SteemThat Jumps Huge Thanks To Members

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Members Are Making grow like crazy...


Proving that the concept is fantastic and that more people should go ahead and start their Journey! Is Helping People Build A Steemit Whale Pool Plus Developing Their Own Rewards Based Platform.

With over 1 1/4 Million Requests In 24 Hours the website is soaring and now there are 700 Members!

What Is

This question gets asked all of the time and people often ask how can they leverage this social network? allows people to create content and have social interactions which rewards them with tokens. The rewards are clearly published and open so everyone has the same equitable rewards for their work. Steemit is awesome but SteemThat offers a real social media platform not just a blogging platform.

The rewards tokens that people earn can be exchanged for Stish. Stish now has a full listing on Etherscan and has a healthy Neutral position.

Stish is a tradeable ERC-20 Token traded on Radex.

We are getting closer and closer to being ready for the Stish Token Event.

I'm looking forward to adding more Steem Power to the whale pool while the price of Steem is low. One neat thing we are doing and will do in the future is invest 50% of all Stish sales during the Token event into the SteemThat Whale Pool that helps Steemit Members Grow! Members Of will get a boost from the whale pool when they use the autoshare feature. Members can also add their ethereum address now to their profiles.

We can scan these and verify ownership of Stish and grant members who buy larger amounts of Stish a higher percentage of whale pool support. Additionally People Can Purchase Limited Time Increases In Whale Pool Support Of Their Steemit Posts. So Stish Can Be Purchased And Used To Buy Services From The community!

For members just starting out it is highly recommended to complete your profile so others can connect with you on both platforms. Join groups and Make Friends. Share Your Steemit Links and Connect With Real People!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Congratulations! Well done!
All the hard work is paying off :0)
Sorry for my absence these last two weeks. I'm recovering from surgery, and don't have as much time to spend as I would want to.
I'll try to drop in soon.
Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

It has been so busy for everyone lately. All of the hard work pays off. Thank you for all of the efforts early on. I hope you get well soon!

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Congratulations @steemthat.

Thank you very much. It is because all of you that we grow!

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Sneaky Ninja is a very responsible bot, working directly with steemcleaners, actively pursuing spam and abuse on our platform. If you would like to see what steps Sneaky Ninja has taken to fight bid bot abuse see this post and this post. Also know that I am working daily on other solutions.
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Thank you @sneak-ninja I have noticed that the gumpy cat is often doing shading things that are not acceptable like spam commenting and upvoting his own comments and raping the rewards pool. Shady crap but wants to flag honest people trying to get a little boost. What good writer doesn't promote their posts? All do promote their posts at some point or they hire someone to do it. Books would never be sold if they simply wrote them and put them on a shelf. Thanks for your services!

thats very true. I've researched what he's done extensively and it is much more than meets the eye.