Want to Become a Successful Crypto Trader? Do These 3 Things Every Day

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If you want to be a successful shitcoin trader, then you need to be willing to start believing in some serious bullshit. This is crucial since others need to fulfill your meme line predictions. Trading is more or less the ability to connect arbitrary lines, making funny shapes and convincing others that your lines are more likely to occur in the future. This is much easier than it sounds because by nature most people remember the wins and forget the losses. Much like gambling, evolution has equipped us with a brain that not only lies to us, but also protects us from changing our mind about it.

Get On Twitter

There are some people who think that trading is something that needs practice. In reality, is just gambling with extra steps. Get on twitter, pick up an obscure name that has to do with crypto or bitcoin and then start following other "traders" that got there earlier than you. Start commenting on their posts in order to get some attention and eventually through the effect of Gaussian distribution some of the idiots following will start following. All it takes is a patience and some correct calls at random shitcoins. This will create a snowball effect and you will get even more followers. Once you amassed enough idiots you can use any bullshit TA narrative you want to explain any market move. The followers will pump or dump it for you, making you look like an expert since they will be following your advice!

Lie To Yourself

A successful trader is a delusional trader. In order to be able to sell others this much bullshit you need to start believing that the magical lines you draw in order to make out obvious triangular shapes are the real shit. The effect of Patternicity is your friend here since people like to connect hypothetical end points in order to make shapes.that make sense to their puny little minds. We do this in our playbooks when we are young. Shitcoin trading is no different.

Become A Master Narrator

People Love Stories. In order to succeed in trading, you need to get some narrative going. Crypto is a mysterious space that can attract a lot of idiots from anti-science lunatics, conspiracy tin-foilers and hobos who just want to cut a brake from their real world failures. All you need to do, is provide some kind of revolutionary story, some government conspiracy theory and you can excuse your moves like a pro. Remember, these simpletons are the ones who will pump you shit so you can dump on their asses. Manipulating their behavior is a must.

This is really all you need to know in order to become a 'successful' trader.

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Some valid points here as your message is well coined an spot on. After watching a few videos of the big boys doing it, I believe this is true. If only we were as interested in finding truth and purity as as we are shit coins, the world would be a better place. Thanks @kyriacos


You obviously missed the point.

Shit coins are where the money is, you just need to learn to read the fractals and Elliot waves... here, let me tell you a story... the link is on my twitter account.


Indeed. I have been studying teacup and head-and-shoulders formations for ages, just to tell others about them.


People just aren't educated enough on the Science of Trade Analysis. I am working towards my BS in it now and hope to do my masters and then doctorate. You can follow my journey on twitter or support by upvoting my posts.


BS seems to be the most appropriate academic title for this.

I think if you wanna become successful trader, you should be like a machine.

Only a few lines into your article and I immediately thought of several people practising all these advice to the point...I wonder why they are not more successful...

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I thought the whole point of educational systems around the world was to create sheeps that do what ever those in power want. So they do also whatever anyone on the internet wants. I am not shocked.

TL;DR people are stupid.

A true analyst will double down on this and start their own training academy for the TA. Still waiting for the one that offers the downloadable adult coloring TA pages, so the students can color in the flags and over time their eye will see the patterns without the tools as their brains become super TA machines. It will revert the mind back to a child like state, before doubts and pesky adult responsibilities clouded the intuition. Hence it should be called TA babies. The url could maybe be:


All this and much more for only 300 a month or 2000 a year or for a limited time 20000 for lifetime access.

When I began buying coins not so long ago, the first thing I did after watching a few videos was take the charts, and using hindsight used tools like Fibonacci to see how accurate they were. I quickly saw I would lose a lot of money using them. With all the manipulation going on the tools would have to be some kind of weird prescient abilities to work.

It is a very good advice and advise. @kyriacos! Thanks for the information, i really appreciate it!