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Blockchain technology was introduced with so much hope and expectations and was believed to be the solution to the highly charged and controlled centralized traditional financial system because of its promise of decentralization and security, but it has not been able to meet the expectations of its adopters and give the centralized traditional system a good run for their money.

Since the introduction of the bitcoin blockchain and other blockchains after it, the challenges associated with blockchain technology have remained the same. Issues like slow transaction speed, network congestion, scalability, etc. have always been springing up and these issues seem to be slowing down the mass application and adoption of this innovative technology.

Though several innovations have been made to improve the efficiency of blockchain technology for mass adoption, its efficiency cannot still be compared to that of the centralized traditional financial systems that accommodate millions of users and allow those users to transact without experiencing any congestion or hassles.

Blockchain technology need to function like the traditional centralized system in order for it to gain mass adoption and one network that has come to make this possible is the liquidity network.



The liquidity network is a network built on the ethereum blockchain that addresses most of the challenges current blockchains are experiencing. This network is introducing a modern and innovative technology that will improve the performance of blockchain technology in the form of transaction speed, scalability, decentralization and security.

The liquidity network aims to make blockchain technology adoptable to millions of users and promises to make transactions as smooth and fast as the traditional centralized financial systems and also very cheaper, while at the same time offering the decentralization and security of blockchain technology.


The liquidity network is built on two innovative components namely:

  • The liquidity Hub nocust, and

  • The revive.


The liquidity network is broken into various sections called “hub”. These hubs functions as connection points within the network and they help reduce congestion on the network and make transactions fast and secure because such transactions are done off-chain.

This nocust hub innovation of the liquidity network gives the users greater control over their assets, lowers transaction cost significantly and also makes it possible for users within a hub to access funds easily from other users within such hub, while also offering high security to every user’s assets or funds in the various hubs.

Each hub on the network can accommodate millions of users without experiencing any setbacks because all transactions are done off-chain. Also, there’s interconnection of the various hubs and users of one hub can easily transact with users of other hubs or within the same hub without any hassle.

This hub nocust innovation of the liquidity network makes the blockchain very fast, as the speed of transactions carried out on the network can be compared to that of the traditional centralized system.



The revive is a protocol on the liquidity network that enables the various hubs to rebalance their transactions off-chain. This off-chain rebalancing helps reduce congestion on the network and makes the network very efficient and scalable.

The off-chain transaction implementation and rebalancing of the liquidity network makes the network standout and very scalable when compared to networks in which everything is done on-chain. Thus, the nocust and revive innovative technology of the liquidity network makes the network fast, scalable, secure and completely decentralized. These are what make the liquidity network unique and the breakthrough in the mass adoption of blockchain technology.


The liquidity technology is already being applied in an exchange known as “the liquidity exchange”. This exchange offers the speed and computational functionalities of traditional centralized exchanges and the security of decentralized exchange.

This exchange offers its users total custody and control of their funds and private keys and transactions are performed off-chain. The liquidity exchange is the future of blockchain exchanges because it gives the users ultimate control of their assets, requires very moderate transaction fees, highly secure and offers a very fast and efficient transaction system.


Other industries that the liquidity network can be easily applied to are: the blockchain gaming industry, blockchain application industry, the release of airdrops, financial payment industries, etc.


Below are some few advantages of the liquidity network:

  • Low startup cost.

  • Low maintenance cost

  • It’s fast and secure

  • It’s very decentralized

  • Users have ultimate control of their funds, assets or private keys

  • No or very moderate transaction fees

  • It’s very scalable

  • It will promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology


Liquidity network is already developing a very user friendly desktop and mobile application wallets for its users. the mobile wallet supports the common operating systems on mobile devices – IOS and Android. Below is a screen shot of the various interfaces.

Desktop app


Mobile wallet



The nocust hub and the revive technology being innovated by the liquidity network will really go a long way to give blockchain technology a competitive edge against the traditional centralized financial system. I believe with this awesome innovation of the liquidity network, blockchain technology will be a major technology in every sector of the global economy.

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