I Just Paid for Two Plane Tickets...By Blogging on Steemit!

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Using Steemit for your social media certainly has its perks!

I'll be heading across the country this summer for a family member's wedding and needed to book a flight for me and my wife. We all know that flights can be expensive these days and vacation costs can quickly add up. But I have a little secret to tell you...

I paid nothing for my tickets!

OK, maybe that's not entirely accurate. I did pay something. In fact - I paid for the tickets in U.S. Dollars. I have a pre-paid VISA debit/credit card that I've been using for my internet purchases. However, that card - the Bitpay debit/credit card - is actually charged up with the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. If I want to spend some money, I transfer the Bitcoin to Bitpay, and they convert the amount into spendable U.S. Dollars via their debit/credit services.

But what if you don't have Bitcoin? I'm glad you asked!

Here on Steemit.com, you can earn rewards for blogging, commenting, and voting on the blogs and comments of other users. The Steem blockchain produces digital tokens called "STEEM," which users can earn through performing those activities - the same activities that they can engage in on other social media platforms that don't pay them. These STEEM tokens (or SBDs, which are STEEM Backed Dollars) can then be bought, held, or sold in a wallet on the Steem blockchain or on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, just like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I have been fortunate enough to gain a great following on Steemit and have earned rewards for doing what most other people in the world do throughout their day for free. So, I decided to take some of these rewards and purchase my plane tickets!


I sent 480 SBDs to the BlockTrades exchange service. They automatically converted these 480 SBDs into Bitcoin and sent that payment over to Bitpay, which was waiting on these funds in order to charge up my pre-paid card. After confirming that those funds were received, I booked my flight and paid with my Bitpay card.


As you can see, the tickets totaled $749.92. But due to the current price of SBDs, I received a premium for my Bitcoin transfer. It essentially cost me $480 of earnings to buy $750 tickets.

What a deal!

What did it really cost me though?

I'm just doing what most people do on a daily basis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, or any number of social media platforms. The decision to do these things on Steemit has given me the opportunity to purchase plane tickets...for free!

Well, at least that's how it feels to me.

I do what I would otherwise do on other websites and apps, except I actually make money here for doing it. You don't have to know how everything works. You just need to know that it does work. And tonight's purchase is a perfect example of that!

So, if you're reading this and you and your friends and family aren't using Steemit yet, I have to ask you...why not?

What are you waiting for?

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Cool deal man. Look forward to the first time I turn steem into something IRL. Though I have this powering up problem I'm dealing with....where is there support group? LOL ;-)


Haha, when you find the support group let all the minnows know!! but good luck steeming. your support group can start with me!


Good for you man you are living the dream. Personally I would have kept those hard earned SD's and bought a first class ticket to the Bahamas in 2018. But I think you have found your way in STEEMIT since I have not made that much so I am jealous. I wish I could tell my wife, when she asks why I am typing so fast on the iPad, that I am inputting some content to buy plane tickets. When I buy something from selling my SD I will definitely make a post about it. A lot of people are making s lot of money but they put in the work and earned it. I am not there yet, though I try. How do I get on that sweet STEEM money?


When you buy that ticket to the Bahamas, hit me up! Check out my profile to see why I said that. Haha


Oh, no! I forgot about that!

Looks like I need to go cancel the tickets now...


all hail bitpay!
I'd better be tweeting this post!


or, if it goes bad, at least you'll have a story to recoup the steem dollars!


Excellent point!


Id be more than happy to have them knock out my teeth and humiliate me for a 7-8 figure settlement. The sad thing is these sh*t carriers are govt supported and basically too big too fail.


That would be an expensive story!

Thats awesome, thanks for the info. I am fairly new to steemit ( about a week) still trying to figure things out. Thanks for the informative article.

Hello @ats-david,
You are living proof to growing out of world poverty. You bought Plane tickets with steemit and that is just the begining just imagine when people that are in extream poverty have a computer and internet connection now able to buy food and get an education using steemit.

I believe we are on the cusp so something remarkable.
What are your thoughts???


