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I figured that we'd start seeing more things like this, and I am glad that we are. I'm not sure how many of you follow my twitter or instagram accounts... because I've never had one. Wait, I guess that means that none of you do. Before steemit became the "spider" that got me caught in the world wide web, I mostly stayed offline. There was no facebook, myspace, or other social media sites for me.

This is basically because "time is money" and my time is limited. Simply put, I had better things to do and a lot going on. Then steemit showed up, and showed us all that our time and effort was actually worth something! In fact, it showed that we were actually worth something. When most platforms would just use your content to make them rich, steemit offered to potentially pay us for our time.

Many of us realized that this would most likely just be the beginning. Surely others would take note and attempt to follow suit, and it seems that a few already are.

DISCLAIMER: I only recently stumbled across sola.ai and know very little about it. This post is not an official endorsement of it by @papa-pepper nor am I suggesting that others should participate in their token sale. What I share below is based upon my recent research and I provide it because it looks like it is at least another opportunity for people to enjoy in our ever changing world. Please do your own research and see what you think. Also, if you have more information than that which I have provided, please share it with us in the comment section or make your own post about it and drop the link. Thanks.


If you haven't heard of sola.ai, you may want to check it out. Here is an invite code that they gave me: https://sola.ai/r/ZDYyOTA

I had heard about it recently in the gratefulvibes discord channel brought to us by @paradise-found and @sunnylife, and figured that I should take a peek at it. Apparently, it claims to be "the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by users." After all of my experience with steemit, that sounds pretty good to me.

I am still very new at using sola and it reminds me of my early days on steemit, when I had no clue about anything. I honestly have no idea how it will turn out, but I am excited to hear that other platforms are being created where people can be rewarded for their content. I have not completely read through the white paper for it yet, but it can be found here : https://sola.foundation/Sola_Whitepaper_V1_EN.pdf

I did find this short one minute promotional video for it too, which should at least give you a general idea about what the platform is and how it works.


Understandably, crypto is the currency of the future, and just like the platform steemit has STEEM, sola has its own crypto called SOL. It looks like they are currently having their token sale from November 27th until December 22nd. You can find out more about the sale here: https://sola.foundation/

I am honestly not sure if I will purchase any, but I can say that the platform is not only free to join, they give you some SOL just for signing up. Additionally, you then have the opportunity to earn more SOL as you interact on the site. Just like steemit, it seems that another excellent opportunity may be presenting itself.


So far, I have made seven posts on sola and have 9.075 SOL in my wallet. I also have almost 300 AP, which are the Action Points. Apparently making posts or comments "cost" you some of your AP, but is looks like it also replenishes over time.

Thus far, my posts have been simple, and short. I've included an original image for each one and then shared a sentence or two. Like I said, I'm just beginning to check it out and see what all is possible. Much like my content on steemit, it has been varied. I am sure that as I continue to familiarize myself with the site and begin to understand more about it, I try some other things too. I've ran into a few people from steemit over there already, and they were pleased to see me looking into sola.
In fact, it was suggested that I should at least mention it in a post over here on steemit, to help raise awareness. Since I trust a lot of you steemians, I thought it would be a good chance to see what your thoughts were on sola. I was wondering who all had already heard of it, who had actually tried it out so far, if anyone had any plans on investing in it, or if anyone understood more about it. Like I said in my first post on sola, "new things can be difficult for me, but I'm not going to limit myself."
Just about everything that I now do on steemit is stuff that I had to learn in the past year. Prior to that, I did not even know how to upload a video or a photo. On the bright side, besides running into some steemians over on sola, I have gotten some comments and views on my posts, and have earned a bit of SOL already too. That much is encouraging and I am excited about the potential.


One of the things that has intrigued me most so far, in my very limited time spent on sola, is the way that they track your views. When people view your post, you can see where in the world they were. It even has a little action "explosion" that is pretty cool to watch.

That GIF is one that I just made of views on a recent post of mine. It does look pretty cool and I enjoy watching it. I think that little features like that can make things a lot more interesting for those using the site, and I really enjoyed that part.

You have to scroll around a bit, as far as I know, to see the whole world, but those dots represent the people who took the time to check your post out. Since I have no previous followings from anywhere else online, whenever I find myself on another site, I like to mention or promote steemit a bit too, so I have already done a bit of that. After all, if these people like creating content and earning crypto for it, steemit may be right up the alley for the sola people, and vice versa, hence this post.

Again, if you have not checked it out yet, it is free to sign up and get started. Do your own research and see what you think, but it certainly looks more promising than facebook, twitter, and instagram in my opinion. Again, here is the link that they gave me : https://sola.ai/r/ZDYyOTA - which I guess also adds some AP and SOL to my account when people use it, so thanks in advance for that. If you do check it out, please let me know what you think.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with steemit.com

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Interesting, and I expect we will see more and more of these types of things popping up... which ones will last, and which ones will fall remains to be seen. I'll check it out, though... and use your invite code.

