DataBrokerDAO - peer-to-peer IoT-data trading platform

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Every year, various production and research companies, ordinary users, marketing and advertising agencies spend billions of dollars to purchase and maintenance various IoT sensors. Also, large sums are spent on payment to intermediaries who transmit the necessary information-tens of billions are spent on it. Accordingly, such high costs are unaffordable for small companies, which significantly hinders the development of the It -industry and does not allow stakeholders to effectively use data from smart devices.

The DataBrokerDAO platform, which is a single decentralized IoT data market, was developed to solve this problem .

Advantages Of DataBrokerDAO

To give a more objective assessment of DataBrokerDAO, we will consider the problems that this platform solves:

  • High cost of IoT data. Due to the absence of intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, the decentralized platform DataBrokerDAO reduces costs that are inevitable in the classical scheme of implementation of IoT-data.
  • The lack of marketing outlets for users. Today, almost every person owns smart devices that can read and analyze data that can be useful in developing new products, advertising strategies, research,etc. DataBrokerDAO will allow everyone to connect their equipment to the network and make a profit for the sale of IoT- information.
  • The lack of a market for consumers. So far, there has not been a single platform that could provide interested companies and organizations with a sufficient amount of IoT -data at an affordable price.
  • A large number of scams. Many intermediaries receive IoT -data from users ' devices without the owner's knowledge. This deprives users of the opportunity to receive their profits.
    Thus, DataBrokerDAO combines all that is necessary for the modern It -industry for its development and integration. By the way, to date, a beta- version of the platform has already been launched, so anyone can test it.

How will DataBrokerDAO work?

As the market for IoT- data DataBrokerDAO will connect users ' smart devices and companies interested in the acquisition of IoT- data. The principle of operation will be built on the following scheme:

  • The seller uploads data from the smart -device to the platform, specifying its specification and setting the price.
  • The buyer chooses the necessary data and pays for it with the internal tokens of the platform.
  • All transactions are carried out through smart- contracts, which guarantees their honesty and security.

The funds received from the buyer are distributed as follows: 80% of the total amount goes to the seller, another 10% - to the platform and 10% - to the device operator (sensor manufacturer).

DataBrokerDAO Tokens

Internal DTX tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the EC-20 standard. The coins will be used as a means of payment for buying and selling data through the platform. The project doesn’t provide for the burning of coins, reserve tokens, additional emission. It turns out that the DTX liquidity will be supported only by the interest to the platform and the number of users.
Token sale DataBrokerDAO started on April 26 , so you still have the opportunity to purchase tokens DTX.


DataBrokerDAO attracts attention due to the fact that it has no analogues in the entire blockchain industry, being the only peer-to-peer market of IoT- data. At the same time, the platform has a real value in the physical world, and also solves quite global problems in the segment of smart- devices.
In addition, DataBrokerDAO is beneficial not only to sellers and buyers of IoT -data, but also to manufacturers of various sensors, which can attract major players of the production market. As stated on the website, the project is supported by such giants as Panasonic, TECHNOLOGY, etc.
Thus, it can be assumed that DataBrokerDAO will develop rapidly in the future.

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I did not know that IoT-data could be useful for someone! Now I will know and sell information when the project realizes its idea!

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It seems to me that the market for IoT data is a very promising direction. I think that the project deserves attention. Thanks for the review!

Great article! finally, users will be able to earn on their own data.

About scammers, it's all true, there are a lot of them in any sphere and in this sphere too