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There is an illegitimate “Ethereum” app that claims to sell you one Ether (the cryptocurrency derived from the Ethereum ETH blockchain). Except it’s a scam – users are being tricked into buying a picture of its logo.


Look at who is offering the app… It’s Google Commerce Ltd. Totally legit? Hell no. This is to trick innocent newbies/amateurs, and so far, over 100 people have bought the app.
You can read more about it at ccn

If you are an Android user looking to download cryptocurrency applications, be careful of malicious app developers masquerading themselves as legitimate sources. I wanted to write but I found a great article titled "Cryptocurrency scams on Android: Do you know what to watch out for?" Click here to read. It list the types of scams on Android and how to stay safe. It is a must-read.

MyEtherWallet doesn’t have an official mobile app, which makes it attractive for imposters.

I tried to look for MyEtherWallet phishers and I suspect "ether wallet" by vadym vikulin - just a suspect, probably a phisher, probably not. I couldn't find an honest review online and the comments on play store are missed. If you can audit it, please do.

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