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With the development of technologies and digital asset market, investors have paid attention to investing in cryptocurrency. Of course, this type of investment has a number of advantages in comparison with the usual financial instruments. First of all, cryptocurrency is not subject to devaluation, which is not the case with fiat. Blockchain platform provides a high level of security and safety of funds. However, many people are afraid to start working with cryptocurrency due to distrust of digital assets. The development of fraud, high conversion fees and the diversity of cryptocurrency exchanges often put an investor in a dead end.

ATOMZ project was created to make investments easy, while profit margin - larger. The platform software analyzes a variety of possible algorithms related to cryptocurrency. After calculations and comparisons, the project’s artificial intelligence will evaluate the benefit from cryptocurrency exchange with ATOMZ index, which helps to determine the best cryptocurrency for buying and selling at a particular moment. ATOMZ platform seeks to help new traders and already experienced investors in profitable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Key features of ATOMZ

ATOMZ builds an ecosystem where any trader can easily and securely invest. A trader gains a good experience in selling digital assets, while at the same time making a profit and reducing costs. ATOMZ project significantly reduces risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, increasing confidence in digital assets. To ensure a healthy community within ATOMZ platform, the project creators developed a decentralized voting system that will require a user to have tokens at the time of the survey. Since Ethereum is transparent, users can see the results of the survey in real time, which cannot be changed, because trade is conducted through blockchain.

Advantages of ATOMZ

ATOMZ software includes 3 key components. One of them is advisory. Artificial intelligence is able to determine the best option to buy cryptocurrencies for a trader online. It will use several directions, a variety of trading strategies and formulas to conclude which type of cryptocurrency is the best or worst for investment. Every hour artificial intelligence will automatically analyze for the top 100-cryptocurrency types. If a trader examines data for a different type of cryptocurrency, then he/she can send a request, and the software will determine the main direction of the data. Usually this procedure takes about an hour, if demand is not excessive.

The second key component is ready-made portfolios for investment. ATOMZ will determine the best investment portfolio, which includes the most profitable tokens, taking into account market capitalization and ATOMZ index, the possibility of increasing the cryptocurrency value, etc. The price of this package will be determined automatically. The package is similar to mutual fund stocks. There will be different types of packages: market packages, based only on market capitalization, techno packages based on the forecast of changes in the cryptocurrency value, packages for participation in closed sales (relevant for new types of currency). Users can buy and sell these packages using their ATOMZ token. For example, the cost of access to the dashboard is 160 ATZ, the number of ATZ tokens per user is 1000 ATZ. Thus, a user can spend 840 ATZ on purchasing Atomz Packs.

ATOMZ Exchange is the third key component of the system and is built on the work of a trading bot. The chat bot uses the already known ATOMZ index to increase the financial security of investors. Users can customize the chat bot to their taste, for example, choose custom strategies, cryptographic records, etc. In fact, ATOMZ trading bot will help save the average person’s working hours, since the platform uses many patented algorithms that automatically compare and analyze cryptocurrency. Thanks to the volumetric filter, a user can easily designate all preferences regarding upcoming purchases for chat bot.

The main strategies and technologies used in the project help ATOMZ ensure high profits for all categories of traders. Blockchain platform is responsible for the security of all transactions within the project. Due to the decentralized storage of information and the reflection of all transactions in a single book, each trader is reliably protected from fraud in the network. Also, blockchain technology provides users with smart contracts, which allows conducting transactions directly without intermediaries and extra fees. The maximum time of a transaction is 3-4 seconds and it is accompanied by a cryptographic signature, ensuring fast operation of a trader. ATOMZ also uses RSI relative strength index to determine the direction of the market, MACD technology to identify upcoming trends, Bollinger method to increase the reliability of RSI and MACD.

Of course, like all developing projects, ATOMZ platform is at risk. The collapse of the market is perhaps the most significant risk for the project, as it can provoke fears from investors and limit their investments. Even the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment can lead to loss of funds due to unpredictable investor behavior. The best way out of this situation is continuous analysis of news on the digital asset market. This should be done both manually and with the involvement of artificial intelligence. ATOMZ provides each user with a similar news feed. By the end of the year. technical analysis will be carried out within 15 minutes to collect information about the 100 most popular mistakes made by traders. If data collection is too slow, analysis may be required every 2 hours. The purpose of the platform is to provide analysis within seconds.

Login with MetaMask has been implemented to simplify registration for users. Thanks to API technology, you can acquire cryptocurrency only with a debit balance. The function of working on credit or using overdraft is not available. This can prevent lawsuits and provide credibility within the community. A user can always increase the level of subscription in a simple way, acquiring more tokens and gaining access to the extended toolbar. ATZ tokens are required to provide transparent login. For example, to access level 1 a user will have to have the equivalent of 0.16 ETH in ATZ tokens. The project also features a stability, which means that a user can access the dashboard within 30 days after purchasing the required number of tokens. Level 2 is available from 0.32 ETH, and the third level - from 0.64 ETH. This method will replace the standard modular subscription.

Mutual fund packages and the base price of the trading base (for example, an additional 0.16 ETH to be able to trade with a higher value) will only be available through ATZ. This means an increase in volume and, therefore, an improvement in the project’s rating. For the users of Level 2 and Level 3, a commission of 2% is set for each transaction. If a user purchases ATZ tokens in the amount of 0.23 ETH during the ICO, the platform will provide him/her with lifelong access. However, a trader will still have to acquire additional tokens in order to actually be able to acquire cryptocurrency packages.

ATOMZ cryptocurrency

ATZ tokens, implemented according to the Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard, are used to perform calculations within the project. You can buy cryptocurrency using BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, ETC and LTC. The total issue of cryptocurrency will be 25 million ATZ. Currently, private sales have been launched on the project, where investors can purchase tokens with 60% bonus. The project’s softcap is 3 million dollars, hardcap - 12 million dollars. The dates of the main crowdsale will be announced later.


Thus, ATOMZ platform is a scalable project and a multifunctional service for cryptocurrency trading, which is equipped with educational material, ready-made packages for novice traders and a chat bot for automated trading. ATOMZ helps to make the investment process easy and profitable. The platform offers a wide range of professional trading tools, a comfortable interface and access from anywhere in the world. The project was launched at the end of last year, and currently its creators are about to release the beta version. By the end of 2019, ATOMZ will be available in its full version. The funds attracted during the ICO are planned to be invested into the project’s technical development (50%), covering current expenses (20%) and carrying out a marketing campaign (15%).



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x , Bounty0x username : the1arty


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