[Crypto News] 1st April 2018

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First off I'm not doing any April Fool's jokes. It's my actual Crypto News - I would have maybe done one if I was posting early in the day but it's about 10pm here at the moment so I think too late for April Fools.

Decentralized exchanges seem to be all the rage at the moment. With so much FUD about regulations worldwide, it's not hard to understand why they're so popular. One that hasn't launched yet but is participating in an ICO is Alttex. This could be an excellent investment opportunity. I personally bought Binance and Huobi tokens very early on (these are exchanges too for those that don't know) and both have been among my best investments in crypto. Here's a look at their homepage:

Genesis Vision has launched the alpha version of their trading platform. If you don't know, an alpha is a demo run even earlier than the beta version of a program/app. I think this is an excellent idea to find problems before everyone's money is in. I know some of the community want the final product out now but I think we have to respect the care the team are putting in and their transparency. The alpha of the platform looks like this:

This next bit isn't really news so much but it is some important information for people who haven't been in the crypto space for long and generating so much FUD.

There's a really short video which illustrates my point even better:


P.S. I am not saying go and invest in Alttex without doing your own research. These are my views but I do not offer investment advice. In general crypto is not considered a safe investment yet so please only invest wisely people.

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post then please upvote, resteem and/or comment.


Very interesting im going to look into this! As always great research.

Cheers mate hope your having a good Easter?
I'm in mid to long term on GVT and Alttex but I'm expecting another difficult month or two in crypto so I wouldn't like to influence anyone too much...

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I was looking at smartresteemer I think they have a bot that upvotes you. Any tips.
The 20008 recession will repeat post.

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You got any good ones?

Im just starting buddy so im experimenting

Here is some research from one individual who payed out 16.25 sbd 4 hours ago to appreciator and 0.73 sbd to smart market


This is how much he is making: $26.46


Nice one - I appreciate that information mate. Very interesting. I've used smartsteem/smartmarket before. It never lets me put full amount on though but otherwise good. Appreciator is new to me but looks good. So far I've only had low value ones be good value. When I've sent a few steem results have been poor. I think a lot of people don't wan't to share ones of actual value because there's only so much voting power they have...
Sound pal

Hey buddy let me know if you want to discuss more of this offline.
We can go into more detail and figure this thing out.

If im gonna spend I want to makeback my investment .

Yeah exactly there's more scam ones than decent ones.
I always have discord on whilst on steemit - I can add you as a friend on there if you use it?
Or do you want to email?

Lets do the email buddy im on the road or at work most of the day so email is convevient.

[email protected]

I have a video to share with you so send me your email, I will send you the link and let me know what you think.

Sent you an email mate

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