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This video shows you how to get setup with and runs you through the prerequisites needed to participate. This video marks the first of many in a tutorial series being created to help users more easily get involved with PixelProperty!


What Is PixelProperty

PixelProperty is an free-use public evolving digital canvas powered by Ethereum. At PixelProperty, users come together to draw, create, share and compete. Users are rewarded for their efforts in our own cryptocurrency, PXL. This cryptocurrency can be used to access extra features. PXL can also be spent on Property's, the cryptocollectable of the canvas, which represents a small segment. Owners of Property get access to extra features to help them advertise their websites or blogs.


How To Get Setup

  1. Visit

  2. Click "Get Started" on the left

  3. Install MetaMask and setup an account with them.

3.1) Remember to save your words MetaMask provides. This is the only way to get access to your account if you lose it.

3.2) Remember to backup your private key from MetaMask. This is the only way to get access to your funds if you lose MetaMask or your MetaMask account.

  1. Sign Up with PixelProperty, choosing your display username and your email address.

  2. Read through the simple tutorial


Important Notes

As PixelProperty is an Ethereum DApp, Ethereum is used to pay for the gas costs. We recommend users move a small amount of Ethereum to their wallet. CoinBase is the most popular choice, however for users who already have cryptocurrency (for example, Steem users), BlockTrades is a simple exchange built into the Steemit website that users can use.

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