The Crypto Digest #8 - Wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum, Cyberattacks, The Simulation Argument ... and a Song!

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Hi there and welcome to the eighth installment of the Crypto Digest where I share a weekly list of my favorite articles and videos on technology, blockchain, futurism and beyond.

Enjoy your weekend!


1. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) — A Bitcoin Token Community Project started by BitGo, Kyber and Republic Protocol.

from the Republic Protocol Blog


WBTC leverages the Ethereum network to enable new applications and use cases for Bitcoin by combining the liquidity and widespread adoption of Bitcoin, with the extensive smart contract developer ecosystem of Ethereum. This approach compliments both ecosystems utilizing their respective strengths, and expands Bitcoin usage by facilitating more decentralized use cases, such as trading Bitcoin on decentralized exchanges, loans and token payments- which is useful for everyone building in the space.

2. Gavin Wood: Substrate, Polkadot and the Case for On-Chain Governance.

from the Epicenter Podcast

From one of the main Ethereum clients, to Polkadot to Substrate; Parity has become exceptional at developing successful open-source blockchain projects. Their latest effort Substrate provides a framework to easily create custom blockchains. Building on cutting-edge technologies like Web Assembly, Substrate also offers automated on-chain upgrades.

3. How to Survive a Cyberattack w/ Bruce Schneier on Cyberwar in the 21st Century

from Hidden Forces

Cyberattacks cost the world a fortune, but these costs are remain manageable. Still, they they pass largely unnoticed. The public, lacking context, remains blind to the gathering threat, unable to appreciate the gravity of a cyber 9/11. Until now, cybercrime and cyberterrorism on the Internet has been measured in terms of dollars and cents. Soon, we will be measuring the cost of these cyberattacks in terms of flesh and blood.

4. The Simulation Argument w/ Nick Bostrom.

from Science Technology and the Future

Nick Bostrom on whether or not we're living in a computer simulation.

5. Ethereum's Big Sing-a-long at DevCon IV

from CoinDesk

Capping off day one of talks and deep dives into the latest ethereum technology, the cryptocurrency's creator joins a mass sing-a-long.

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Always enjoy this overview. Wrapped Bitcoin is interesting.

Thanks @workin2005, yeah WBTC definitely an interesting concept but I wonder how much the creation of derivatives on top of Bitcoin might end up hurting its scarcity as an asset...

Valid point. It should increase liquidity, but can see how it may also increase perceived supply. Obviously backing it 1:1 to btc forces true scarcity to remain in tact....but we'll see how the market reacts.

Yeah, exciting times ahead regardless!

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