Profit Trailer doesn't look to be profitable at all.

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago 

Why does Profit Trailer lose BTC and the profits it shows keep going up? Actual BTC amount goes down while daily profit percentage seems to be going up.

Can someone please help me understand Profit Trailer trading strategy? It seems to only lose money.

Using BTC as a base coin (not even comparing to USD yet) then the object is to earn more BTC by trading alts. Only you get bagged up if BTC goes UP OR DOWN! I understand settings are important and you have to stay on top of them adjusting all the time. I am not talking about that.

In order not to get bagged up you have to keep only a small amount in Profit Trailer trading at any given time. Which means, if you can get it to profit, those profits are very small. And you could just buy and hodl BTC instead and come out ahead without Profit Trailer.

It seems Profit Trailer could only make money if BTC is going sideways on any settings. There are people who publish their earngings all the time. And their BTC amounts just keep going down while their daily earnings showing on the Profit Trailer are going up. That simply doesn't make sense.

I guess I just don't understand how Profit Trailer could ever be profitable?

  1. Is anyone really making a profit on Profit Trailer over a few months time (not just the first two weeks they turn it on)?

  2. And where/how do I get those settings? I have already tried several different settings on multiple bots over the last few months.

Can anyone help with something better than, "Yes, I profit. You just have to figure out good settings on your own by tweaking Profit Trailer yourself."

Otherwise, if you have to keep adjusting Profit Trailer all the time on your own then you might as well just trade BTC manually. It would be easier.

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