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The snapshot

  • On 2nd of November 2017 a new snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain at block #492820 was created by the devs of Bitcore.
  • Everybody with access to their private keys will be able to get 50% in BTX relative to the BTC they held at the time of the snapshot (1:2 swap) if their balance was at least 0.01 BTC.
  • To get your free BTX, you simply have to import your private key you used for your Bitcoin in the Bitcore Core Wallet. However there are a few things to consider before doing so:
    • the process of moving all BTX to approx 5'000'000 addresses will probably take several days. Try your BTX claiming in two weeks (mid November) to be absolutely sure your private key has been funded.
    • make sure to move your Bitcoin to a new address where you control the private key, before using the "old" private key for your Bitcore. This is a simple security measure.

How to Export/Import a Private Key

Exporting from BTC wallet

Depending on the Bitcoin Wallet you use, there are several ways to get your private key. Usually they are hidden for the normal user, because there is no reason to directly access the. However you will find ways to extract them via advanced options.
We recommend to make a quick google search for the wallet you are using.
Please note: Many BTC webwallets and exchanges don't give access of the private key to the user. Unless these services support our snapshot by distributing BTX to their users, it won't be possible to access your private key to claim your BTX.
This is one of the reasons we always advocate to use a wallet that gives you full control of your keys, such as for example Electrum.

There are actually two ways to get your BTX from the snapshot:

A) Importing to Bitcore wallet

Right now importing a private key for Bitcore is only possible with the Bitcore Core wallet (download here).

  1. Make sure it is past mid November. It will take up to several days for the Bitcore blockchain to be filled with all the transactions.
  2. Start Bitcore QT. As soon as your wallet has been synced go to Help->Debug Window
  3. Select Console
  4. If your wallet is encrypted it must be unlocked first. Enter "walletpassphrase [yourpassphrase] 600" (without the "" and without [ ])
  5. Now you are ready to import your private key. Enter "importprivkey [yourbitcoinprivkey]" (without the "" and without [ ]). Make sure there are no spaces in your private key.

Done! Your wallet should now contain 1/2 the amount of Bitcore you had in Bitcoin!

B) Copy Wallet.dat

The simplest way to get access to all your private keys from your Bitcoin Core client is to simply copy your wallet.dat file into your Bitcore Core folder. This way the client will automatically show all your corresponding BTX balances after syncing with the network!
Be sure to backup your wallet.dat before doing this!

Some Exciting Technical Details

Taking the so called snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain is actually relatively easy: You just save/download the ~145 GB data of the chain.
What we are doing after the snapshot is where it gets exciting!
We are actually sending BTX (1:2) to every address saved in the snapshot with a balance of 0.01 BTC or greater.
Starting with the largest balances we make thousands of transactions every hour, steadily making our way down to the addresses with a balance of just 0.01 BTC.
This is an enourmous stress-test for any chain. It is now ongoing for more than a day and working very well so far.
You can have a look at what is happening in the Bitcore Explorer.

Read all about this blockchain-world-record here!

If you want to know more about Bitcore (BTX) please refere to the links below.
Here is a comparison chart, showing the potential of the Bitcore network in comparison to some of the recent forks and the original Bitcoin:

Additional Info

If you want to learn more about Bitcore, check out some of these links:




Please share this info - broad adoption will be one of the key aspects to a successful Bitcore project.

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I'm sorry but this looks like a blatant scam attempt to steal coins from people. I understand I can send my coins to another address and then use that address to claim them, but when this is the claim process rather than signing a message, it looks like an attempt to steal the coins of anyone who doesn't send their coins away. Shame on bitcore for doing it this way rather than the claim tool they used last time.

Not only do we have to move our BTC, but if you have a trezor for instance, you would have to move every single coin associated with the seed address for your trezor because it is compromised. No fucking thank you, and be very careful if you decide to hunt a small amount of EV for a great risk.

I am also sorry, but the software is open source and verifyable. Your private key will not get compromised.
Besides we ALWAYS tell people to move their BTC to a new address first.

Agree 100%. Importing a private key without moving your Bitcoin to another wallet is a HUGE risk. The way it was managed in the first round (ie using a signed message) was a lot more secure and convenient.

Clamcoin did the same years ago, and not reported any steal. But not sure at all.

Looks like the BTX community liked this post with over 600 views. Nice to see Bitcore maintain a decent price even after the big 25% drop.

Yes, that's nice! I must say I am not suprised at all as I am in direct contact with the devs (I actually met them and they were awesome, no exaggeration). The community is currently almost in exponential growth and there are a lot of news coming in the next few weeks.

