From 0 to 1 Bitcoin with No Investment Challenge (days 3,4,5 & 6)

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Days 3,4 & 5

Nothing much different happened on these days so decided i would wait until now to post an update rather than four tiny updates with little content.

I had several other commitments so i was a little stretched for time but managed to hit Goal 2 of 0.0025 bitcoin on Saturday. There was a noticeable decline in earnings for completing offers, i had predicted this would happen but did not expect it to happen less than a week into this challenge. Hopefully new offers will pop up regularly on the sites i'm using.

Goal 2 - 0.0025 Bitcoin - 100% Complete

Day 6

Today i spent some time looking into ways of earning passively. Right now there a very few options with a low enough entry barrier that will give a reasonable return. I feel the best option at the moment is to buy some Kucoin Shares. The return will be tiny but every little helps. I also really like the exchange and thinks it's a good asset to hold.

I also remembered today that i have been running the Electroneum mobile miner. I've been using the miner since it was released in March but it had completely slipped my mind that i was using it for this challenge and i was pleasantly surprised to see over 50 ETN in my wallet. The mobile miner payouts have increased almost 100% over the last couple of days.

Goal 3 - 0.0075 Bitcoin - 40% Complete

I'm planning on dedicating a lot of hours this week and hopefully hit the goal by Saturday. As always follows, comments and upvotes are greatly appreciated

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Cool idea, i am doing the same thing as well, just flooding a Coinbase wallet with every $.50 or $1 i make. See how much bullshit i can accumulate in a year


Thanks. I have no idea if i will reach the goal of 1 bitcoin in a year but so far it's been an interesting little experiment

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