Crowdfunding Big Hearts for Creative Projects [@fundition contest]

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What is Fundition?

Fundition is a peer-to-peer crowdfunding application for creators looking to develop innovative projects. With Fundition, creators can earn Steem, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or BitShares to fuel project growth.

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Seeking Creative Project Updates - Our friends in the Fundition community support a wide range of creative projects. There are hundreds of crypto crowdfunders working on everything from art projects, to film, music albums, games or exhibitions. With this contest, we're looking to upvote your updates. Tell us about an artsy project you're working on in the comment section, below. Make sure to include a link to your latest Fundition update or recent announcement (published within the last 6 days).

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Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful favorites. What creative project are you working on? Share your Fundition link in the comment section, below.

Please also include a short 2-3 sentence description of your submission. Not just links ;)

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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It is very encouraging @sndbox, to know that they are supporting projects. @sc-v, has been developing a very beautiful project "Bread From Heaven" is mobile and fixed dining rooms for children in malnutrition and social risk in Venezuela. By the end of the year we have proposed activating the canteen for children with cancer in the hospital center of oncology in Barcelona Venezuela, for this, I initiate a special campaign: "Turn on a light" where from the platform of steemit and outside of it we are promoting this great work, each person, no matter the language, race or nation, can light their light in the lives of some of these children, and be able to bring hope to those families who will spend this Christmas in a hospital center.

To know what the project is about, you can visit:

Our latest update:


Congratulations @Sc-V ! You've received the 2nd place @SndBox's vote this week.
Thank you for participating in the Fundition contest!

See you next week. And remember to join in @SndBox Discord to be in touch with us.


Thank you @leotrap, on behalf of @sc-v and the children of Venezuela, proud to belong to this community. Blockchain, "technology with purpose"

Hi, @sndbox. We are so excited to tell you about Steemhouse Publishing and Wordrow, two projects we have launched from our Discord community. Steemhouse Publishing is a "real world" entity incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, US. We'll be nurturing talent from the Steem blockchain and publishing the best long-form fiction we find as both ebooks and print books. These will be sold on Amazon and all major markets we can get them on, with proceeds invested in Steem.

Wordrow will be our "shop window" site, a UI in development that will display the best curated fiction and articles from the Steem blockchain. It will also serve as a powerful and effective onboarding tool for bringing new users into the community. Fundition has been an avid supporter of these projects, for which we're deeply grateful. You can read what they had to say about our efforts HERE.

Our latest update post was made just today. So many things we wish we could announce, but give us a week or two. HUGE news. We are so very excited about all the possibilities we see expanding on the Steem horizon.


Well done guys... seems to be a great project and literature must be supported for sure!


WE JUST LAUNCHED OUR FUNDITION CAMPAIGN! Thank you @sndbox for talking us into it.!/@blockchain-edu/x36ddxk33

We are BEN, the Blockchain Education Network and we are on a mission to educate and empower students across the world who are excited about blockchain!

We're a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit operating since 2014 that has helped start and maintain blockchain clubs worldwide. We provide educational content and resources for these clubs to operate. We now have over 2,000 members, 42 blockchain clubs, and 9 different BEN national teams each responsible for bringing educational content to their country!

You can see what we're all about at or at our Steem blog @blockchain-edu.


Congratulations @Blockchain-Edu ! You've received the 1st place vote this week.
Thank you for participating in the Fundition contest!

See you next week. And remember to join in @SndBox Discord and I'll grab you a VIP seat.


;) Thanks for the push @sndbox

Hi 👋 @sndbox these contest are just great and brings awareness of so many great creators and in this case projects on @fundition
In your contest yesterday about @dtube I didn’t made it under the top 3 but got to know some more great content creators on DTube, so as well a win for me.
Ok here for today’s contest. Some more details before. I am the founder of and we will organize the first worldwide meetup for DTubers at the DTube Forum, May 2019 in Barcelona. I am just the one who talked about the idea first, now we are already a team of 5. My dear friend @tibfox is the one responsible for the fundition campaign and launched it successfully a week ago. Please find more about here:
Thank you for your contest and for taking a look into our project.
I believe you can be a huge help for us making the a big success.
Here is the latest post from

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Yo @hauptmann! So necessary for all the Video producers to have such a meeting to keep on growing!
Awesome contribution to the @Fundition Contest by @SndBox...
Peace V!

