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This is part Five of an ongoing news series aimed at bringing you the news before it hits everyone else's radar and thereby beating the Pump!

If I've missed any news, please comment below so that I can update the list!

Today's NEWS

  • Bitcoin (BTC) - The next few weeks are huge for BTC. BIP91 and BIP148 are two different plans to implement Segwit in BTC. Beginning July 21 Signalling for BIP91 begins, and could lock in as soon as July 23, and activate as soon as July 25th! Once activated, any blocks that aren't signalling readiness for Segwit will be rejected! So make sure you are mining on a segwit ready pool by this time. If BIP91 isn't locked in by July 29th, we risk a chain split at which time you'll have to decide which chain to support (segwit or nonsegwit). Furthermore BIP148 will be activated on August 1. If lock in fails for BIP148, again we are at risk of a split. While their's more dates to consider, these are the important ones in the near term!
  • ZCASH (ZEC) - Zcash landed on Aplhabay on July 1st! Could possibly see a rise in price once AlphaBay store owners start accepting ZEC over the next few days.
  • Stratis (STRAT) - Just announced that they joined Microsoft's Azure Marketplace! This is a great leap for Stratis as it makes it far more appealing to large corporations where C# developers dominate. Be on the look out for a number of new partnerships forming in the coming weeks as a result of this news!Read more about it at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stratis-joins-microsoft-azure-marketplace_us_595ab082e4b0f078efd98c04?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004
  • SYNERO AMP (AMP) - has released Wildspark Beta. WIldspark is a Google Extension that currently only supports Youtube. Wildspark allows you to tip good content with AMP as well as earn AMP by sharing that content to other Wildspark Users. https://steemit.com/news/@promoplugs/synereo-amp-via-wildspark-is-scheduled-to-be-release-steemit-competitor-6-30-17

Previously Covered Current News

  • MoncaCoin (MONA) - It was just announced that MONA will be added to BitBank.CC With Japan's new tax laws, as well as their love for all things cute (read Mona cat), this could result in a nice rice! This sems Poised to be Japan's Doge!
  • UniKoinGold (UNIKRN) - Mark Cuban plans to invest in UNIKRN's Initial Coin offering! This marks at least the fourth celebrity endorsment, as Guy O’Seary, Shari Redstone, Elisabeth Murdoch, and Ashton Kutcher has all invested as well! UNIKRN is a Sports betting blockchain platform, you can learn more by reading their whitepaper. https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.unikoingold.com/whitepaper.pdf
  • BITSPARK - Just announced that they've begun a Blockchain Remittance Trial with the UN in Tajikistan. The goal of the trial is to enable migrant workers and their families to send and receive payments via smartphone devices.
  • DigiByte (DGB) - DigiByte is a finalist, running for the Citi Tech for Integriy Challenge (T4I), with a chance to win a chunk of 5 Million dollars worth of 50 Prizes! Winners will be announced in July!   
  • Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) - These guys plan to release an updated Roadmap on 7/13 at 10AM EST. Could be nothing, or could be huge! The last time PIVX got pumped it surpassed all expectations, so be ready!
  • I/O Coin (IOC) - DIONS is in it's final stages and should be released no later than September! This has been in the making for nearly 3 years and brings an all new way of storing data on the blockchain. With a marketcap (Rank 97) of only $25M this has potential for huge growth!  
  • ICONOMI (ICN) - Is Projected to release the ICONOMI.OFM Platform by the End of August 2017!   This platform is a simple management tool where traders with knowledge and experience create their own investment funds. Investors, on the other hand, are able to invest even the smallest amounts, offering a clear overview of available investment fund managers and their current & past performance. The ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM) platform will disrupt the asset management industry.
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Loving these posts mate! Keep them coming :)

Top work pal. I've just started trading and your channel is huge for me to keep up to date with the news! Guaranteed upvote every time you post lol

What do you suggest to do with the incoming stuff about Bitcoin?

I don't typically give investing advice, only news.
But in my opinion, if bitcoin dumps, then alts will as well short term. If BTC pumps, alts will still dump short term. This isn't a money making event for Altcoins UNLESS they have news that gives people a reason to invest in them when they look for a way to diversify out of BTC.
If the update goes badly, money will be pulled out of crypto entirely short term.
If it's succesful then BTC could reach ATHs!
My prediction is that bitcoin will have a small dump sometime around the last week of July, at which time I'm going to buy in even more, and then Post August 1st, it'll have a very strong rally to ATHs! I think $4,000/btc is within reach if Segwit is successful. I think a fork is highly unlikely, and a long term dump is even more unlikely.
I'm going to hold a large amount of BTC, and invest the rest in some of the strongest alts with news that'll attract those looking to diversify. I'm also going to hold a significant amount of tethered coin to reinvest into btc if/when it dumps.

Thanks for the nice article, followed and upvoted

Greatly appreciate it! If I've left any big news off the list, let me know!

what about golem brass? any idea on when that might come out?

Good info, thank you

Great news before investing

Great post! I really like this series, keep it up !!

Great work, followed you.

Fundamental analysis ;)