How To Buy And Sell Property On PixelProperty

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Today we’re going to talk about what is Property, what features it unlocks you, then how to buy and sell Property in PixelProperty.

What Is Property?

Property is the crypto collectable token of PixelProperty. It is a token built on Ethereum that represents a small portion of the evolving canvas. There are 10,000 Properties making up the canvas, each being a small 10x10 segment. By default, Properties are in public mode, sharing them with the community, allowing anyone to change the display of this region of the canvas. Whenever a user is rewarded PXL through using a Property, the same about of PXL is rewarded to the Property owner as a thank you for sharing the Property with the community. A owner can optionally spend PXL to change their Properties to private mode, locking the display for focused advertisements. Properties also link to your website and show their owners chosen message when users hover over them.

How To Buy A Property

When you want to buy a Property, there are two potential prices it could be listed at. If a Property has never been purchased before, it is listed at two separate prices, one in PXL and another in Ethereum. These prices are deterministically determined. Properties can all be purchased in PXL, allowing any user who contributes enough to own a part of the canvas without paying in Ethereum.

If the Property has an owner, and the owner has listed the Property for sale, then you can purchase it in PXL at their listed price.

To easily see which Properties are for sale, check the box at the bottom left marked “Show Properties For Sale”. All Properties that are for sale will have their image replaced with a small icon noting it is for sale. If you mouse over any Property, you see the listing price in PXL and Ethereum if available.

To buy a Property, select it and click the “Buy” button on the right. If the Property has an Ethereum and PXL listed price, you will be able to pay it in either price. You can even buy it half in Ethereum and half in PXL, or any combination of the two prices you wish. To buy the property, click the “Buy Property” button at the bottom, then confirm the transaction with MetaMask. You will have to pay a Ethereum network cost for the transaction. The higher the GAS price you pay, the quicker it will go through, so if your action is time critical you should spend more. If this is not a time critical action, you can always pay a lower cost than suggested.

How To Sell A Property

If we want to sell a Property, we click on the Property we own that we want to sell, and click the “Sell” button in the bottom right. The website will default the price to the current PXL price listed for unknown Properties, however you can change it to whatever price you’d like. When you’re ready to list it for sale, simply click the “Sell Property” button and confirm the transaction with MetaMask.

How To Delist A Property

If you no longer want to list your Property for sale, simply click on your Property listed for sale, then click the “Delist” button in the bottom right. Click through and confirm the action with MetaMask. The Property will no longer be for sale once the transaction goes through.

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