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The disintermediation and rot from within Google has accelerated.

More anecdotal examples that the cuckservatives are in the predicament they created by moving too far left. Egalitarianism is societalcide defeatism w.r.t. the advantage of the broader IQ curve for whites as compared to East Asians. Politics rewards more to the dumb than they’re worth, thus destroying the advantages of the white IQ distribution. The super smart whites have no choice but to defect lest they be wasted and destroyed with the collective Titanic.

Pathetic peace offerings to societalcide is not a meritocracy. Where’s the pragmatism?

The window of opportunity to disintermediate the fraudulent centralized Internet is opening. Facebook earns 5 cents per 50 minutes average that a N.American uses their site daily; which is poverty! The productive and smart must fork off from that eugenics directed failure!

Let’s disintermediate all that HR toxic waste! And another benefit falls out of that, which is the issue of enforcement of racial and gender egalitarianism is impossible since people work for themselves basically. Pragmatism. In short, large corporations must die.

Red Guards and Cultural Revolution:

Three years ago … people said, “OK, one more unconditional and total capitulation by the right, and then we will be able to live in peace”.

But today we have red guards and a cultural revolution.

And that is what everyone says, after each capitulation, starting with the denial of King George’s divorce. “The left has today become so crazy, so extreme, it cannot get any crazier, and there is going to be a blacklash.”

(Or, in the case of King George, a holash. And after King George’s divorce was denied, there was indeed a holash against wives who fuck around, but it did not stop things from rapidly getting worse, and the attack upon the family from endlessly escalating, and the total fertility rate from endlessly falling, with a temporary remission from the early thirties to the early sixties, between first wave and second wave feminism.)

Now it is apparent that the next big thing is Red Guards and the Cultural Revolution. Whiteness is today being erased from our past, and tomorrow we will be erased from our present. After whiteness, maleness, starting with fathers and husbands.

A left singularity is usually terminated, as by a Stalin or a Cromwell. One leftist grabs all power and absolute power, and then stops things from getting worse, lest he be devoured in his turn. But until then, it just goes on getting ever more extreme. It does not stop quietly of its own accord, merely because it has become sufficiently extreme to sate people’s appetite for destruction. It is only going to stop if someone stops it.

Fathers and husbands will be deemed toxic for wives and children and will be removed from their families – the salami slicer is already operating to remove the supposedly worst husbands and fathers, and eventually it is going to get the whole salami. Wives who fail to cooperate in the removal of husbands and fathers will lose their children, and eventually be subject to violence and imprisonment, and eventually execution. Next cishet single men, then insufficiently gay single men, and then …

Eventually, as in Szechuan, everyone enthusiastically tortures everyone else to death in an unsuccessful effort to be the last to be called out for insufficient leftism and devoured, and no one remains, unless at some point, the left gets it in the neck, and is purged from the institutions of the state religion — in our case the Ivies [league universities] and the key media.

Eventually, the left edge of politics is going to be purged from the Ivies and government employment – perhaps by us, more likely by someone unimaginably further left than any present day tendency.

Or else, as in Szechuan, everyone is going to die horribly.

Equality and Social Justice is just rhetoric for mobilizing envy and covetousness and turning it into violence and destruction…

The never ending war in Afghanistan:

Too many Americans have died in order that Afghan girls can be taught how to put a condom on a banana.

How do you win an Afghan war?

It is not hard: You need a genuinely Islamic strong monarch who can accomplish the difficult job of keeping order, and let him know that if trouble comes out of Afghanistan and reaches you, he is going to die.

The problem with our existing war is that it is a holy war, fought to emancipate women in Afghanistan, and to destroy conservative Islam, not to create order under the control of someone who can be held responsible for any trouble coming out of Afghanistan. If you are going to fight a holy war against a live religion, need to kill huge numbers of people and level their cities, which we are reluctant to do…

If we are reluctant to slaughter and burn on the require scale, then we need to let Afghans be Afghans…

We forbid our soldiers to piss one hundred yards upwind of Koran, we forbid them to carry bibles, while we attempt to destroy the values taught in that Koran.

I would totally support holy war against the Afghans, fought with the methods necessary to win a holy war. I am not so keen on unholy war. We are fighting to destroy what is right with Islam, rather than what is wrong, fighting to corrupt Islam as Christianity was corrupted, and the Taliban rightly sees this as wickedness.

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