Hello Steemit, enjoy 5 good reasons to invest in the ICO of ICO's - ICO OpenLedger (ICOO.io)

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Crowdfunding service with a global twist allowing a future worldwide cross promotion of bootstrapping start-ups

Investing in the ICOO, you are in fact investing in all ICO's introduced on CCEDK whether they are external ICO prelaunches or ICO's on OpenLedger, and with an expected 4 ICO's monthly picking only the best, there is a good chance an ICOO investor will quickly realize the value of holding this limited token of a maximum of 1 million.

You do not only benefit from being an investor in numerous ICO's, you are also a holder of a token receiving revenue streams from the profits CCEDK is generating as well as the ICO subscribe services connected to each ICO

1. Every single ICO promoted via CCEDK.com services whether as ICO on OpenLedger itself or as ICO prelaunch all are perfect usecases for the ICOO concept to be explained through real life activity.

The recent example is the ICO HEAT which was recently launched running on its second week of totally four. You are able to read more on CCEDK website https://www.ccedk.com/ico/heat and also even subscribe to start trading immediately

a) The ICOO holders benefit from the profits invested in HEAT for use in ongoing trading up untill and after launch in September

b) The ICOO holders benefit from the subscription fee charged via CCEDK ICO subscribe service

c) The ICOO holders benefit in the form of any profits achieved from the services performed by the CCEDK startup bootstrapping offers, where 50% of this will be part of the profit distribution.

2. CCEDK with its Start-Up campaign kit and other services plays an important part of the value propostion of the ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) and will help generate revenue shared 50/50 with ICOO.

More info on the ICOO on CCEDK: https://www.ccedk.com/dc/icoo

3. You as investor of ICOO are able to trade all ICO tokens or assets on the OpenLedger markets with the option to exit as you please.

Here is the charts and figures nicely presented on cryptofresh: http://cryptofresh.com/a/ICOO

Here are the markets alreay actively using the freedom of trading and exiting when and as you please:

BTC market: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_OPEN.BTC

BitShares (BTS) market: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_BTS

ETH market although not yet initiated: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_OPEN.ETH

The Tether USDT same as ETH, so lets go: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_OPEN.USDT

HEAT has started also, imagine two ongoing ICO's trading eachother!!: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_OPEN.HEAT

Ardor token ARDR, although not ICO still not launched but trade on OpenLedger: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/ICOO_OPEN.ARDR

Steem Dollars SBD is coming very soon, check it out: https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/ICOO_OPEN.SBD

4. ICOO is very much tied to BTC, as you are able to buy in only with bitcoin.

Only one week left, makes it an interesting investment as the supply ammounts to a maxium of 1 million, and so far ICOO tokens ordered: 341926 Total spent in BTC equivalent: 359.60 or 235,566.00 $ equivalent.

5. Finally and perhaps most important to all investors it will be possible to follow in real life the added revenue streams in the form of added bonuses of 2-3 Prelaunch ICO's and their ICO prelaunch campaign packages.

Meaning, apart from the subscription fees added to the revenue stream, a 3% of all the ICO sales going via the ICOO subscription will be paid to the ICOO after CCEDK costs have been deducted, expected minimum 50% of this amount each time. This 3% received will be converted into ICOO buying them from the market, asuming the ICO of the token has terminated, and this amount of ICOO will then be burned on the same day as any buyback and burning is taking place, most probably first time October 3rd. 2016

a) As mentioned HEAT is one of these campaign packages, and all markets trading HEAT ICO prelaunch can be found here: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php/topic,22871.msg296700.html#msg296700. This is an example and usecase of one of the revenue streams of ICOO, and with 4 approximately every month it is potentially a big one.

b) Coming up, an agreement has been made to do campaign for Spells of Genesis launch coming up soon (a total of some 75 000 BCY have been reserved for CCEDK marketing purposes - approx 30K will go to ICOO) This is just as an example of the way ICOO receives revenue, and offering campaign packages without an ICO only confirms the many future revenue streams available with the help of CCEDK services.

c) Agreement has been made to present a pre ICO of very special and strong project - expected time August 15th, It is including the almost maximum in startup package like:

  1. Content Writing
  2. Escrow service
  3. Asset Issuing
  4. Distribution service of pre ICO tokens
  5. Integration and liquidity support throughout pre ico with exit option.
  6. Marketing with various media coverage, social media and forums
  7. Order Module

Profits from this package will be shared evenly between ICOO and CCEDK after costs have been deducted

Yest another uniqe way of getting out there and another usecase of future ICOO revenue strea.

d) Investment has been made already as early backer in the: Beyond-the-void project http://beyond-the-void.net and marketing package is expected as well, so profits from both investment and campaign is expcted to benefit ICOO holders. This type of interaction will be one of the more typical ways of actively getting involved, and offers strong potential for cross promotion and high level of awareness.

e) Investment into the NXT project Ardor was done with some 5 BTC, allowing ICOO to offer as the only exchange at least from first snapshot July 14th the token ARDR as a tradable asset on OpenLedger, you find the various markets offered elsewhere in this thread.

