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Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out:

The Progressive believes in precisely two things: his own magnificence and the constructive power of brute force. In combination, they lead him naturally from the role of pestiferous busybody to brutal dictator. Where the productive man dreams of the things he might create if only left alone by his fellows, the Progressive dreams of the world he could create if only the lives and property of his fellows were at his disposal. The roots of his pathology lie in that oldest and most destructive of all human vices, the desire for the power to rule over other men.

The Civil Unrest in Charlottesville is Part of the Cycle into 2020:

We will most likely see these type events explode peaking out in real bloodshed by September 21/22nd, 2019 (2019.725). So expect to see this civil unrest continue to rise especially after 2017.

Not time for war yet:

A lot of people are saying that Charlotsville means time for war.

No, not time for war yet, because the God Emperor says to cool it. You have to go with the King you have, rather than the King you would like to have, because otherwise it is democracy, and we know democracy does not work.

When they arrest him[Trump] using a warrant from some judge no one has heard of, then likely it will be time for war.

Recap on the Left Singularity:

The violent suppression of the UniteTheRight ralley, and the firing of James Damore, shows repression is getting more and more extreme, with more and more people deemed nazis, and nazis suppressed more violently.

For roughly two hundred years, leftism has been getting lefter, and crazier. For a bit over a hundred years, repression and censorship has been getting more extreme, more repressive, and crazier. This trend is not going to naturally peter out. It is not going to stop until something extremely drastic stops it.

Leftism jumped the shark, and total fertility rate started to fall, when King George was unable to divorce Queen Caroline for flagrant adultery (because women are wonderful, and if a woman does something bad it must be because some evil man made her do it.)

Everyone, including you and me, have moved a long, long, long way left. And our insufficient leftism is a lot more dangerous than it used to be.

Social Justice Warriors can punch people now. If the victim complained, the Social Justice Warrior would counter complain that his victim was a nazi, and the victim would be fired.

This is a new thing, but expect it to rapidly escalate to Maoist style struggle sessions where people get beaten to death and then eaten as in China during Maoism, or get gasoline poured over their children and then set on fire as in the Soviet Union shortly before Stalin clamped down and monopolized all the torture and murder, or flayings as in France in 1794.

This replicates numerous past left wing singularities all the way back to the collapse of the Bronze age. It is approximately what happened the last few times, why should you doubt it happening this time?

When it escalates to cannibalism, flayings, and burnings, corporations will collapse, as trade collapsed at the end of the bronze age, and in France in 1793.

Mostly it will merely be mango soup, and only a handful of flayings and burnings, because as soon as shit gets really bad, someone is going to seize power, but if no one is able to securely and stably seize power, could potentially go all the way to Szechuan and the Seven Kill Stele, where everyone tortured everyone to death for insufficient leftism until there was almost no one left.

The mechanism is simple:

  1. You must believe in the holy faith or we will punish you.

  2. A key principle of the holy faith is that unbelievers must be punished.

  3. You had better believe enthusiastically, or you might be punished.

  4. You had better demonstrate your belief by enthusiastically hunting for unbelievers and finding them.

  5. How many children of unbelievers did you burn alive today, comrade?

Everyone terrorizes everyone else into terrorizing everyone else.

That escalated quickly:

First Damore at Google, then he gets fired, then the Charlottesville march to protest the destruction of white history is violently crushed, then then the erasure of white culture and history is dramatically escalated, then protest march about Google’s mistreatment of Damore is threatened with the Charlottesville treatment, and folds in the face of clear intention to terrorize them as at Charlottesville.

At this rate, we will be at democide and infinite leftism by Wednesday.

I still predict the left singularity for two thousand and twenty six or so, but if I was going by the latest headlines, I would predict it for Wednesday.

I don’t think it will happen by Wednesday, but these events make it more likely that they will shortly attempt to arrest the God Emperor[Trump] on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by some judge no one has heard of, without bothering with the obsolete inconvenience of a two thirds senate vote.

