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RE: Bitcore BTX Guide: the 2nd snapshot for BTC HODLers - free BTX | how it works

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We know that importing a priv key isn't the simplest way to for most users. However this is just one of the ways we offer for people to get involved in Bitcore. Some exchanges already support the snapshot ( for example!).
We had the sign-message method running for almost 6 months via the website.
This method ensures people can get in at a later stage in a few months or even a year from now if they still have access to their private key.
Also it was important to us, that we no longer have centralized access to these funds.
Moving your BTC to a new address prior to importing your priv key in Bitcore Core is an easy way to prevent any security incidents.
This snapshot allowed us to set this world record:


Can you still claim via signed message for the first snapshot? Or has this been disabled now. I have only just been made aware of this.

i'm not worried about how hard or easy it is. I will never put my BTC private keys into another wallet!!! thats just plain hi-jack potential right there

Not if you move your BTC to another address before importing into BTX. The airdrop does not require that you have BTC in your wallet now. Only that you had funds in the wallet at the time of the snapshot. If you sold all your BTC after the snapshot, you are still eligible to claim.

beating a dead horse, but thanks for trying.....

You are free to not do so of course. Just read cyptoraptors comment.
You can still mine and buy BTX and enjoy our weekly airdrops.
We are just providing two extra ways to get BTX.

100% agree, would never consider posting my private keys anywhere.

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