Introducing the Steem Business Alliance

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This post will briefly present the Steem Business Alliance (SBA) project currently being worked on jointly by @oracle-d, @steempress, @steemhunt, @fundition and @utopian-io. In this post, we want to share our motivation for creating such an organisation, the scope of activities we envision taking on, as well as the work we have already put in over the past months.

As emphasized to a greater extent later in the post, we want to be as transparent as possible with the community and make the most of your ideas and feedback in order to achieve our mission:

Working collectively to attract and build value-adding sustainable businesses on the Steem blockchain.

We are therefore excited to be sharing this first blog post with you!

A brief background

The idea of forming a Steem Businesses Alliance took place during Steemfest 3 in Krakow November 2018. There, our overall takeaway from the talks was that the future of Steem is one primarily centered around the creation of applications and businesses utilizing the blockchain. Considering this vision for Steem, as well as the current state of the blockchain, we agreed that it made sense for us to establish a more tangible form of collaboration to jointly build and share resources, establish and share best practices, as well as joining forces to promote Steem and attract new users, developers businesses and investors.

Following a meeting of @oracle-d, @steempress, @steemhunt, @fundition, @utopian-io and @sndbox in early November, we have since had weekly online meetings to define a vision and mission, scope of activities, organisational structure, as well as preparing a brand and website. We made the decision to keep the working group small initially, to ensure meetings stay focused and productive. Once the organisation is formed, the intention is to allow equal access to any other businesses on the blockchain.

What is the Steem Business Alliance

The SBA will be an organisation for any registered businesses involved in for-profit, sustainable use of the Steem blockchain. It will be a community-driven strategic alliance that shares resources, education and expertise while jointly developing best practice solutions for interested members to adopt. Once a rigid set of practices and a significant resource base is developed, the goal will be to attract new prospective clients and businesses to the Steem blockchain who may benefit from our joint experience.


Obviously, the main goal of the SBA is to achieve increased revenues for the members, while contributing positively to increase the value and utility of the STEEM token. The creation of the SBA is therefore motivated mostly by the shared understanding of its founders that by working collectively in this way, we can each benefit. Furthermore, we agree that all of our business can benefit from the individual success of other members. In particular, this would include helping each other succeed with regards to:

  • Onboarding and retaining new Steemians.
  • Attracting STEEM investment.
  • Contributing to a growing and retaining a pool of developer talent.
  • Helping Steem communities grow.
  • Marketing and promoting the Steem blockchain.

With all the members relying at least partially on the value of the STEEM token, we thus believe that if we can help each other successfully accomplish these goals independently, all members will benefit and the value of the SBA will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Finally, we observe that many tasks are currently carried out independently by different Steem projects with very little cross-coordination. This results in unnecessary repetition of work and expenditure of time and resources towards solving problems, or creating resources, which are simultaneously being worked on by other projects. The SBA will provide its members with a place to discuss ideas and identify synergies, coordinate efforts and thus reduce repeated work and increase development efficiency.


We currently have several ideas for the potential scope of the SBA in the long term. We also encourage everyone, especially other Steem-based businesses, to make suggestions as to what the final scope of the SBA ought to be.

Short term

  • Create and operate a landing Page for Business - A website where any business can see the prospects of building on or integrating Steem (coming soon).
  • Best Practise & Lessons Learned Sharing.

Medium term

  • Consult with, onboard and assist new businesses to integrate Steem while providing them valuable exposure to the Steem community.
  • Contribute to the infrastructure of Steem (Examples may include running a full node, or making joint donations through the proposed Steem DAO).
  • Intellectual Property sharing that benefits the community

Mid-to-long term

  • Organise a first SBA conference focused on Steem Business development and investment.
  • Bring together investors, clients, developers and Steeminans to run Steem blockchain hackerthons which apply blockchain solutions to solve business problems.

Transparency and community feedback

Similar to how we believe that businesses on Steem can benefit from engaging with the community and make use of their feedback and ideas, so too can the Steem Business Alliance itself. Therefore, we intend to share as much detail as possible regarding our plans for what we intend to create, how we want to structure the organisation, as well as why we believe the result will benefit Steem. Throughout the process, we invite the whole community to provide ideas and feedback as well as diligently scrutinize our posts and statements in order to help us improve, hold us to account and ensure a positive outcome for the community.

Concerns & Maintaining Decentralisation

One of the first concerns we have identified when discussing the consequences of a successfully established SBA is the risk of adding centralization to the blockchain. With one of the primary goals being exactly the opposite, to have a new organisation capable of funding and making blockchain development for the community, this is one thing we will try to avoid at all costs. While this concern will only be present in the long term once more members have joined and the combined stake of the SBA becomes significant, we want to discuss this early to ensure it is dealt with properly once relevant. The current agreement is that once the total stake of the SBA exceeds a certain amount (currently agreed as 15m SP) the members shall not run their own witnesses nor cast witness votes. We invite the community to present their opinions on the subject and how the SBA can contribute to increased decentralization of Steem rather than the opposite.

Other topics that have been discussed and/or partially completed

  • Writing a founding document.
  • Writing a governance document
  • Defining a token-based ownership and voting system of the SBA to reward contributions and agreeing on actions according to consensus.
  • Building a website introducing the SBA and member businesses

Again, we are eager to hear your thoughts on how we can ensure that the SBA adds value to Steem, and we look forward to sharing further updates with you soon!


