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Energy is becoming a much more important resource. For years, we have tried to produce energy using natural gas, oil, coal and many more fossil fuels. But these energy sources had serious responsibilities and damages. These types of energy are depleted, polluting the environment. And their resources are decreasing day by day. As a human being, we need to turn to much cheaper, clean and renewable energy. Solar and wind energy comes from the beginning. The operation of large industrial enterprises, as electricity becomes a necessity, has never diminished and the need for Energy has even increased. Because energy is a necessity for us to be able to produce and consume. Our lives are going on entirely thanks to this energy. Because without energy, there can be no life in the sense that we know. That's why we need to invest more in the energy sector. In particular, we need to invest in the production of renewable energy, namely Solar and wind energy. Both individual and all goverments need to concentrate on this. Because the fossil fuels that we're using right now are making our world miserable and causing the world to be destroyed.

Problem of Energy


As the world population increases, technological developments and the desire for a more modern life increase naturally. Accordingly, energy sources are consumed rapidly. As a result, the demand for energy sources is increasing with each passing. For this reason, while looking for new sources, energy consumption is also looking for ways of saving. For this purpose, universal solution proposals for the energy resources that we will feel every year are being investigated.

Energy consumption rates are realized in the world as petroleum (33%), coal (30%) and natural gas (23%).

Energy sources are divided into renewable and non-renewable energy sources according to their use. Renewable energy resources; coal, oil, natural gas. Renewable energy sources are hydraulic, solar, biomass, wind, geothermal, wave and hydrogen.

In developing countries, rapid population growth and industrial development are rapidly increasing demand for energy. Since energy production is a compulsory production factor, it is an important factor in reflecting the economic and social development potential of a country. At every stage of everyday life, energy is obtained by different methods in terms of economy.


Traditional energy sources will be depleted over time and at the same time negatively affect the atmosphere due to the carbon release, necessitating the production of alternative energy. But there is a regional difference from the point of view of these sources of energy. Coal remains an important source of energy in some Asian countries. As a result, energy leaders in these regions are concerned about the future of this fuel, especially in India, Indonesia and China. Similarly, energy leaders in South Africa are concerned about the future of coal.

There are also national differences in nuclear energy. In the case of nuclear energy, not only in countries where nuclear energy is not available but also in some important nuclear states, there is concern about the future of nuclear energy. For example, the future of nuclear energy in South Korea, which produces nuclear energy and exports nuclear technology, is perhaps surprisingly not a critical area for energy leaders in that country. Similarly, most Europeans do not state that the issue is critical. However, it does not apply to other nuclear power users, such as Britain, China, North America, South Africa, Japan and Belgium. Most of these countries are engaged in choosing whether or not to progress in the new nuclear plan or want to continue with planned closures. There is also a clear message: nuclear energy remains a controversial topic with surprising exceptions in many countries.

The World Energy Council, established in 1923, is the only global forum that conducts concrete studies on the future of sustainable energy and leads ideas. The World Energy Council's 93 National Committee represents more than 3,000 member organizations, including governments, sectors and experts. Its mission is to promote energy use based on the Sustainable Supply Chain for the benefit of all.

But still, substantial consumption of oil, coal and natural gas worldwide means serious problems for the world. On the basis of serious problems such as increasing polar meltdowns, increasing carbon dioxide emissions, and spreading air pollution, there is non-renewable energy consumption.




The Windhan project aims to establish an ethereum based blockchain technology. Windhan projects want to invest in wind energy and wants to offer various privileges to WHN token holders. With this project, investors will be able to use and even operate the energy generated by Windhan.

Windhan project is a great project that brings together two of today's most important phenomena. The project is a very detailed and solid foundation that combines blockchain technology and renewable energy. The project wants to be the source of blockchain and clean energy that renewable energy has to offer to the world by bringing a new perspective to the energy sector. That's why the project wants to serve the world by concentrating on wind and solar energy. Although the architects of the project are Estonian, The Project will be established in Kazakhstan. Because Kazakhstan has the capacity to produce a significant amount of solar and wind energy throughout the year. This geography is almost 8 m/s of wind speed, especially the region and the world wants to meet a significant amount of energy needs.


Agreements with the state of Kazakhstan have been established for the project and documents have been approved for the construction works. Windhan project is currently in the ICO stage and has taken serious steps to improve the region with the investments it will collect in the ICO process with its partners. According to Windhan's cost analysis, the number of windmills to be established at first is 27. The cost of these windmills is now almost 150m€. During the ICO process, various investors are interviewed to find this money and even more, and necessary arrangements are made.

After the ICO process, the project wants to provide the WHN tokens that it will release and the various privileges to its investors and those who hold it in their wallet. Some of them will be discounts, promotions and benefits. The ICO price of the project is set to 1€, but this figure is expected to double almost by the end of 1 year. WHN token will be implemented in a decentralized blockchain chain and aims to interact with smart contracts and block chains. According to the philosophy of the blockchain, token exchanges can be realized in a friendly, secure network with the environment.

In addition, Windhan project will create a market to bring consumers and manufacturers together. B2B, B2C, P2P, energy tokens will be exchanged in this market will be able to meet users and sellers. Besides, WHN token has other privileges.


WHN Token Advantages:

  • Support for projects created for green energy will be provided. To support these projects, WHN token will be a digital asset that you can exchange.

  • With the platform to established for WHN token, you can pay your energy bills or invest in energy projects.

  • You get a chance to earn discounts, benefits, VIP membership in return for the WHN token you hold.

  • WHN token platform can be reached anytime, anywhere to make the necessary arrangements.

  • The platform is customer oriented and with a user-oriented interface, it will be available both on your Internet Browser and on your mobile phone.

  • You get the opportunity to use and sell the energy generated by the Windhan project. You can use WHN token for them.


You can Buy tokens here.



Windhan project is definitely one of the most powerful projects in 2019 and wants to produce a permanent solution to one of our biggest problems. Although there are many innovations around the world in energy, we can't be said to be where we want to be. Projects like SolarCity, the founder of Elon Musk, work for renewable energy and want to make the world a cleaner place. In addition, many countries of the world are abandoning harmful energy sources such as nuclear, oil and switching to renewable and clean energy. Solar and wind energy, the two most important instruments of renewable energy, attract the attention of the world.

But these two sources, which are not all over the world, are more in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The Windhans project also wants to produce renewable energy with a very serious investment in Kazakhstan, where solar and wind energy resources are abundant. In addition, Windhan project aims to provide its users with many advantages thanks to the token it will take. It will give users a chance to be an actor and to stop being an audience. These actors will be able to use or market the energy generated through Whn token.



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@kadjar I think it is a valuable project for the community.

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Agreements with the state of Kazakhstan have been established for the project and documents have been approved for the construction works.

Yes it does )

Windhan energy platform is a very valueable, renewable green energy platform powered by Ethereum technology. It is a fund and transaction platform that supports economic and environmental energies (especially wind energy) for a better future.

Yes in deed, thank you for your opinion )

Good post

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Agree with you)

Renewable energy is really important because the growth of industrialization is destructing our beautiful world. So the projects like Windhan should be support I think.

This is true. Renewable energy is our future.

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