The best you can do is invest in ICOO, upvote this post and share it with your friends.

Only 7 days left, and any remaning tokens will be burned for final supply.

OH, I almost forgot to say, dividend structure to all ICOO holders will be implemented as part of the monthly profit distribution for an even buyback and burn as well as dividend, and potentially also an option to be paid out via debitcard is being worked on.

Good way to actively grow your investment:


For more information and eventually buy: https://www.ccedk.com/dc/icoo

ICOO Social Networking

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/icooio/?fref=ts
Twitter https://twitter.com/icoo_io
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/icoo---the-official-ico-pre-launch-token

Website: https://icoo.io


I am a little confused. Does buying ICOO just let you buy into ICO's before they are launched or does it work as a mutual fund where the ICOO team will buy portions of every ICO and the value created will be reflected in the ICOO price.

There is nothing wrong in being confused as ICOO is not like any ordinary token, and I will be happy to try enlighten you as much as possibe.

ICOO is in a way the ICO of ICO's since you invest in all the ICO's presented on OpenLedger either as an ICO prelaunch or as an issued asset with an ICO performed on the platform itself. Either way you as ICOO holder benefit from:

  1. investing in more ICO's by investing in the ICOO itself. The initial buyin cost will be returned by selling the equivalent amount of tokens for further use in buying future ICO tokens, leaving the remaining amount of ICO tokens to be used as an added value to the ICOO portfolio of funds. A general listing of portfolio and total value in realtime will be added to ICOO website within the month of August allowing any investor at any time to follow the change in value of the ICOO token. It is meant for the ICOO advisors, CCEDK managers and badgeholders to advise on any sales of ICO's from portfolio back to BTC, and always to insure the best interests of the ICOO holder short term as well as longterm.
  2. the subscription fees of users buying into any given ICO is added to the overall value of ICOO and end of month sold into ICOO tokens of which half is burned and half distributed as a form of sharedrop to all ICOO holders.
  3. the profits achieved by CCEDK from the campaign package offered to each ICO or any other services offered from website are shared 50/50 between CCEDK and ICOO of which half is burned and half distributed as a form of sharedrop to all ICOO holders.

The combinations of the different types of revenue allow the possibility of a stable increase of value from within the portfolio of funds and in the same time it allows monthly payouts and a gradually decrease in supply through the burn of assets with an internal increase in value per unit provided the total marketcap is status quo or higher.

I hope I managed to inform you appropriately allowing you to understand ICOO better as well as the factors involved for making it a solid form of investment.

If so feel free to upvote, tell your friends about this token as the ICO ends July 31st, and share the news with as many as possible who you feel deserve to be a part of something refreshing and with great promise.

can you recommend any links or resources that describes the relationships/arrangements between ICOO, Bitshares, and OpenLedger?

seems like there's some power synergy growing behind the scenes. curious to learn more about the dynamics between these different enterprises. would be greatly appreciative if you could recommend anything that simplifies & sums it up clearly...

OpenLedger is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform acting as the host, skeleton and tool for constant innovation, designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in near-real time, securely and with ultra-low fees.

OpenLedger is built on top of the MIT-licensed Graphene technology of BitShares 2.0 and acts as the foundation for the Decentralized Conglomerate: an ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies. It is also known as the DEX – The Decentralized Exchange.

With the intent of providing a valuable service not available anywhere the ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) has been created to satisfy two specific needs.

1. The need to trade immediately every interesting and promising new coin, even in the prelaunch phase.

2. The need to have a complete promotional and professional service for issuers who wish to have such marketing infrastructure to launch their project.