All the best. Looking forward for the success of your initiative

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This is a good initiative for the Steem community, towns and communities have a Chamber of Commerce for business and this can be the equivalent of that. Funding could also come from various advertising/promotion of member businesses to the entire member database.

@buildteam - represented by myself (@thecryptodrive), @reggaemuffin and @cryptomancer will be joining the Steem Business Alliance and hereby tender our intent.

Your comments are noted guys! very much appreciate the interest. We will be starting to bring new partners in over the coming weeks. We are establishing an basic operating framework so that we have some methods to our madness and community guidelines. Once we have the basis for these ready, we will bring others in and to help input to, expand and develop this.

Really great idea!

This is great. The bear market has forced a lot of good and exciting development on the steem blockchain. I am glad to be a witness to all of these. If all these developments had come before the late 2017/early 2018 bull, steem would never have gone back to its current value. All the same, it is better late than never. Kudos to you guys for your efforts and I am going to be with you all the way by contributing whatever I can that is within my capacity.

It's indeed easier to focus on hard work when it's quiet! Thank you for your eagerness to support!

Amazing work guys, I’m really looking forward to see this progress and know you have been working your bums off to make it happen. Proud of you guys and thankful for all you do!

Thanks a lot! And all the same back to you regarding @steemalliance. It's an exciting time for Steem and all communities/users on the platform.

Thanks very much @llfarms! Likewise for your Steem Foundation work as well!

As a business ourselves, we're highly interested in the development of the Steem Business Alliance and would love to see how we can play a part in making this a success.

If we're allowed to express our personal opinion on one issue raised:

...the risk of adding centralization to the blockchain...

At this juncture, the more pressing concern is the representation of the community as a united front to the rest of the world. If anything the word that should be appropriately used in this case should be "union" rather than "centralization".

It should not be cause for concern.

Looking forward to the fully laid-out plans of Steem Business Alliance.

Thrilled to hear that you're also excited about the SBA and what we can accomplish. I'm certain that we can invite you to be part of the conversation shortly. As @starkerz mentioned, we'll just have to progress in a way that stays as productive as we have been so far whilst including more voices.

I also agree with the idea that uniting stakeholders where we have a common interest and see a common potential is when we are the most powerful and can accomplish the biggest impact. The intention of that part of the post was mainly to ensure the community that we want to do so responsibly.

Thank you @coingecko, we look forward to working with you and really appreciate your interest! We will be starting to bring new partners in over the coming weeks. We are establishing a basic operating framework so that we have some methods to our madness and community guidelines. Once we have the basis for these ready, we will bring others in and to help input to, expand and develop this.
Regarding potential 'centralisation' issue, we tend to agree with your sentiments here, the main thing for us is to start the discussion early with the community so that people can voice concerns and we can make sure they are addressed adequately by our actions.

Amazing work, seeing as all the players are major good actors in steem, we as infinite-block fully support this.

Considering that we also just opened up as a business, we are excited about the possibility that steemba has to offer, combine that with the announcement of our token yesterday, we at infinite-block hope we can be part of this new growth initiative.

Concerning centralization, the truth is, nothing can be fully decentralized as that empowers bad actors to cause havoc, humans will default to a power structure if a system is too decentralized, with bad actors ceasing power asap as can be seen with all the decentralized systems available today.

As long as certain major aspects of operation is achieved via community feedback, then it's ok.

  1. How do we join up?
  2. Will there be support for new fledging businesses no matter nationality?(racism and discrimination are silent evils that go on in steem it)

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We will be starting to bring new partners in over the coming weeks. We are establishing an basic operating framework so that we have some methods to our madness and community guidelines. Once we have the basis for these ready, we will bring others in and to help input to, expand and develop this.

Most certainly interested in writing gigs. Going to pop over now.

we are waiting the website :)

You shouldn't have to wait too long ;)

I’m not sure why members shouldn’t run witnesses or cast witnesses votes. It precisely the successful businesses on Steem that should be running witnesses, public full nodes and supporting the Steem blockchain infrastructure on which they rely.
Being part of a Steem Chamber of Commerce type organization does not create centralization.

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I tend to agree with you. The main purpose of writing that part of the post was to stress the fact that we are aware of such a potential concern and would rather discuss it early rather than later.

Also, it may very well be that the different members, although working together in the SBA, have very different opinions on the ideal direction of Steem as a whole. So that even if the joint stake of the SBA members would eventually grow large, it wouldn't imply that witness votes would be centralized.

In any case, I am happy to have that discussion, especially now when we're also forming a foundation for Steem.

Yes, absolutely agree. The important thing is to have this discussion early, provide transparency and take on board input from the community

I'm liking the sound of this and am glad it's a join effort among some of the people making stuff happen on this blockchain.
One thing I can suggest focusing on is attracting investors to Steem. Since Steemit Inc.'s business model is just selling their own coin to pay their staff and developers... It's not sustainable.

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I'm glad to hear that you like what we've been doing so far and I completely agree that the power in this lies in the fact that it is a joint effort by people who see mutual value in the SBA.

The idea of continuously selling initially held stake is more of a "long term ICO" model than a proper business model in my eyes. I have no issue with them doing it, but it for sure can't be the only example for others to follow. Helping improve the sustainability and scalability of the business models of the members through sharing advice, experience and best practice will indeed be a key component of our work going forward.

Great points @fredrikaa, @daveonarrival, I am looking forward to the day when the Steem blockchain has viable businesses, with which it can bring in an order of magnitude more money than it is selling

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