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Why I think Coinbase is great for those who are completely new to investing and trading digital currencies

Why you should use offline wallets for long term storage

Smart steps when setting up and maintaining offline wallets


!! Carefull with partial spend from cold storage (with myceluim partial spend from cold storage not even possible)!!
As remain can get sent on change address which I asume most don't control private key off. So study and think twice always before do... Just my 2 steems:)

  • One is safe with wallet.dat file-many many usbs :)
  • Dump wallet & print out-coulpe of prints :)
    And after print you can manualy create offline QRs.


Even miss Heidi might not now know this :)

Great video, Keep it going! I'm really glad you covered the recent IRS request.

hey, weird. i just pushed a crypto thing yesterday on my skillshare! - http://skl.sh/2fRKerC - i'm doing a month full of courses (31 days) as an advent calendar. .. hope you follow back, i follow your stuff and i watched your steemfest, so awesome you live using crypto!

What a great idea for posts!
Following you too now.

yay! - my life is complete! :) look forward to more of the crypto stuff as it's kinda new to me and so i'm learning!

Good video for new crypto users, resteemed.

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Can't comment from personal experience, but it's worth noting that Coinbase has a debit card available as well. That's good for crypto as a whole.



Since paying with one plastic card or another is the default for most Americans, that's good news. Anything that normalizes bitcoin is a positive step. The typical person needs to see what they see as established, legitimate people/companies using BTC.

Yes, of course, anything that brings BTC to the masses will help the community. This will also unfortunately prove to be one more way that the government will know exactly how much you have and have made with crypto. If you're ok with paying taxes and you agree with how your tax money is spent, then by all means adopt the debit card.
If that's not what you're after, there are other ways to store and access your money, like offline wallets.