FREE dogeCoins for Steem Members GIVEAWAY # 1#

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FREE dogeCoins for Steem Members GIVEAWAY # 1#

Earn FREE dogecoinsGIVEAWAY # 1#

Earn 100 FREE doge coins for frist 100 comments, follow steem channel ,upvote this post, resteem this post and leave your doge address in a comment below.




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@amzar123 Done, here is my doge address:

@amzar123 done
Here is my dog address :D8XWZARRMkt5axNFCx9Z1TD8


Invalid dogecoin address
send me valid dogecoin address

I have resteem @amzar123


follow instructions and send me dogecoin address



please follow instructions

instruction done..


Upvoted, resteemed and following ^.^
Address: DRyAWwHjrn4c6EaLX1Gf8parf8ARw4WexG

and this is my address: ADwdD3e8rFuGFC131PRanh2sJ4bP8obAGD


Invalid dogecoin address
send valid dogecoin address


DPtq6CopqoDWWKHMNF8cKUy9dcbsFNMLMz - here's another address



Action # 1 (ended)

did everything.



Action # 1 (ended)


You are too helpful
Here is my address


you cannot participate now GIVEAWAY # 1# is ended


you cannot participate now GIVEAWAY # 1# is ended

you can get free steem