ICO OpenLedger and its ecosystem is powered by the digital token ICOO and combining this token with the above mentioned valuable services a new sort of Economic Enterprise Engine has been created – we call it Crowd funding 3.0

All ecosystems working under the decentalized conglomerate is using the BitShares technology and its form of payment called BTS as its fuel for all actions performed on OpenLedger platform. All users signing up on OpenLedger has as its direct referral OpenLedger an its registrar CCEDK, meaning unless they upgrade, 80% of all they spend on the platform is returned to OpenLedger after a vesting time of 90 days at which time they will be claimed and used for the monthly profit distribution or buyback of OBITS the official token of the decentralized conglomerate and one major shareholder of ICOO. (The remaining 20% is retuned to the BitShares system for ongoing service and support as well as worker proposals)

This is just to say that BitShares benefits from the activity of OBITS and its people driven token defined by the bloggersclub500, as it is creating awareness of all parties involved in the DC by creating an increased interest in BTS itself through an increased traffic, transactions and overall spending, and all parties benefit from eachother one way or the other, as the DC itself benefit from BitShares by the numerous usecases established already and the many still to come, as the BitShares technology is allowing growth exponentially and with unlimited possibilities. Just like we say on CCEDK, Sky is the Limit - so are the possibilities with BitShares as well as its Graphene toolkit tech similarly used here on Steemit

this Why you should begin to look at Bitshares, Steemits' older brother article came to my attention earlier today...

beginning to see why, in light of all these interconnected developments... :-)

Yes, I cannot say much more a it may start sounding all the wrong way, but I love to see the progressive work of all ecosystems as if you are playing some of those progressive slot machines with multiple income potential. But I guess its worth noting, Dont forget the ICO of ICOO finish July 31st.

After a long night of the Eth-Eth Classic debace, I'm going to sleep. I am going to read this tomorrow, but skimming through it, it seems like a good read with a lot of great info. I always love sharing ICO info with people, because it's one of the most profitable ways to grow your wealth. I'm also following you since your post list looks to have some good things.

Happy to hear, let me know your comments and throughts. You are very welcome.

I like this info. very much and I will make sure to tell all my followers on Facebook about it and hope to make use ccedk services in the near future

I bought some heat, probably paid to much, may next time might buy some ICOO

the ICO of the crowdfunding token ICOO end July 31st, and any remaining tokens will be burned. so far sold to some 271 ICOO holders a total of some 345 000 tokens, so for the timk being it is a lucrative investment with high potential revenue monthly, low amount of tokens and low amount of holders to share with. It i expected firt buyback will take place Obtober 3rd, and it will be divided 50/50 with a dividend stucture. With the present campaigns in mind, the subscription fees and the profits from early investments of which part will be realized prior to first profit distribution I see already some 30-50 BTC for this day. I hope it will be even more when we reach PAYDAY.

Can I Buy ICOO Token with my Steem?

Thanks for the very well written guide. I haven't yet participated in ICO but was interested in how to get involved. Also have heard a little about HEAT and was interested in learning more. One of my challenges is that so many of these coins seem to be coming to market now it hard to keep track of what use cases differentiate them.

Well, already here with your situation in mind it might be worth looking into, as you are in fact investing in all the ICO's month after month being listed on OpenLedger and promoted by CCEDK startup services.

In short, when you invest in ICOO, you dont only invest in one ICO, you invest in an unlimited amount of carefully selected ICO's

So this is like a mutual fund of ICO's! That's a very interesting concept I think a lot of people can appreciate.

yes, if you look into above points, that is just the beginning of the values added every single month in future. And every single time the ICOO holder is in fact investing in the ICO's by investing ICOO itself.

This is a pretty cool idea. I invest in many ICOs. It looks like there are some advantages of doing this through the ICOO though. This is also very similar to the vision of the DAO investing in multiple companies or ideas, but maybe without all the smart contracts, etc, right?

Here is the way I look at it. At the Beginning of the DOT COM Boom people were snatching up every name they could come up with that sounded cool or was easy to remember. Now that Crypto Coins have come on the scene we have the ability to start projects that are backed up entirely by the Communities holding the Crypto Coin in Question.

For example the DOGECOIN Community is probably one of the fastest and biggest growing communities in the Crypto Scene. And they started with a JOKE and MEME of a popular Dog.

Its not just the various use cases that give these coins value its the fact that the community involved with said coins or ICO's are willing to accept them in exchange for physical products are services much the same way we use FIAT Currency and Bank Credit today.

Great post it really explained alot about why i should look into investing in ICOO, Bitshares is giving the crypto world a game changer sort of like a Bitshares ICOO ETF comprised of all the ico's, love the concept think ill grab s few.. Thank you great post..

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I just want to share the coin information and share it.
In addition to the NeverDai ICO information posted today, I would like to ask you for ICO information frequently.

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