crypto markets. I have done many panic selling trades. It's better to hold for long term and for normal profits rather than million.

When markets were at 800 Billion U$D MC, i posted to SELL everything. In my last post i spoke about new lows. Big names will always keep you confused, and make videos and statements after things happen.. dont trust them, do your own research, dont be fooled by them.... They are no different then the mainstream media.


Agree 👍

It's a bitter truth that many newbies enchant the quotes "buy fear and sell hype" and many other , but few follow them at the beginning . Patience is what one should have while dealing with markets .
To be frank I also lost my first trade , panicking that it might go very down . I didn't feel bad because I learnt from it , now I could resist my temptation and trade well , thanks for your insights on the crypto . I loved your portfolio of coins mine consists of BTC , ETH , ETC, STRATIS and of course our love STEEM.

It takes time to learn all of this and if you don't make mistakes while you are doing it, how can you?

Thank you for this post. My friends and me are learning about the crypto world. Did a few mistakes, but are learning fast. Until now we had more gain than loss. So everything is fine. But the panic settled in a bit in the beginning. This post supports our philosophy of staying calm and hodling. Have a good day :)

Good writing!

I had just written article on staying positive in current market and it's from a good impact by Google. And while I want to browse through other new articles, it's quite demotivated to found out most of them are just quick effortless writings to external links that is definitely not theirs.

Keep up your good efforts! And to other steemit user here, please put up efforts to write quality articles!!

Very good news my freinds...
This is very useful for all

Steem among other cryptos have a unique potential. Yes, i believe so. One thing with cryptocurrency world is that they are yet to find a fundamental basics for their variability. Once that is realised, it will positively affect all crypto and steem the highest.

Very great article from you. Thanks for sharing

I didn't experience any trading yet.i am new .I didn't knew about crypto before I came to this platform

foolow and gives upvotes
please help am new one ...\never hepn with u but benifit for me

If the company has the right foundation, then there is no problem in the price.It will be time to profit.If the base is the week, then there will be long-term effects.The possibility of profit is less.

Very interesting post and very smart strategy, from muy point of view.

I mostly agree with you in your crypto portfolio. In my portfolio there are other cryptos I consider very valuable and I would like to share with you:

  • Stellar (XLM). Probably my favorite one. Really interesting project with outstanding alliances and advances during the last months.

  • Ripple (XRP). I know this might not be the most beloved currency. But they fix a real problem of international payments, they have plenty of resources and a very focus team and vision.

  • Lisk (LSK). Young and interesting project on Dapps space. I trust they will success.

  • Vechain (VEN). One of the few cryptos with real clients and solutions on corporate enviroment.

  • Nebulas (NAS). Probably one of the most ambitious projects on crypto space. Very good team and strong advisors. I truly believe in their vision and project.

Any comments, welcome.

Have a good Sunday everybody!!!!

I miss the original ripple, the origanl ripple was a real crypto. The current ripple is just a distributed ledger, they pretend to be a crytpo when it more of a better version of SWIFT. I prefer Stellar over ripple. Stellar is more decentralized

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Hy all
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Day by day I learn new knowledge and discover new cryptocurrencies. I know that the market is currently down but I still maintain the faith that everything will improve sooner rather than later. Thanks for your post, it helped me to understand a little more the variables of the market. Greetings from Venezuela

very interesting
good writing mate
very well worked
so beautifull blog

Thank you for sharing your point of view!! :) You wake me up the curiosity about other cryptocurrencies

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A good list of solid coins. I would throw Lite Coin an Nano into the ring of good coins. Just my humble opinion.

i think in this situation we have to hold your coins and wait for good time. after bad time good also came so wait for that and stay away from hypes. thanks

foolow and gives upvotes
please help am new one ...\never hepn with u but benifit for me

Cryptocurrnecies and Dapps will be the Web 3.0. It is the exact same pattern like the evolution to the Web 2.0 in the 1990s, where everything became centralized.

I bought the hype when BTC was at $18000 and sold when it was $12000. The second time I really bought the dip in ETC at $14 in February and sold it at $32. Now I have my SWAN XRP that I will hold for some time. I just want to see what happens. How low can it go and how high. There are many saying to look at cryptos from the long run point of view. I'm trying this one two. With trading I only lost money.


good work!! see my recent posts on the markets and yes, Crypto, based on years of prof. market work. thanks.

I like your list, I’d like to add NEBL as one to consider. Whenever things correct like this, remember this chart. I bet a lot of people sold at a loss after that crash, only to regret it later. F82303E3-E704-4E1E-9DC8-FFBE5B5C58E7.jpeg

Many tools and ways to bet, play and win, that you post, I would like to have knowledge or help in it, so I can take my chances ... I'm afraid of it.

Interesting to see a stock market investor's moves in crypto market :) Thank you for sharing you picks @cicbar! Both bear market and bull market blind investors, as dust of emotions settle, it becomes very clear we had pretty childish expectations and fears (at least this is how I feel :) If you have a moment to check it out, you might find this post interestinghttps://steemit.com/money/@cryptasana/a-lesser-known-successful-traders-s-strategy

Good info, thanks for posting.

Am new when it comes to crypto currency but this information would be of help
Thanks Cicbar

thank you for sharing the information @cicbar, this is very useful for @jhoni.

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Good Concept. Interesting project.

For me, SWAN the best cryptos in 2018.

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Very nice news about Market drop
Thanks for sharing this Post.
I appreciate your work......
You promotes original content on Steemit.

i dont know this currency, ty