3 Masternode Coins On Sale That I am Buying!

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The Markets are Brutal, But Savvy Shoppers are Picking Up Bargins!

I personally think we are nearing the bottom here. Traditionally what happens in this situation is that Bitcoin will be the first to recover and the alts will follow suit. I don't know how long it will take. In the meantime I am shopping for bargains.

My Favorite Bargains are Coins that Have MasterNodes.

1. My top pic for Masternodes is SmartCash (Smart) which I started buying again last week when it broke below the $.10 mark. I could not believe my eyes. So I bought a few more nodes worth of @SmartCash. This project will suffer until there are some better exchanges available.


2. My second choice is Obsidian. My friend Ross Rinaldo is a big fan so I followed his lead with this one. It takes 10,000 coins to own a Obsidian Masternode once they deploy. Currently they only offer staking.


3. My Third Choice is $PAC or Paccoin. Now this one just went through a major transition where 1000 coins are now equal to 1 and they launched a new wallet and blockchain. The sentiment is super negative so guess what, "time for me to buy!". You need 500,000 for a masternode once they deploy.


Sure I Can Sit on the Sidelines and Wish That the Market Would Recover or I Can Dive in and Make Some Moves.


Ups Downs
It could be a good thing or a bad thing depending where you stand.
Keep on steemin'

I'll make sure to blame you when I lose money.

Just kidding. :)

In this market we will probably lose for a while but as long as I dollar cost average to the bottom then it will all work out.

That's what I am doing an it worked out with 100X + gains. All the weak hands are being washed out just like previous bear cycles in 2014 and 2016. Once they finally stop selling they will be out and only true believers will be HODL again. Reset.

I meant to do a blog about coins 1 year ago but got busy... Maybe tomorrow? Check any coin you held a year ago today and see if it doesn't bring a smile to your face compared to any other investment you or anybody else you know invested in or recommends.
Life is Good for Crypo HODLers.

Hahaha, well he forgot to mention:

I am not a financial advisor so invest on your own :D

The last days I also was speculating to pick up some SMART.
@hilarski what do you think about this (deleted) post from /r/smartcash?

Not very much going on for this coin right now in terms of technology. While all top coins are implementing some sort of scaling solution, Smartcash is doing PR campaigns in different parts of the world. The Hive is clearly corrupt or broken as a system, the promised outreach has never been successfully attained by financing obscure 3rd world projects (mostly parties). This reddit channel has been struggling with around 2000 subscribers almost since its inception. No commits on github for about two months. Want more? Unknown developers. Accusations of cheating nodes. Privacy abandoned. Dull roadmap without timeframes and features that should have been offered from the start that reputable coins have implemented as de facto. Project seems abandoned by God and you can see it in the daily volumes, no wonder no real exchanges will touch it. I don't think there is anything here anymore, unless some real developers pick it up and turn it around. Honestly I think it is a shame, it clearly has potential, under the catchy name and awful logo. Probably not going to happen though as there is still much more room to fall. I think we should consider ourselves lucky, as bagholders, if we ever get back to 15 cents. This project is currently worth about a tenth of its current market cap. This is not financial advice, I am calling it as I see it. I honestly hope that I am wrong, but I am not.


Thanks man for the info. I was seriously thinking about getting in.

Okay cool buddy, but what do you think about Verge?
Well, I have bought Verge a couple of days ago when the whole market was bleeding and Verge was in green, any reviews for that?

I owned it when it was a fraction of this price. If they can deliver what they say then it will be a winner. If not then it will disappear.

Hello @hilarski I am buying cardano and litecoin, I will freeze them while I wait with a lot, a lot of patience, I have faith, that this will change.

I am also buying Cardano. Litecoin I sold when the Litepay news came out.

Great to see positive posts like this. Spreading negative news just drives the market deeper down. We need to fight with positivity.

once the bear market is out, many will blame fate lol, this is really the perfect time, but before buying any coin trying check the background most of this dev are. anonymous scammers lol

Steemit is shit, and you resteem and post too much, so I managed to go back only 6 months in your profile and then I noticed that you were here way before 6 months ago.
I did not find a mention of Byteball in your profile.
What were you doing when it was distributed and what do you think about it?

That's a SUREFIRE way to get him to reply. :-/

My comment was not meant only for him and not only to get replies or even upvotes.
It did include a question, which I asked and may I ask others too, and I did not expect him to answer it anyway, it was almost rhetorical, even if it is nice to be surprised for the good from time to time.

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I am definitely trying to get a smartnode. Amazing how you have multiple. Congrats.

I believe that now is the time to buy crypto. I am staying with the bigger and well known ones: bitcoin and Litecoin. Then, just hold on to them.

Paccoin I'm not very convinced. Obsidian is a good project, I have not read it 100% yet. SamrtCash is top, I have invested in this coin.

