Some thoughts after 10 months away from Steem

in #crypto5 years ago

Been away from Steem for a while.

What are some of the most interesting new projects built on Steem? looks interesting.

I've always been a fan of Steem but it does seem quite difficult to separate signal from noise on here and on the main page quality does seem to really be lacking. Any potential solutions on this front?

The issue of the early team and miners having so much curation power always seemed problematic to me and seems that may still be an issue.


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Hey Nick. The best way to get good signal-to-noise is to just follow a lot of good accounts... the trending page could be better.

If you haven't checked out Utopian, that's the first project I would recommend. Steem-powered open source contributions, it's a wild and very successful example of a new Steem use case.

So true - I looked at the trending page once 18 months ago but never made that mistake again!

The absolute best thing about Steem for the busy folks is delegating your steem power for 20-35% APR.

I generally delegate my power, but I'll be renting steem power soon to help promote my ebook on Amazon, by upvoting people who can show that they bought and rated the book, or resteem my advertisements for it.

Should be a fun experiment in steemit marketing.

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