DeepOnion: The Real Game Is Starting!

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At first, seems like I was right and we are finally back to the bullish market! As history shows, after BTC and top altcoins are recovered it's time to get ready for underrated ones to pump and as I've mentioned many times before I'm sure DeepOnion is of those "hidden diamonds" and the recent events confirmed my opinion one more time...

The Airdrop Was Finished

The last phase of 40 weeks DeepOnion's airdrop took place on this Friday (20th of April) and 400 000 $ONIONs has been distributed to the 915 airdrop participants. To participate in airdrop members were required to hold some amount of $ONIONs on their wallets, so some say that after the airdrop is finished there will be no reason to hold them further and it will definitely affect the price.
Ok, it did, but not as hard as expected, the price fell only by 10% and was recovered very soon, so we can say that the greatest fear is now behind. Even more, this shows that $ONION holders really trust the project and not here only for money as some may think.
On the other hand, we are just going to see the effects of advantages of the airdrop end and the main one is that now DeepOnion may apply for the bigger exchanges listing since most of them like Binance and Bittrex has a requirement that the project must finish its airdrop to be able to apply for listing.

Vote Central Released

The community has been waiting for this very long and finally, it's here!
Vote Central is going to take us to the next stage where the community will decide the way the project will be developed in, making DeepOnion a really community-driven project. Also, there will be a kind of a bounty program, which will allow everyone to contribute to the project and earn rewards in $ONIONs.

How does it work?

$ONION holders will be able to make and vote for proposals. Vote weight of each member is based on the amount of $ONION in his/her wallet. In case if the proposal gets enough votes it will be confirmed and the necessary amount of $ONIONs will be allocated from the development fund to sponsor it.

While making and voting for proposals Vote Central users will earn DeepPoint, which will be converted to $ONIONs later, to earn more DeepPoints they'll be able to complete "Domination Tasks", which will help to promote the project and spread a word in mass media.

What's next?

Considering the mentioned and the past updates development updates, like Stealth Addresses and Android Mobile Wallet, I think we can say that DeepOnion did pretty good in last months, even during the whole market dump and common panic. The next goal is to hit more exchanges and find projects that will accept $ONION payments, giving DeepOnion more and more adoption, the dev team is going to release DeepSend protocol, which will combine all the top privacy coins' features, providing a really high-level anonymity.
I think I won't be wrong saying that the real game is just starting and we are going to see DeepOnion among the leaders very soon!

That's all friends, thanks for your time spent to read and if you can find some more any replies and especially detailed reviews will be highly appreciated :)

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DeepOnion is going for a great ride!

Cool info!

  ·  last year (edited)

It better than Verge:)
But honestly I want to see deepsend come already!
Deepsend is
Zero knowledge technologies by Zerocash and Zerocoin:
such as ZCash and ZCoin
• CoinJoin technologies, either with centralized mixers
(such as masternodes)
• Ring signatures by CryptoNote: such as Bytecoin
and Monero

This will be interesting to see-ip hiding is not enough and i am happy deeponion does not stop there :)


Agree 100%! DeepSend will really change the game :)

I definitly agree with you to some extent. Except my choice on the next coming Giants is not the same.
I believe Tron(TRX), Electroneum (ETN) & Nuculas Vision (NCASH) Will see the biggest rise and could double 10x before the end of 2018 easily. those 3 coins are undervalued, they have a big member base and have real projects + They have professional Teams that are the best at what you doing.
Check them and let me know what you thinking about.


Thanks for the reply :)
I agree about ETN, currently holding some, but I would argue about Tron, seems they are too overpriced for know and the only thing they did is that they've copied ETH's whitepaper. And I promise to check out Nuculas Vision, thanks for the info :)

If I am not mistaken, users will earn DeepPoints voting too, which means they won't have to promote the project but contribute to the governance will be sufficient to earn a little something. Which seems a good incentive to me for people with not much spare time but still interested to participate.


Didn't know that thanks for the correction, I'll edit the post :)

I love this privacy coin and the community.

Awesome post! I am excited for DeepOnion as well! :)

Very nice article. I would love to see DeepOnion in its true place - at the top. VoteCentral is an excellent tool for which I believe the project will flourish. :)

Great article! I would say Deeponion really dominates it.

Really nice article and it is getting great exposure!

Awesome. Keep Dao system alive. Viva VoteCentral!

Very well-written article sir. And we all know that this is only a beginning, and the best is yet to come for this project.

DeepOnion is probably the best anonymous crytocurrency in the world :)

Great article mate! A Bright Future Awaits Us

Hm, maybe along with pkt i should buy onion too

Great review of the 'state of the onion', Ando. I, for one, am happy to see how well the price has held up in light of the overall market. The short dips after most previous airdrops, up to a couple of weeks ago, were more pronounced than this tiny one which didn't have a significant impact on market price. Upvoted and resteemed. Keep up!


Yea, there were tons of people outside the project that said the price would collapse immediately after the airdrop but clearly people are holding. Now that the airdrop is done it's time for DeepSend and bigger exchanges.

Great article and very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Nice , I agree with you , it's the real beginning .

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Nicely written. Fully agree with you. Upvoted.

Thank your share

What a nice writeup! Actually a very prospective coin like $Onion only needs one thing to put it to the mainstream and that is volume. I want to believe better things will hold after the airdrop.

VoteCentral feature is still at it first phase which may require upgrade later on as soon as the developer gets the users experience of the feature.

VoteCentral is a genius feature and it has a potential to be a real game changer. Just give it some time until all the pieces get in their place!

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This sounds like a really good privacy coin.

Yes,I agree with you,the real game is just starting

Hi, buddy

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great project!

Brilliant post! Full of positive energy, DeepOnion is one of the most anticipated projects in my mind.

great article! upvoted :)