From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. Off to a Flying Start (day 2)

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Yesterday i started a challenge to earn 1 bitcoin (or equivalent) in 1 year with zero investment.

Yesterdays Post - From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge. Can It Be Done? (day 1)

Goal 1 - 0.001 Bitcoin - 100% Complete

Today has been a good day and I've smashed the first goal much quicker than i originally thought. Most of the day was spent doing surveys on Faucethub and downloading apps on storm play. I also joined the LBRY reward program which gave 20 LBC at around 2650 satoshis each.

I'm thinking anything I've made so far will be exchanged into Steem until i look into way of earning passively. Earnings will also be lower from things like Stormplay once I've done the higher paying offers so the quicker i can start earning passively the better. Also as I've chosen to do this challenge with zero investment i have passed up any offers on both Faucethub or Stormplay that require any sort of payment.

Goal 2 - 0.0025 Bitcoin - 50% Complete

I will hopefully hit this goal by Saturday at the latest. As always any upvotes, comments and resteems are much appreciated.

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