Thanks, I think that steemit has certainly paved the way, and I am excited to see what happens moving forward. Ultimately, being "nobodies" from "nowhere" just got a whole lot more lucrative.

We will see what happens, and thanks for using the code that they gave me!

Nice and short introduction for someone who joined recently. It's me, Supermir, from Sola :)

Oh cool! Good to see you here!

Hey got to check this one out too.
I assume if this one going the steemit route it will take a while to grow. Never know.
keep on steemit.

If Steemit took a while to grow, the nezt platform like it should grow a little faster and the one after that faster again yes?

Good point.... maybe so!

I still love Steemit so much more than Sola. I find more interaction, more like minded people too.

And it's actually motivated me to finally write my travels and draw again!!!

Only thing I can't seem to do right now is talk my friends into joining us yet!

Yeah, steemit is my first love and primary focus for sure. This just seemed worthwhile to look at and mention. Thanks man.

Whoo! Great post, and this is going to be one of the more interesting things to keep an eye on!

Thanks for suggesting that I see what the steemians think about it. I appreciate it!

My issue is time and trying to divide it on another site does not sound achievable for me..

The only reason I really played around with it was the limited characters for the "cards" or posts. Time is always an issue!

Haven't seen that one yet but I've been doing a little digging on other crypto based platforms... I'll definitely be looking into it!

I think it's at least worth a look. Thanks @mobile-joat!

Mmmmmmmmmm word 👇✅

I'm not sure how many of you follow my twitter or instagram accounts... because I've never one

To b honest , I heard of it last two weeks.
I registered ,but I'm discouraged because it's a referral stuff. I don't really believe referral of a thing.

I think that the referral system is just a part of it, and it works even without that.

Big thanks on the word check. I'll got hit a few of your recent posts at full power to say thanks!

Hehehe I got it ✅
I'm blessed today
Thanks 😁

@papa -pepper thanks I'll check it out on the weekends when I have more free time

Yeah, see what you think and let me know.

Is it wrong of me to wish someone could make one with the exact same interface as reddit lol. Used your link to sign up...no idea if I'll post anytime soon - but hopefully you get a few sol from it ;-)

Thanks for that. If one was made with the same interface as reddit, I would have no clue on how to use it, but it sure would help you! One can hope!

@papa-pepper This sounds like a great platform! I do have IG but, nowadays my days are spend on Steemit. Is better and gives me the small hope of accomplishing one of my many goals. I do thank you providing such a nice informative post on Sola, this is the first time I've heard of it. And I sure have tons to share....always working on content gathering, but you sure have a gift of making it seem easy. I have thought about how the heck are you managing a homestead.lol, You are a great example. I get driven by your hard work and from others here. WOW!! Thank you again for the infor! Best wishes to you and your family! - @splendorhub

LOL - it took me a minute to even figure out what you were referencing with "IG" LOL!

Oh lol... If you have a second, check out my post :) Best wishes to you always.

Great indeed

Interesting, AP sounds like a way to combat spam. I can only hope over time you earn it at such a rapid rate for being a “quality” content creator that it is not bottlenecking you in interacting with your own comment sections and others.

Yeah, I was wondering about a potential in decreased interaction due to the AP, but hadn't even considered the effects on spam. Good point.

Hmm... I still feel a lot stronger about steemit, but.. I'm open minded to new stuff coming out with different features and different audiences, I'll definitely look into it a little closer but.. Right off the bat I have to wonder, in their YouTube video they claim "Join our 650 000+ users today and see the future of Social Media."

I really doubt they have that many users.. Does steemit even have that many? The video has like less than 3 thousand views, 24 likes and a couple comments.. The YouTube activity doesn't come anywhere close to the claim that they have so many members.. Seems a lil fishy to me..
But.. I will look into it a bit closer when I get some time, thanks for sharing! I want to stay open to new potential ways to make money and to share my artwork through new social media.. So.. I appreciate the info! Cheers.

I think that was for the previous platform PLAGUE, but I just found out about it. I think that any potential new way for the average person to potentially earn money is worth looking into, and I definitely wanted to see what other steemians thought about this.

Thanks for your honest comment, and let me know what you find out as you check it out. Thanks @apolymask!

Oh? I see. I'm not sure what PLAGUE is either I'll have to spend some time looking into it. Though the video on YouTube has been out since November something or other and there's not a lot of comments or activity, so that does make me suspicious, but hey.. I'm open minded to new social media platforms, and I wanna meet other people who are also exploring new social media platforms. They seem like interesting people! :) Here on steemit I've met some very fascinating people, perhappenchance I'll meet someone else on another site who sparks some kind of ideas or insight or who knows! It's good to network when you're trying to build a brand and get your artwork out though!

Anyways.. I'm gonna shut up now cause I can tend to ramble on, lol. Hope you're doing well man. Peace.