Trump Forced to Dissolve Advisory Committees As Left Targets Businesses:

…I do not even want to think about the violence we are going to see both going into the 2018 elections and then for 2020. This is a full blown revolution of the left refusing to let go of their agenda. They will subjugate society to dictate how others should live. The world ahead is not a bright and cheery place. This is just going to progressive escalate.

EDIT: where he writes above that we’ve come a long, long way into leftism, he is referring to for example our elevation of females into something they can’t be. We are afraid to be honest about this, because it hurts our sense of fairness and politically correct emotions.

It has been quite shocking to me also to come from a position wherein I revered females to a point where I now understand they are remarkable and wonderful companions with the ability to joke, discuss, caress, etc, like a dog but more because they can make you immortal by bearing your offspring. Therefor they are magnificent and to be cared for and their eggs respected greatly. But like a dog, do not expect them have the capabilities/interests of a man when it comes to the big picture stuff. They just are not wired emotionally for that.

Leftism messed up our minds.

Finding a higher purpose is more rewarding than marriage.

For females I do not think so. Nothing higher than bearing offspring. Females are not philosophical. I have never known of one who is. The few that seem like they might be, are actually doing it because of loyalty (mimicking), hypergamy, or groupthink/social herding.

Genearlly not in the same capacity men are, but that gives too little credit. We're all human and capable of understanding.

I do not know if I can agree with. I think the Bible may even say something about this. Leftism has infected our thinking! A rib can’t do philosophy.

An astute female can understand relative to her area of wiring and motivation. She can relate some things we philosophize about to her core relevancy of bearing and nurturing offspring and the hypergamy thereof to maximize the genetic mix. But she doesn’t do philosophy just for philosophy’s sake. That is where women look at us, sigh, and silently think to themselves (if they even do that, but usually the hindbrain and/or child nurturing mode is dominant) that we are just wasting our time on stuff that doesn’t have any purpose.

Sorry I know that sounds very inhumane. But I think it is humane. Females are like a pet dog but at a much higher level. Make them happy. Give them kids. Or mess them up and play with their hypergamy vulnerability, if that is your cup of tea.

But if anyone has a counter-example, I am happy to be incorrect.

Some females do have a very high IQ, but that is not what we are discussing here is it. There might be exceptions. I guess there are always exceptions to anything. Men build societies, civilization, and culture/arts. Females mimic and participate in what men created. The one thing females create which men don’t, is offspring and nurturing. If men start to think they don’t need women to reproduce and nurture, then men will have destroyed everything they created.

Regarding women, is the success metric you're discussing defined solely as procreation?

Well I have postulated that they do not seem to have any significant impact on culture, formation of civilization, or the arts. So what else is there?

I may end up being humbled and shown that I am incorrect. That is fine. I hope so.

Don’t get me wrong. Women can be quite productive and helpful in society. Dana @ Zcash comes to mind.

I think females are capable of understanding, but w.r.t. to their priorities, which are not the same as ours. Why should I expect it to be any other way. Nature wired them differently for a reason. I do not see it as demeaning. I thoroughly expect them to be far more attuned about the emotional needs of the children than I am. Males can attempt to mimic a female, but we still will not be able to replicate their nurturing instincts entirely.

Upcoming counter-example?

I plan to write about philosophy

I present a high IQ female example in support of my position. Note she blocked me, so I have archived it here and here. Her unwillingness to accept reality and discuss it, is why civilization collapses when we allow women to get involved in running the society. This is another very strong evidence that civil war is coming to the USA. The ultra conservative males have reached the breaking point. Trump is their last attempt at a solution within the system as it is. Beyond this it goes to war. The leftists are also adamant and will ram their shit down the throats of society, and thus war is the only option. Sorry to say it has come to this now.

P.S. USA is starting to dis—integrate. Left and right fomenting civil war. It will turn for the worst when the radical liberals recapture the government either via an election or coup d’etat executed by the “permanent government”. The fence sitters who think they can bystand will eventually be forced into allegiance with the leftist governments, or fighting. That fence sitter’s logical error is that the boomers matured, but they raised a new crop of Millennials to take their place. The youth drive violent revolution. The boomers had everything in the golden 1950s, so they were just acting out ideals as Marxism. The Millennials are pissed off because they were lied to by their boomer parents, public education system, and mass media that they were all worthy and the world is just and egalitarian. See the other links I provided in other comments on this blog about this.

