Is there a chance for a crypto revolution??!!

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We need to ask ourselves some questions.

  • Are we going to let our lives be dictated by the 1% who gets richer on our back?
  • Are we going to keep let them put us in debt just so we could get an education or just to provide for our family’s
  • Can we trust “old money”?
  • Our we going to let them destroy our world just so they could have more and more?
  • Can cryptocurrency be our salvation??!!
  • Do you think cryptocurrency will replace our old and outdated systems?

These are a few of the many questions we should ask ourselves.
I mentioned “old money” and the 1%, I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible.
The 1%: The richest 1% of the world population owns 50.1% of the worlds wealth while 70% of the poor population owns only 2.7%. you can look it up and see that these numbers are not made up even when they look so ridiculous.
Old money: with old money I mean the people who made their wealth with oil, wars, big industries and etcetera. ( those who’re still profiting from polluting our world)

These two are quite the same, these family’s and industries are ruling the world.
it’s these guys that start the wars, polluting our world feeding from those who suffer.
MURICA is the best example where corruption is legal just because they call it lobbying.

We live in a corrupt and unsustainable world!!

Something needs to change and our current paste wont suffice.
Of course we too are to blame as we live too big, use and eat too much.
but still this is nothing in comparison of what they do.
It’s outrages that in many countries education still isn’t free or far more cheaper.
Reducing the cost of education only improves a country and enriches that country, there are more than enough studies that’s show how profitable it is. I digress, I’m sorry.

My point of all of this

Cryptocurrency and what it can do to the world and why we need it.

Why do I see cryptocurrency and the blockchain as the future.
To put it all in one word, decentralization.
We need to put an end to those who rule everything, from those who control the banks to those who provide us energy.
By decentralizing the world we put power back where it belongs, in the hand of the people.
I’ll give some examples:

  • Power ledger: by creating your own energy by solar panels you can sell the excess energy to your neighbors or others. This takes the power from big companies who monopolize the market with high prices and less greener energy.
  • Clearpoll: a voting app, now I’m not promoting this coin but I love this idea. We always hear something about voting scams or in “third world” country’s where they rigg the elections.
    Like that’s the only place it happens! But by putting our voting systems on the blockchain it’s unhackable and more difficult to hack. In a lot of countries there is no obligation to vote so if you make it better accessible more people will vote.

These are just two examples but there are a lot more and by supporting these changes we can change this world for the better.
The world will keep trying to destroy us as we are a virus to them, so if we don’t change fast there will be nothing to go back to.
The older generations will try to stop this as they profit from it so think for yourself.
Start asking questions and searching for the answers because we are the future if you want it or not.
Don’t be afraid to start a dialogue in the comments.

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I think there will eventually be millions of coins out there...something for literally everything... right now people are just coming up with good ideas and things like that but soon it will be like...I'm starting a small business gonna make a blockchain coin..It is evolving fast!


I don't think that will happen, having millions of coins is not sustainable.
I truly believe that there is a future for the tech and a variety of coins but it needs to be user friendly and having to many coins can’t be good.
If you want to use multiple tech you’ll need to buy a lot of different coins and that can’t be it.
If we want to take over the world I believe we need to stick to a handful of coins so everybody can use it and you don’t lose track on what you got.

For the near future it's great but not for when you think further.
do you see your grandparents or parents using
20 different coins .

we will see what the future brings as we will shake the world!


Yeah well there will be a hand full that take over every thing. Just like the .com boom there was a bunch not only a few became giants. Only reason I say that was because I saw the binance CEO mention it in one of he's speeches and I think he's on to something. But your right my parent can barely use a computer let alone coins lol

Good Job Fri...

I really liked your graphic!

That cannot happen overnight.. as any evolution it has to be gradually present amongst us.. or else the chaos will be installed.. but I truly believe in crypto and the blockchain technology will be the future and the ones who are trying to stop it will eventually give up and accept it.. but gradually of course..


ofcourse my friend,
but we have the responsebility to build a foundation for the future generations to build a better world on.
we can't just say that they will stop oppressing crypto eventually.
we need action and spread the word. It's on us to pave he way


Yes you're right my friend.. I wasn't saying to us stop claiming crypto as the future.. I was saying that evolution takes some time to take place.. I mean.. my parents have more than 60 years old and they are not gonna pay their bills with a Bitcoin xD heck my father doesn't even know how to use a mobile phone except for calls.. I was just saying that it a process and takes time for people to accept it.. but it's the future and are here to stay.. loved your article btw..