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interesting where can I read more about this. Is this some kind of proof of stake coin?

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Hello, Miners Reward Token (MRT) is a bonus token that is distributed to miners with every block created. More details here

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It is not a Proof of stake coin, It is a Monthly revenue coin for its stockholders, a verified waves asset that continue to give since 2017, read more about at

Cool thanks Ill check it out.

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You may follow @redfishelp for daily updates

Thanks. I read over some of the redfish trending posts on steemit and I read the bitcointalk link. Where does the revenue come from from holding Redfish?

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Holding minimum of Redfishcoin makes you a stockholder, Earning 3%-10% monthly Steemit shares! You can read report at bitcointalk,

this Monthly Revenue is a Giving Back to Community.
You May Read here!
It is our Steemit Earnings that we wanted to shares and we continue to share it since 2017!

This is Redfish/waves pair overview since January 2018,
It slowly increase since then!

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