We are currently funding all addresses from the snapshot, creating blocks with almost 1 MB already. The size will probably increase in the next few hours. It's exciting to see this stress-test of the chain:

The have been involved in the crypto world for quite some time and I have nothing but respect for all the projects they have been involved with. If I had a bigger stake in it I would be getting behind it even more.

i'm getting my airdrops every monday on time but why is it my copay private key will not work? i get an error message "Invalid private key encoding (code -5)" when i follow instructions.

I have only just become aware of this issue. My BTC is held on a trezor (and was on the trezor at the time of the snapshot). Is there any way I can claim my coins?

You must get your private keys derived from the seed of trezor. You can do it from tools such us Of course, I recomend you using the offline version of that tool, that can download from (you can find this link from the previus one)

I like this coin, Eventually Bitcoin will die, Bitcoin cash needs to do a hard fork and its features will be just like BTX.

Save some time, Go for BTX now :D

This is a great information. I just made a post on how to claim btx from electrum wallet to coinomi wallet.

Very cool, thanks for the work!

Genial, gracias

No consigo mis llaves privadas de greenaddress
I do not get my private greenaddress keys

Can you please explain in detail what wallet you are using etc.?
I suppose you mean you cannot get your Bitcoin private key for the airdrop claiming.

Hi, thanks for your answer, yes, it's correct, @xwerk ... I cannot get your Bitcoin private key for the airdrop claiming, my wallet is greenaddress

Not all wallets actually give you full access over your funds. If greenaddress doesn't allow you to access your private keys, this should be a reason to change wallet asap.
Personally I like Electrum.
However if you can't access your private keys now, it is not possible to claim your BTC.
Try getting in touch with the devs of the wallet you are using.


i use copay and when i put my private key in i get an error. Invalid private key encoding (code -5)

Greenadress la mafia de bitcoin un societad the idioto !! fuk greenaddress..i have it and with their big fee i don't translate my bit out..fuk green fu*k adress!!

Please also work with Coinomi for this 2nd snapshot

We are in contact with almost all larger wallets. It will take time to get support from all of them, but it will eventually come.

yes true it's possible

Importing the Bitcoin private key is going to stop many people like me from taking part in this. It would be great if you could make the process similar to the last time when you had the claim page. Please consider. Thanks

We know that importing a priv key isn't the simplest way to for most users. However this is just one of the ways we offer for people to get involved in Bitcore. Some exchanges already support the snapshot ( for example!).
We had the sign-message method running for almost 6 months via the website.
This method ensures people can get in at a later stage in a few months or even a year from now if they still have access to their private key.
Also it was important to us, that we no longer have centralized access to these funds.
Moving your BTC to a new address prior to importing your priv key in Bitcore Core is an easy way to prevent any security incidents.
This snapshot allowed us to set this world record:

Can you still claim via signed message for the first snapshot? Or has this been disabled now. I have only just been made aware of this.

i'm not worried about how hard or easy it is. I will never put my BTC private keys into another wallet!!! thats just plain hi-jack potential right there

Not if you move your BTC to another address before importing into BTX. The airdrop does not require that you have BTC in your wallet now. Only that you had funds in the wallet at the time of the snapshot. If you sold all your BTC after the snapshot, you are still eligible to claim.

beating a dead horse, but thanks for trying.....

You are free to not do so of course. Just read cyptoraptors comment.
You can still mine and buy BTX and enjoy our weekly airdrops.
We are just providing two extra ways to get BTX.

100% agree, would never consider posting my private keys anywhere.

You are correct. I will never use my private keys to claim BTX. Many people will not do that. It should be like similar process that was done last time.

Thats why make sure to move your Bitcoin to a new address where you control the private key, before using the "old" private key for your Bitcore. This is a simple security measure.

Whit this security messure you will be fine. :)

keep kicking this horse for us all, people dont get it, thanks for trying to help them. The only downside I see to this method is it cost money to move BTC, otherwise if you understand and actually where able to read what was posted about moving your BTC first there is no risk whatsoever. Love the Steem community for always teaching, even if its over and over and over again.

What if you are using a tezor? Get a new trezor or wipe the device for new keys?

I'm a bitcoin noob- what does this mean -"make sure to move your Bitcoin to a new address where you control the private key, before using the "old" private key for your Bitcore. This is a simple security measure."

I'm using

if you don't understand it 100% you would be better to just pass on it because you will lose your bitcoins if you don't understand it.

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