LOL - Thanks. Supposedly that plague was created like 3 years ago. Still looking into all of it myself.

Interesting competition Sola. Checking it out.

def going to check this out!!

thanks for the heads up!

Seems like a great place to potentially earn something for short posts. We will see.

yeah! I got on there and I'm already out of AP! Its like if Twitter and Instagram had a baby...that pays you! I saw your comments on my cards but will have to waut to reply until my AP replenishes. How long does it take to get more AP?

Not sure, maybe I can do something that adds some to yours.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.21.04 AM.png
It shows I presently have 0 AP but that I have also earned 62 more since running out. Maybe it takes some time to replenish. Gotta learn to pace myself! HAHA

I am glad to see you over there! You came on a day after my son @doubledeeyt got me to sign up so I was happy to see a familiar name so fast!

Very cool! It seems interesting, I'm just a slow learner.

I signed up using your link so you should get some sol for it... but... I can't say I like the site, the web page is utterly confusing. Seems like I can only scroll through some posts which are less than interesting :( It's definitely not a steemit competitor.

Right, definitely not competition for steemit, and I am having a really hard time attempting to navigate it. Not sure, but checking it out anyway. Thanks.

Just had a look at it over the 12 hours having stumbled upon it before I found this post and whilst some of the features are pretty cool, it does seem a bit of a nightmare to navigate in the direction you want to go (as opposed to round and round in circles, randomly). It does also appear to be much more geared to the smartphone generation - which I'm not really a member of - and might be more user-friendly on such a device as a result.

You start with 200 AP and I think it costs you 5 to post. I made one post (earning 0.01 sol - early days! ;) ) and then minutes later something went haywire. I was scrolling through the articles, went to my account and noticed it was suddenly down to 140 AP. I'm not all fingers and thumbs but I was accessing it on a laptop (and not a touchscreen one). So somewhere along the line a basic operation on a best-selling device soon found a significant flaw in its design.

Aesthetically, it's a 9 / 10. Functionally (without a touchscreen) it's a 2 / 3.

Could be interested in checking it out again if it becomes more computer-friendly and would love to hear further progress reports, but it's certainly still some way off being fit for use in my humble opinion. Before I forget, I did like the views graphics and - just as steemit introduced me to my very first, basic online trading platform ie the market - this too, has potential to introduce a noob to cryptocurrency trading. Whilst being absolutely free to join & profit from (if you know what you're doing and put in the shifts).

Exciting times, eh?

Ok sir going to have a look on it

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Very interesting. I'll definitely have to experiment. Thanks!

Oh yes, check it out. Thank reminds me....

Very interesting! Thanks for the overview and your impressions. I'll definitely be checking this out!

Sure thing. Let me know what you think. I'm having some trouble navigating it, but I can be a slow learner.

Have signed up and am poking around the different sections. You're right that it's going to take a bit to figure out.

Yet another educational post! You never cease to amaze me! I had heard there was another Steemit-like site, so I guess this must be it! I'm not sure that I have the time to get involved with it, but I will read up about it. Thanks for the information!

Looks like a "twitter-like" one with restricted text and such. Just a photo and a few words at most. We will see.

It seems steemit is getting some competition?

Either way thanks for the post! Will be looking into this sola project!

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U did a post recently on the price of SBD going up and although I read it and even commented on it, I didn't get most of the information on it mainly because ym brain shuts down the minute technology or crypto comes up. When I saw this post, I thought to give it a thorough read because had I read that previous post properly, I had benefitted more. So now I have learnt my lesson and based on that, I just joined Sola :)

Thanks for sharing. I've just signed up and looking forward to growing my account on there just like I'm doing here on Steemit :D. It will be nice to be and early adopter on there.

I checked this out and joined up. I'll have to investigate it more after work

If it's so God damn decentralized, why does it wasn't my email when signing up? So stupid

Thanks for the announcement. I also checked Sola and already made a little addon for Sola web app. May be it will be interesting for somebody. https://steemit.com/sola/@astrizak/a-small-script-for-sola-users

Thanks, I'll check it!

Sounds good @papa-pepper thanks for the all the information ! This is most likely the start of more to come , especially once the SMT s come out in January ! Im definitely going to check out the link you provided when I get a chance and see what its like , I mean there's nothing to lose and its free to sign up !! Although I don't know when I will find time to blog on another site when im all ready busy 24/7 on Steemit with two accounts LOL!! Z😂😂😂

Worth a go! See what you think.

i made around 400 sol. hope it will soon be on regular exchange.
great platform and great alternative to steem.

thats so interesting, @papa-pepper , i think i must learn frrom you master xxixixixix
please visit my Sola https://sola.ai/posts/ZGMzMGM/1 iam new member, and i hopeu can teach me.

Already there and I like Sola. Those cards remind me twitter with 140 characters limitations.

Right, I noticed that limited text.