From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge (Days 7 & 8)

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Day 7

A good productive day. I managed to commit about 8 hours to this challenge and made some progress towards my next goal of 0.0075 Bitcoin. I realised that i haven't been using all the tools at my disposal for this challenge. I have a spare laptop that is now being used to watch videos to earn bitcoin, very small payouts but i can run it most of the time. I also have a couple of spare Samsung tablets that are rarely used so i have installed the Electroneum mobile miner on them, this should almost double my ETN payout.

I decided to start staking a small amount of Bean Cash (BITB) on Your referral link: Although it's not advisable to trust coins to a third party i have had some experience with these guys. They are very active on their discord and seem trustworthy but as a precaution i shall only commit a very small amount.

Day 8

I started using a new site to earn bitcoin. The site is called cointiply and is pretty much the same as most earning sites. I have done a quick google search and they seem to be paying out. My plan is to hit the minimum withdrawal and see if they pay.

Other than that the day was a bust. I completely lost focus and somehow ended up spending hours watching all kinds of shit on youtube. I'm kicking myself now but a got to see some hilarious fail videos. Originally i wanted to hit goal 3 of 0.0075 bitcoin by Saturday but it's not looking good right now. The days just seem to fly by and before i know it the week is up.

Goal 3 - 0.0075 Bitcoin - 65% Complete

I'm going to start doing a weekly round up of my posts as well as updates during the week. As i'm linking previous posts so people can read from the start of the challenge i think it will be easier and less links if i do a weekly round up. As always up-votes, comments and follows are always appreciated.

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