With the rate of digital innovation and the speed that blockchain technology is advancing, I really think that anything is possible. Humans just have to be willing to throw away their preconceived notions of "how things work." The Digital Age is essentially just getting started and it's already revolutionizing the way that the younger generations see the world and interact with it and in it.

It's possible that blockchains like Steem can be the catalyst to something truly remarkable, but we can't just rest on our laurels and hope that this "something" will happen someday. We have to make it happen.


Right there with you on that one @ats-david

I may be new to steemit but I am all in wanting to build a comunity that will bring solutions to fundamental problems that have never had the chance to be attached at the global level. Larger problems take more people working together collectively . It reminds me much of what a honey bees contribution to the hive is. Almost nothing when you look at it individually but collectively they create large amounts of valuable honey.


Even smartphone is good enough.


hope your wings grow soon :) xx

I hear they always bump their crypto customers, especially if they don't add a large enough fee to the purchase of the ticket.


Joke's on them! I used VISA!*

*Debit...loaded with crypto.

That's great. Just goes to show what a little work can do! :) I'm brand new to crypto currency and I've shied away from any type of social media up to now, but putting the 2 together was intriguing. I think the founders of Steemit are on to something big here and I'm glad to be a part of it. Congrats again on the tickets man, Great job!

Sorta like blockchain S&H Greenstamps... Ugh, whataminute! I'm showing my age! Getit together & git wit th' times! No lickin' these steemit creds!

Great post, @ats-david! You've outlined what i hope to be doing someday :) Thanks for explaining the whole conversion process as well. That's really helpful for a newbie like me.

That is really a blessing. That was really encouraging. I just started today. So I have a lot to learn about steemit.


Don't forget the drink!


@luxurylife you joke about earning enough to buy a chipotle burrito but what if that was the only way that you could earn money for food. It's really funny to thing that the world has come to a point that social media is allowing us to work for food or even plane tickets.

Really getting happier with the hour when reading posts like this. And thankfull for @exyle to get me on board of this fast moving train called Steemit. Was also using all those "passive" social media services and for what?! Now with steemit I got back the fun of writing and feel like some posts can really add value not only for myself but for others as well in this community.

Thanks for sharing this @ats-david! After reading this article I am even more excited with my steemit journey. I am new here so trying to catch up with everything that's happening. :)

Nice work, those are some of our next Steemit adventures as well! WE just did the grocery store for the first time!


The Bitpay card?


well, just found out that they are not in bed with my shitty little country


Yeah, the Bitpay card is mostly for the American user. I think they also have them in Canada. Have you considered moving to a new country? :)

I only have earned so far 78 dollars but I do have the some impression as you that they are free money. I spent my last evening trying to convince my flatmates to join steemit. Good for you, enjoy steemit earnings :)

Fantastic!!! I've spent a bit of my SBD over the last few months. I paid for half of a canopy for my husband's pick up truck. Why is it so hard to persuade others to join though???!!! I will (yet again) post this article on fb. Enjoy the wedding and trip.

I just discovered Steemit today thinking why the hell am I'm I posting stuff on Facebook if I can do it here and collect some rewards for it and than I've seen your post. I'm going to make this my publishing home :)

You literally earned it my friend!
The future is now :)

Btw. for german customers I recommend using the Fidor Bank for Crypto -> Fiat. They are Bitcoin-friendly.

Also using Blocktrades is a good and simple way

Ah ah ah ah ats-david I also i have transferred my first steem on my Paypal by for poloniex and virwox ...... all very really excited! (Though a little longer ...)
I do not know if the one I've followed is the best solution ....
I also have to buy air tickets!

This is a great story, and while not the primary reason I joined Steemit, certainly it's a factor. In the < 1 week since I joined, I have already found myself making more time for my photography hobby then I have in a long long time.

I just had to share this on twitter. Great blog. Stephen

Cool dude, Gonna catch up with steem and pay my bills as well with nothing!

great article, thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Anyone reading please have a look at my blog if you enjoy photography, video games, and many other topics.

