Buying SBD

in crypto •  10 months ago

The price on Steem and SBD go down every day. Yesterday SBD price went to almost $1.


As you know, SBD pegged to the US Dollar as each SBD is entitled to $1.00. It is not guaranteed but it is possible to keep at least $1.

Today SBD price is $1.07. I think that we do not need to worry about further price down of SBD. That means today is the perfect time to buy SBD. I bought some SBD around $1.05. I expect this investment to have good results.

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upvoted. Thanks

What are you going to do with that sbd, Why not buy steem instead? Just curious :)


The reason is simple. SBD would not go below $1. So it would be very safe investment, if you buy SBD around $1. I like Steem either. But at the first buying SBD around $1 after that I will buy Steem as well if the price is around $1.2

That's right. Thanks for the good info ~~

Good information

Hi sir.. i sent a memo..


Yes, I followed your direction!! Thanks


Thank you sir

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Very good tip.