No new accounts on Bittrex for now! What to do?! (read his)

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I woke up a little hangovered with a message from a friend I met with last night. It was a party but I spent like 81% of the time talking about crypto, go figure. Well, apparently I had a new convert!

"Dude, I can't sign up!"
My head was thumping and couldn't focus ( Hey! I told you that I spent the rest 19% drinking...).
"BITTREX!! They do not accept new signups! What do I do now?!".

I had to check it for myself first and voila, a message from Bill!


It was unfortunately very very true!

So I'm gonna tell you what I told my friend: go with the Chinese :) Aka the new exchange that are up and coming.


Binance is a new exchange that simply has amazing ambitious. But well deserved as they beat Bittrex for most volume in only about 6 months!! Their plans go well beyond remaining a normal exchange: margin trading and eventually decentralization is on their roadmap. I honestly can't say good enough things about this one.
The team is top notch, the UI is great, they have almost all coins you might want ( except for STEEM/SBD) and they have VERY LOW FEES. They have basically 60% lower fees than Bittrex if you care for this kind of thing.
They also have their own coins: BNB which you can use to get even lower fees!!
Sign up for Binance here


I wrote about this one a few weeks back. Please read here my review.
Meanwhile a few things changed: they have more coins, they have better volume and they KCS coin, which gives you a part of all the fees back went insane ( was 50 cents, is now 3$!). I think KCS has a lot of room to grow and I'm pretty confident they will!
It's great for little known coins and quick ICO flipping if you are into this kind of thing. They also have low fees and if you hold KCS you get a huge part of the fees back. So that's nice too.
Sign up for KuCoin

I also want to mention that these have - besides a very aggressive and good marketing campaign - a refferal program. The links I used are mine and you will be my refferal which basically means that instead of giving 100% of the fee to the exchange, a small part of it goes my way.
Once you have accounts you can invite your friends too and get a part of their fees.

So this is it!! If you want to trade in 2018, you have where.
As always, never keep in exchange more than you need!


I have been greatly disappointed with Bittrex, sometimes my friends told me that their transfers were frozen for 24 hours when depositing STEEM and Golos. They have rejected my identity confirmation, so I just stopped using it for good. So Bittrex make room for better exchanges.

Thank you @razvenelulmarin for sharing some new ones, will try them out.

yeah that could happen.
however there are good things about Bittrex as well, I wouldn't discount them totally.

Yeah, I used to like them too, before it happened to me. What would you say are their main advantage over others?

More coins than others, been here for years so seems more legit and secure. Probably the safest exchange currently.

can you hook us up with the account then maybe ?, been trying to get on it for ever. ^___^

Which account? In Bittrex?

Binance sounds awesome. Do you know if they will add steem anytime soon?

I wish. The plan is for us to get listed on the "coin of the month" and I think we'll win the voting thingy. Same with Kucoin!
But unfortunately, I do not know or have any extra info...
PS: it is awesome :D

Binance is very good i have been using it for quite some time now. No problems at all!

It's really nice indeed.

Yep sadly I'm also one of those that aren't able to get a bittrex account. But yeah, everyone reading this should already be in Binance and KuCoin and if not, they should!

Agreed!! I know this happened to a lot of people lately but we need to understaned that they are doing this so they have a bit of time to scale. Could be back bigger and badder soon. Until then..binance on!!

Yeah, I heard of that also. There are people buying account now! I'm trying to just use bitshares now, but i still use binance and bittrex from time to time!

what? who does that?

Is there cardono listed on that ....thanks i was confused on this topic only @razvanelulmari

ADA is listed on Binance!