Crypto & Travel Show Interview - with Nathan Senn of Superior Coin

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#KryptoniaCryptoShow Interview - with Nathan Senn

#kryptonia #mykryptonia #kblog #mykblog #superiorcoin

Today's interview is with Nathan Senn of Superior Coin, and the head programmer behind Kryptonia, Kblog, and other future applications built upon the Kryptonia API. During the interview additional information is given as to how Kblog works, and how the intention is to have other build applications on top of the Kryptonia API. There are plans to connect it to the steemit blockchain in the future, and it already supports DTube videos now. The future of the platform in general is also discussed, and how there are plans to release these different ideas and concept in the future.

Best place to reach Nathan is on the community telegram chat at:

You can visit Superior Coin at You can visit Kryptonia and signup at:

▶️ DTube

Great interview.

I would love it if I could post once and my post is published on Steemit and Kblog at the same time. It would be unsustainable to constantly create separate content.

Coming to you from @kryptonia

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We really like DTube and will be embedding our DTube videos into our Kryptonia content. Once the API and the blockchain are connected it's going to be really good.

Really like what you guys are doing.

Thanks for interview, keeping everyone up to date @exporetraveler

I have trouble viewing dtube videos, but I saw this on yt and watched, liked, and shared from there. It's so great to see your promo work and thank you for the @kryptonia task :)

Good job guys! I am glad to be part of Superior coin community.

Can I suggest?
Whether kblog can log in by Facebook?
Because my kryptonia is Facebook login.
When me log in kblog, it wants me to enter Facebook's mailbox and password.
But the mailbox of my Facebook, he closed down.
Caused me to be unable to login to kblog,
Because of the entrance of kblog,
it is connect directly to kryptonia and Kblog can't register separately.
Upvote you in [email protected]

Glad to be part of Superior community.

Good Work Boys.
Upvoted, @rocaxel Id Kryptonia.

Greeting from kryptonia ID Oscar21vander

Great Work Keep It Up

Interesting interview...great job!!! kryptonia @v2m3p01

This is a very interesting interview . :) Just keep up the good work and good luck to everyone who is working hard in making Kryptonia and superiorcoin successful . :)

I am going to listen to this now. Thanks

Wow! This is interesting, and i am happy to know this.

Buen trabajo!!

Greetings, I'm new to Kryptonia and I'm learning from the best. id kryptonia @reyos69

Glad to be part of the community, thanks for the updates


👍👌 Great post. Nice keep it up. You did a good job @wfuneme ✔✔✔

Kryptonia is a great companion to the steemit platform. It is very useful and helpful.

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Excellent interview

good post and good job

Lets tell others and move this platform upward.

I really appreciate the projects around SUP Coins. Keep up the good work.

This is nice interview
I'm really love your great work you are doing on this community

outoandroid kryptona

Nice interview, SUP is a promising crypto.

Good work guys! greetings from Venezuela

kryptonia id: @armandofd

Cool post, thanks for share :)

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useful interview.

nice one sir.

upvoted :) I love kryptonia.

Upvoted your post

Simple and straight forward

Thanks for great content, Hello from kryptonia anonymouscryptoinvestor

Task done kryptonia I'd @ferozkhan