Thank you!

@ats-david, ty for your motivation by writing this articles.
I ll follow your step dude.

thats awesome, get me all over that

Awesome post, have fun at the wedding!

woooow, it is wonderfull....
good job man...

Awesome! Finally you found a free lunch!!!! ;)

Great to know! I'm new here, but really excited, i think steemit is a very good experience!
Now I'll try to fly me too :) Well, buying ticket I mean
Or did you learn to fly also without ticket? :D

Sounds good! Cryptos go ahead

congrats! thats awesome. Go steemit!

cool have fun bro

Thumbs up

Wow! You inspired me.

Amazing :) I would love one day to have the same opportunity.
Bless you.

Hard works pays off - more than deserving! :)

I have a question how do you get your steem out of your in platform wallet? Yo seem to say you can send or trade or sell, But I dont see an option to send steem in or get steem out? any answers would be much appreciated. It is the one area i dont get about the platform.


The first step is figuring out where you'd like the money to be sent. You have to have a deposit/exchange account off-platform that accepts STEEM/SBDs in order to send it.


yes i have bittrexx with steem already


how do i get the address from steem to send too?

Good job I will also fly soon

Just what I was looking for. Thanx.

Hopefully i get enough SBDs too to trade and fix my car........sadface

Can't wait to make enough steem to bring the whole family!

Great Blog incidently, how long did it take to accumalate the points...

Thats fantastic... I guess we use to share our thoughts on FB, Twitter, etc. and never got paid for it. Here we share our thoughts, our passions and we get appreciated for it. every individual has their on dreams/thoughts wether big or small, but are not valued much. Here everything is valued and we come across somany like minded people.... :)

Great post! I am new on steemit and I am still figuring out how to use it! Thank you for the tips!

Awesome post, followed straight away. Have a great trip! Love hearing how STEEM helps people attain their goals by blogging and sharing and lifting each other up, such a positive community, it's amazing!

Thanks for sharing

Wow. I would really love to be an earning blogger like you too @ats-david Making money online was really my passion.

Great post and very motivating, specially for new users.

I'm just trying myself to figure out how to get more followers and upvotes the best way .. Would be awesome to make that kind of cash myself?!

Saweeeeeeet! Good for you. I'm giving Steemit a try to try accomplish getting my kids out of the indoctrinating public school system ..... here's for hoping

Thanks pal, you inspire me a lot.

How do you get steem dollars? Just through up votes? I can not wrap my head around cryptocurrency and block chain technology. Seems almost like a scam.

Wow sounds awesome! I'm a newbee at Steemit, and you just got me more enthousiastic then I already was :-)

Hello my friend

Thanks for this post and the wonderful post
I really liked what I wrote in this post
The selection of the post is so lovely
Happy day to you and always

Thank you @ats-david for sharing this valuable information with us.

Now that I'm using Steemit, I long to be like you. :)

I'm new to steemit and I just learn something new from your post.
Great Job!

I hope ro get there too! Keep working!

Thanks for giving us insights, this is such an encouraging post for beginners like me! Keep it up! :)

Feeling happy for you.

Congratulations! One day will also buy tickets for US.

I love these posts!

Wow, it truly is amazing what can happen when people come together on platforms like this and make these types of earnings! It benefits anyone & everyone! I am new here to Steemit, but agree that it is something everyone should be transferring their attention to. Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

Congratulation ! 👍👍👍👍👍

I just found out about Steemit and learning how to use. These seems like an awesome alt. to Facebook and allows you to earn a little for the time you spend. I will be looking into the debit card you are talking about. Thanks for the info.

Congratulation...great ..

That is awesome to hear! I am glad that you are enjoying the fruit of your labor in the real world! I have been converting some of my steemit earnings into physical silver here and there and its amazing to see the efforts turn transfer into commodities of real tangible value and can store that value for long periods of times! Thanks for sharing your story :)

Super post.

Well, well, well! Aren't we living large! This is awesome. I love this. Thanks for the heads' up. (Already following you...since the beginning of time.)