The problem with egalitarianism is not that some people aren’t capable, but that not all are and thus the cancer of egalitarianism is an uncontrollable inertia (akin to a 747 with its engines on fire) into societal collapse with megadeath.

Every damn time! No exceptions.

And females once given the cancer of egalitarianism politics to empower them, will go into defect-defect mode and not even realize they are. Their hindbrain prevents them from being rational, as evident by that perfect 800 SAT math score Indian-American female example I linked to above.

Dana looks masculine

Good point! I hadn’t considered the possibility that “she” could have been born with male genitalia and hormonal structure.

EDIT#3: Interesting how Tor, Wikileaks, and Bitcoin relates to this.

EDIT#4: When that Indian-American women says that we need to make schools less hostile as her theory as to what will motivate more females to take up STEM fields, she is subconsciously shit testing all the men in engineering because her hindrain desires domination that is absent from her life. Women crave domination because (in the ancestral domain which wired their biology) hypergamy was the only way they could better the genetics of their offspring, unlike men who can scattershot their seed. Women don’t even realize their shit testing is happening or that it is being driven by their evolutionary biology. So we are going to put pink flowers on the walls and have the boys wear skirts to class as they do in some places in Europe, and then some of the women being empowered by this ability to shit test all the men are going to extend this shit test to men in the classroom. This can be subtle flinging of the hair and other body movements designed to arouse the men and defocus them from their study. The alpha men will naturally react with some dominant move (which the woman’s hindbrain subconsciously desires) to arouse her, such as commanding her to punch the keys on his calculator with her nipples or simply staring at her lips while licking his. Women can then further test shit test the men in society by filing sexual harassment cases. Society collapses. Engineering is a serious discipline. Women are not attracted to it usually, because being competitive, analytical, and serious is not their evolutionary strategy. If this Indian-American woman was the least bit serious, she would STFU and start a private school (without government subsidies!) to prove that her theory of how to reprogram 1000s of years of evolution, is actually a viable and profitable private enterprise in the free market and not just her shit test of society via the (747 with engines ablaze) trough of the politically controlled self-destruction. Ideas are like (ass)holes, everybody has a few.


Armstrong definitely has an excellent understanding of Cultural Marxism, as do you!


My comment on Is President Trump right that there was violence on “both sides” in Charlottesville?:

I echo @NPSF3000’s point. How can you prove that those who were marching are on the same “side” as the lunatic driver? Do you have any proof that each of those who marched are in support of or were in any way complicit with the lunatic driver? Why are you helping to foment the civil war that is coming to the USA by declaring that country is divided into two sides? Do you want a war? Who could upvote this answer and claim they are rational.

My second comment:

Stop with this “violence on both sides”. There was violence on all sides, but this is not a war between two united sides, but rather violence by radicals against Americans of many shades of politics views and values. Y’all are allowing your minds to be programmed into divide-and-conquer with a civil war dismantling the USA as we know it. See my other comment for a link with more details on what is coming.

And my third comment:

Although there were two sides roughly defined as for and against the removal of confederate statues, it is not correct to associate the violence as being supported by or complicit with each member of the rally or those who were protesting the rally. You’re allowing radicals who foment violence to turn political protest into a war between two sides wherein you will have no choice but to join one of the sides and fight to the bloody death of the USA as we know it. Congrats. @dsollen, hating each other is how we bring about the next megadeath.

EDIT: I should have archived the page, because my comments above were removed by the moderator. I guess my comments were embarrassing for the mods.

It is hilarious that Europeans think so highly of themselves, yet they elected Merkel who is intentionally driving the destruction of Europe with migrants. Interestingly it seems Germans hate their insular culture, which may explain their ambivalence to the migrant issue—psychologically they want to be invaded.

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