A Rule to keep in mind for All Crypto Investors

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I have seen lots of friends get frustrated in crypto investments, and here I want to share my experience.

I used to spend four to five hours a day watching Bittrex and try to gain some short-term benefit, but after a month I turned out to lose half of my investment. That's when I realize that it's not a good idea to only "keep an eye on" the market.

You can choose either you spend all your time doing it, or you just leave it.

"Be faster, or be Patient"

If you cannot be aware of all the news and announcements in real time, you should better just spend a few days reading some articles, and just choose one coin(or ICO) as a long-term investment. You will find that you have more free time to do other things that are more meaningful and maybe bring more income ;)

I think this is a better idea for most of us.

Be an investor, not a trader.

be #faster or be #patient
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Nice post @antonsteemit...Yes, it it better to read some articles first to know the pros and cons and choose accordingly. Just jumping into something will lead us nowhere.

Just buy and hold

It is very tempting to make a move when you see opportunities all over the place, but like you mentioned "be an investor not a trader" I hold this to heart in crypto and have rarely traded between coins much. In the end I feel more comfortable stashing my money into crypto than banks. Bottom line is crypto is the future and there is no stop to it. Now if only I can convince my better half and be able to really invest in cryptos ;)

I did this exact thing I watched the market everyday for hours on end... now I just keep all my coins in there wallet. I feel so much better about it as well!

exactly, smaller traders like us are not gonna win in fast trading

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