I am not convinced of PAC either but the ability of getting a full masternode was too tempting.

I've actually been looking at Obsidian for a while now, waiting for a good opportunity, but at these prices I think I might have to jump in. Everything seems way, way oversold at this point.

I can't believe how beaten down it is. I remember feeling serious FOMO during the ICO raise. Now I just got a full node a fraction of the cost.

You mentioned how cheap it is to acquire these masternodes, but what purpose do they ultimately serve? Is there a team even behind some of these coins, or is there just some anonymous devs, waiting to take your money and jump ship once they do?

Some background info on these things would be better than just the coinmarket cap graphs, which resemble 90% of the coins on there.

DYOR, I already did mine. I will do some work but the rest is up to you.

Lol, you just threw up 3 random coins because they have a hot keyword attached to them, muh masternode, of which 2 of them might very well be scams.

Anonymous developers are the biggest red flag.

Might as well throw up a disclosure for people reading this, that are incapable of doing thorough enough research, as opposed to just shilling your bags on them.

I noticed your post where your friend threw money at Ripple and you wish you could have done the same. You are just angry, good luck on Steemit.
BTW shilling my bags on my personal blog is how I roll.

Certainly not the most thorough reader, or perhaps only lacking reading comprehension skills? Angry is far and away, the last thing that I am. Undeservingly grateful is a better way to describe it. In my post I mentioned I made a 1000% return on ripple, so I don't see how that translates to being angry lol.
I merely ask you to warn your readers, and you appear to have quite a following, the pitfalls of throwing their money on the projects that you mentioned. Not merely just market them for whomever and whatever your purposes may be. cheers

at least you've got some humor about it with that BTW edit. I respect that.

I only started to seriously looking into masternodes and appreciate your sharing. Thanks :)

The PAC coin is one of the most undervalued coin .people missed it in the last pump happened few weeks back .so its a good though to buy a bag if PAC coin.

I'm defo buy nodes in this bare market

Great analysis about cryptocurrency.......
thanks for sharing and post....upvote done.... @hilarski

Yea I think passive income is the way to go during this bear market. How difficult is it to set up a masternode? Were you able to do it yourself?

I like your approach these coins have great potential.

Very elegant way to present you, The truth is in all your words.
It is possible to get many useful examples from your writing. well done and keep it up.

Hi @hilarski. I didn't know about these cryptos.

we all hope that these low prices in crypto recover soon and above all continue to grow :)

Good to see what you are buying during these dreary market days!

Smartcash is really tempting. :-)
Most of the masternodes you can check here:
Anyone has experience with any of these? Especially the smaller ones.

I recently jumped into SmartCASH once the bloodbath ensued, but I’m concerned about some of the issues which have cropped up around people gaming an exploit with Masternodes and the serious lack of a liquid market in light of the delisting by Cryptopia. Does any of this make up hesitate on SmartCASH?

first two no doubt the best choice but pac coin ???

What are the returns on these? Thanks.

2 out of 3 have not even begun yet. The third is earning about 4%.

I just got 10k Odn.. i was in Pac before the changes.. so i got pretty destroyed there.. i might just buy more pac to reduce my buying average but i feel that coin swap have been pretty savage from the dev..

You are a highly optimistic fellow. The kind i like to rub shoulders with, and read minds from... That you base your investment decisions on the master node ideology is really ingenious. It shows you have a very concise understanding of master nodes and their inherent value in the cryptosphere... Would love you to share some of your knowledge on this cutting edge technology. Indeed, smartcash stands out as crypto to be reckoned with, and your investing in it now truly confirms what we already believe in, that SMARTCASH is highly undervalued now, and that the potential that lies in it, is too great to be quantified right now. I enjoyed reading your post. I dont know much about the other coins, but now that you mention them, they also have piqued my interest, and i will definitely look into them as well...


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Just another reason I Love your posts Randy. 😎 I would be interested in why you think " all" coins follow Bitcoin? After all, it would be hard to call early Crypto adopters as sheeple. Or are all these sellers the good folks that jumped in when coins were all climbing at a rocket ship 🚀 and are still running when they think the opportunity is best, slowing the grown down just a little.
I myself when buying once again ( I'm not selling for FUD ) will be all over innovative coins. TX fees have to be zero ( period ) plus coin distribution has to be fair and earning based on activity with a witness system to keep the chain honest. My perfect coin will have all the above + things I haven't addressed or hasn't yet been invented yet ( but it will ).
Keep these articles coming.... I feel a blog myself coming on, you inspire me.😎
Thank you for that, You da Man !

I plan on getting a SMART Masternode. Gotta get em while they're on discount!

Dude you are the double then your caricature!!! You were in diet period innit

With great risk comes great reward. We wouldn't be here if we didn't believe in taking risks :-D

awsome post thanks! smartcash is my fave too!

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