Hi @sndbox! That's awesome, hope we'll be in time and eligible with our forthcoming crowdfunding of @globalschool on @fundition. =)


Sure @jnmarteau you are in time! Awesome work the one that @globalschool have been doing!


Thank you for your encouraging words @leotrap! I am glad you are appreciating our efforts and hope we can find ways to cooperate in the future with amazing projects such as @sndbox. =)

Here our new @fundtion campaing. We just got the time to finalize it before the students left today:

The Global School provides a knowledge exchange within a talent & expert pool by sharing network learning, crypto education, crowd intelligence & new media literacy with its participants, partner brands and creatives. It's a co-learning experience with students & mentors from all around the world cooperating locally and remotely.!/@globalschool/q3qkyah7n


Congratulations @JNMarteau ! You've received the 3rd place @SndBox's vote this week.
Thank you for participating in the Fundition contest!

See you next week. And remember to join in @SndBox Discord to be in touch with us.




We (@bflanagin, @liamflanagin, and @seamusflanagin) are working on a game called STEEMbots (fundition link). Which includes fun little bots that you train,upgrade, and send on adventures. Inspired by such games as Monster Rancher and SkyLanders.


Nice model! and waiting to see that game :)

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Unfortunelly I do not have a project yet. I will be a collaborator in a potential future project of @paololuffy91. We are waiting for a @fundition approvation.
I ask to Paolo to reply to this comment to explain better abot what our project deals with.
Thanks @sndbox

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Thank you very much @leotrap.
It is precisely what we hope will happen once the project is publicized, we would like others to replicate the example in other places. Finally yesterday we succeeded in inserting the project on Fundition, following the link:!/@cooperfelix/j1ukan9ef

We hope the project will resonate and affect your interest.


Congrats! :)


We are ready for this new travel and we hope that @sndbox could help us to grow.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

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Great job @Moncia90! Please take in consideration that this Contest is only for 24 Hrs! ;)


Thank you so much to @moncia who mentioned me. Our project is based on an entrepreneurial idea of ​​the development of green areas and the disposal of the plant fraction that could turn into an energetic and vital resource for the growth of the planet's plant population. Unfortunately I encounter several problems with the Fundition platform and I can not insert the project. With the staff we are trying to find a solution. However placed here in the comment the link of our page where you will soon find much information and insights.

Link: CooperFelix - Multiservices.

P.S. The account is new therefore we reserve the right to post new updates in a short time.

The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden


I think It will be a great project and first one made by an Italian team. At the same time it is not only for our country for it has the possibility to help the whole world!

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Is amazing how ideas grow and can be shared when the goals are for good! Hope many can follow your example and copycat the same project around the globe.
That is the way that a massive change can be possible... with good quality projects!

Great initiative! I'm sure you guys will like the work that @anavalecillos is doing with her project "Lienzos".

Lienzos is a fiction short film in the horror genre. In Lienzos, our main character, Émile, is an artist enclosed in a context and a situation, transmitting through her paintings what is inside her and her surroundings. Lienzoss talks about the process of discovering your own shadow and rejecting it.


Hi @CelfMagazine! it seems to be a great project... is amazing that cinematographic initiatives can be supported by the chain. Just Great... :)

Hey, @sndbox,this is my pool fund link. My crowdsourcing goal is to carry out crowdsourcing for cultural heritage and help others.
“学“道”☯众筹计划 | 众筹梦想,众筹你我 | People raise dreams, raise you and me.”

hi we were informed about this update. Thank you so much @sndbox for such an awesome work in the season of giving, greetings and celebrations.

We are currently really busy as our event will be held tomorrow, but you can actually see what our last post is we will try to update something today.

We are almost all set for Saturday!

This is one of our largest project ever as we will be inviting about 230 under privileged visiting families from out reach locations that we have been providing aid, but this round we have under privileged families who are not yet registered but were validated by out reach communities and pastors so this will be their first ever Christmas experience they will have.

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