BREAKING VIDEO: The long awaited DASH / fiat Credit-Debit card Project UPDATE: Charlie Shrem answers 14 questions about NEW Dash Pay Card! Streamed 2 hrs ago.

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This 35 minute video streamed today answers a lot of the questions for you.



0:43 Why the lack of updates?

3:41 When will the card be available? do you have a date?
5:46 How is your card different to payza's? How do they compare?
7:27 How much will the physical card cost?
10:13 What are the fees? (Annual fee/ATM fee/Foreign Exchange Fee)
11:35 What are the spending and withdrawal limits?
14:03 Do you plan on implementing InstantSend functionality?
17:00 Which countries will the card be available on launch on in the future?
22:07 What is the website URL & when will it be up & running?
23:25 Can you buy and sell Dash on platform as well?
25:31 Why should people use your card and not the competition?
27:51 What are your plans to promote & market the Dash Pay Card?
30:16 Charlie, why Dash? Whats so special about Dash?
33:18 Can you tell me more about the Free card giveaway?

An update on this project came thru my email today from official channels on this long awaited project.

I was in the official DASH community Slack channel in mid-March ( Slack is essentially community chat rooms in the Crypto world you hear about all the time) when he joined the community and broke the original news about this project.

It raised quite the stir, to say the least!

I wrote a story on this a few mins after the news broke and actually had quotes from Charlie by email, in the article if you want to see much more detail on the project. I would encourage you to check this out from 4 mths. ago - it will answer most of your questions:

The Key Updates today on this from days ago announcing this Stream Q & A:

Mark Mason - DASH Community Outreach Tweet: (his contact info below)


Dash Force YouTube Channel for this Friday announcement:

Official Thread in the DASH community where the initial / Pre-Proposal was announced in March:

The Backstory for newer Crypto folks:

Who is Charlie Shrem?


" I co-founded and was CEO of Bitinstant, one of the earliest and largest Bitcoin companies. In 2012, we handled 30% of all BTC volume per day. My first company DailyCheckout I sold when I was in college.

" After that I went on to found the Bitcoin Foundation and was its Vice Chairman. Now I handle business development for and I am an investor in Dash. :)

"Here is my wikipedia"

Charlie is also a Business/Community Manager for the JAXX wallet project and I wrote about that also when the news broke.

Here are a couple of my articles relating to this news:


( 1st week of July, 2017 )


( 60 days ago / end of May 2017 )


Charlie on Twitter --
Barry on Twitter --
DASH Official Twitter account --
DASH Core IT Systems wizard Jeff Smith on Twitter --
DASH Outreach/Community Member Mark Mason:

Official DASH Proposal for this story: -

Official domain for the project that Charlie runs: Charlie Domain he bought for this --

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Looks Good To Me,barrydutton.

That is huge news thanks for this post

great video @barrydutton glad to hear that payza is actually working


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Pls. reply so I know you read this.

Wow!!!!!! He had to do it now.... Maybe because of TenX and also Omisego. Good job Charlie!

hola saludosss muy buen post

Thank you for posting, @barrydutyon! I watched the video with great interest. I'm a big believer in a very bright future for Dash. I mine in at home and on Genesis Mining and every month I invest a part of my savings in Dash. This card looks like it could be a great solution for my everyday financial needs. I just need to make up my mind whether I should go with it or with the TenX card. Both look quite attractive to me in their own right.