Are SMT’s the carrot on the stick?

The million dollar question, when will SMTs Be launched in the steem blockchain?

It’s been over 7 months since they were announced along with HF20 and to date we have had no actual semblance of progress. Just the usual it’s coming soon. This becomes a bit less palatable when you see the CEO selling of massive amounts of his shares, but also claiming that he doesn’t own the account that selling off his shares. Then why are you sendin thousands of steem there?

This all has me a bit on edged as we are all here as community to both serve each other and make some income. I just rather not have a snake in the garden.


It is more than a little disheartening to see the current scenario. I made random comment on Bernie's post to which another added something. To this addition Ned replied and never even tried to convincingly answer the questions raised.

These things make you start wondering 'WTF am I doing here?' Thankfully decentralization has its advantages...... and they are more than a few,

He didn’t even try to defend what was going on. Add in the fact that he tried to claim that the brixton account wasn’t his. I’m kind of tired of the deception.

Very well said. Reading his responses are very uninspiring, and kind of feels like he has made enough money to not really care what happens next.

Im still stuck on the fact that he denied ownership of the account that is dumping steem. This to me is clear as day and should have been appropriately​addressed​d.

Maybe its his, maybe its not................. more needs to be done by the supposed figurehead. I have learned the hard way that the rumors are not always wrong. Good leasers address them before they get out of hand.

Which he has not, even when presented with a platform to do so.

This sucks... I think everything kinda went sideways when Dan left... It almost feels like ned just doesn't have the passion and confidence I felt from dan. His responses feel vapid and empty to me. Actions obviously speak louder than words and the fact ned seemed to try and deflect doens't help the situation...

I am not a programmer, therefore, I don't feel like I have the expertise necessary to make many claims about how something like this is "progressing" if I'm just not really in that "loop". This is one of the difficulties, in my opinion, about "decentralized" formats--they seem to be inclined toward forming "pockets" of insular views, not really very aware of what is going on in the bigger picture.

One of the claims I remember that was made by bernie was something along the line of the fact that steemit simply doesn't have the "talent" to build something like SMTs. To which Ned made a reply later that the "SMT cave was going to be full this weekend" implying what I take to mean that there would be a team hard at work on the project.

BUt... if that were the case, shouldn't we be hearing from these "other" developers? Shouldn't there have been at least some kind of "updates" so far on the project's process? I haven't seen anything, frankly, from what I have seen from the "team," there doesn't appear to be that fire there. Are there others here who are capable of producing other great projects? I think so. BUT, if the very owner of the platform they are considering investing in is himself not even very invested.. well... It'll take a miracle!

This is where one has to ask if the platform, Steemit itself, and also the technology behind it, the graphene blockchain themselves--independant of some CEO--good enough, valuable enough to bring something innovative to the table. To that I would answer YES. But we need a leader!!

Man, I haven't been here since the early days (just joined in Jan 2018) but I can feel the subtle shift and changes. There is a certain hint/smell of corporatism in the air (mind you not capitalism but corporatism).

I am not saying that there aren't decent folks here because there are plenty. What I am worried about is the future or the path we have taken. There were promises in place when I came here but their delivery hasn't been yet achieved. Frankly, I have seen real estate constructions projects sometimes finish faster than this.

I am afraid that as we sit here scratching our asses other projects will take the mantle. There is a very good chance that other block chains might get it done quicker and before us.........

Very true. I have been eying a few of them, though they are not great, they are moving

Very true. I have been eying a few of them, though they are not great, they are moving

Which is such a shame, becuae one is here and rolling! And already has a following! I don't know if what I think it was ned said was correct, but, steemit is the 20th most visited page online? Something like that... (Seems a bit far-fetched now that I think about it).

BUT, hey, STEEM is still in the top 20 cryptos... But there are competitors. I use it pretty much daily, and try to tell friends and family about it (haven't been too successful there lol). It is a working, functioning ecosystem built with blockchain technology. It's the best of its kind (that I know of). Though like you said, "something's in the air..." SteemAuto has gone down "for maintenance.." It's kinda weird to think about what would happen if, for example, steemit did "die," or end--what would happen to all the data?? Kinda weird to consider (kinda creepy too!).

I didn't mean to come off as bad-mouthing ned or anyone for that matter--heck, he's done a lot more in business than I have achieved, but... No one likes a "flake" :( . That being said, as others have pointed out, ultimately, it's not Ned's or anyone elses's responsibility to keep steemit going, or whatever--or at least that was kind of the idea, I think. I have powered down in recent weeks. My hope was that the market would be swinging back up by that point, and I could finally "cash in" on a bit of my steem, but, to be honest, I'm not quite so sure where I'll be going. The next few weeks I think will be crucial.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Signs point to yes

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Well we are all in limbo when it comes to SMT's. One thing I have to remind myself is this platform is still in Alfa. It technically hasn't been released to the masses yet. say right? Well pros and cons go along with that. All you have to do is leave your mark. Ask yourself "what am I doing to make it better". At the end of the day it's about creativity, attention and sharing. People are making better and better dapps for steemit, we just have to find them. This in itself makes the most out of this platform and makes it a FUN community to be a part of. I am aware of the whisperings of other platforms but at this time this is basically the only one that's worth being envolved in. My opinions only, just wanted to throw yhem out there.

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Ask yourself if you own a company and were planning on making major upgrades, would you sell your shares before hand?

This reminds me of Charlie lee on selling his shares on LTC ... but at least Charlie Lee did it in a more explicit way -:)

Maybe this was in the cards. Maybe he wants to step back and put a board up to run things and in order to do that he had to sell off the majority of shares in order to get it done. Only speculation on my part but maybe this is what's going on? I don't know what's running through his mind.

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To fund an upgrade sure, what % he own and what % is he selling off? Is this why you are powering down?

Getting my hands on btc before etf bleeds alts more

I like the theory but donot see bitcoin being the #1 forever, that btc etf can only buy btc?

I think it would happen later this year

I just dont understand whats going on, maybe its all a hype

That’s what it feels like.

I hope we are wrong

@crypto2crypto i think you are right sir

I am just patient about it all and since life is full of risks might as well risk it here. We just have to see the beauty of steemit, it will never go away hopefully and use the platform to do good and not sniff its cesspool parts. @crypto2crypto

Let us hope you are wrong! @ned should be more transparent, we cannot help steemit if we all power down & run the other way...

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