From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. Can It Be Done? (day 1)

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I'm going to attempt to earn 1 bitcoin with zero investment within 1 year.

Why i am doing this?

Honestly i'm a little bored and really want to challenge myself. Also i think this experiment could be fun.

The Plan

I figure the easiest way to start this is to claim from faucets, complete surveys for bitcoin and post on Steemit to start earning. So I've done a little research and these are the sites i will start using.

Steemit (obviously)

Coinpot faucets
bonus bitcoin
bitcoin fun - will been using the offer walls rather than claiming from faucets as this is less time consuming

Electroneum - Using the mobile miner. Will produce about 5 ETN per day

Storm Play App - Earning storm tokens for downloading apps

A couple of things i considered but will not be using

Minergate - No thanks i like my computer
Freebitcoin - The 1 hour time limit between claims put me off. It will take forever to withdraw

A huge part of this is going to be researching new ways to earn passively. So i will spend some time everyday researching options. I shall also look at airdrops to see if there could be any value in participating. Once i have a reasonable amount i shall start trading to increase my holdings.

First Goal - 0.001 Bitcoin - 0% Complete

I will try to update this daily.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts or suggestions on this. Any upvotes, comments or resteems are much appreciated.

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This is a good post, followed you so keep them coming.


Thank you

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