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RE: Bitcore BTX Guide: the 2nd snapshot for BTC HODLers - free BTX | how it works

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I'm sorry but this looks like a blatant scam attempt to steal coins from people. I understand I can send my coins to another address and then use that address to claim them, but when this is the claim process rather than signing a message, it looks like an attempt to steal the coins of anyone who doesn't send their coins away. Shame on bitcore for doing it this way rather than the claim tool they used last time.

Not only do we have to move our BTC, but if you have a trezor for instance, you would have to move every single coin associated with the seed address for your trezor because it is compromised. No fucking thank you, and be very careful if you decide to hunt a small amount of EV for a great risk.


I am also sorry, but the software is open source and verifyable. Your private key will not get compromised.
Besides we ALWAYS tell people to move their BTC to a new address first.

Agree 100%. Importing a private key without moving your Bitcoin to another wallet is a HUGE risk. The way it was managed in the first round (ie using a signed message) was a lot more secure and convenient.

Clamcoin did the same years ago, and not reported any steal. But not sure at all.

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