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A quick status update after 44 days since the initial announcement of the Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project on Steemit. Things are continuing to build up step by step with more users joining and the voting power continuing to grow. Make sure that you read on the whole post as there are some changes and minimums introduced in how new users are accepted! There were already 145 people that support the project for the moment with 1 new joining in the last day, the full list can be found below:

Users Supporting the Project So Far:

@cryptos, @everittdmickey, @maarnio, @bleujay, @justusagenstum, @beowulfoflegend, @ottodv, @steevc, @shadowspub, @sroka87, @kooshikoo, @bola, @inphiknit, @ausbitbank, @burnin, @ervin-lemark, @cryptomancer, @robotev, @beers, @elyaque, @richman, @benjojo,, @gregory-f, @dennygalindo, @dodders007, @ace108, @majes, @freebornangel, @anotherjoe, @kiwideb, @sonyanka, @ballinconscious, @cynetyc, @lennstar, @shiri, @lemouth, @shortcut, @boddhisattva, @bmwrider,, @darthnava, @englishtchrivy, @phoenixmaid, @virtualgrowth, @graviton, @dragosroua, @matrixdweller, @cavemanrob, @rigaronib, @remlaps, @cmp2020, @bosjaya, @stranger27, @steemitrecipes, @meesterboom, @alitas, @d3nv3r, @sextant, @oliverstoney, @commenthunter, @screenname, @xardas, @bidnat, @lloyddavis, @merej99, @collabornation, @traducciones, @happiness, @digitalbrain, @baerdric, @steemjustice, @libertad, @pozitivityspace, @hopehuggs, @oleg326756, @shla-rafia, @wadepaterson, @exploretraveler, @pilgrimtraveler, @landofcrypto, @jdbry, @fiona777, @chessminator, @ats-david, @dailybitcoinnews, @breezin, @matias-walkoski, @libertarismo, @craig-grant, @juvyjabian, @dylanhobalart, @eroche, @moondancer762, @siniceku, @taskmanager, @pickoum, @lajulius, @smysullivan, @applecrisp, @contentjunkie, @ontofractal, @inertia, @bitcoinparadise, @carrinm, @thegame, @steemtg, @lightsplasher, @steemitguide, @kooshikoo, @countryinspired, @baracuda, @juanmiguelsalas, @orionvk, @nelyp, @steem42, @allmonitors, @unhorsepower777, @seisges, @mammasitta, @barrydutton, @kennyskitchen, @writingamigo, @lpfaust, @royalmacro, @okkiedot, @steemychess, @knittybynature, @stephen-somers, @edb, @cardboard, @senseiteekay, @acidyo, @gringalicious, @jeff-kubitz, @sazbird, @nonameslefttouse, @timbo, @goldmatters, @vegascomic, @mmc1800, @twinner, @lydon.sipe, @justtryme90, @rmach

List of New Users in the Last Day:


The Steem Power of the @crowdfundedwhale is currently at over 3488 SP, so it is already at a pretty good level, but far from the goal of the project. Hopefully it will continue to grow steadily over time and now it is the perfect time to join and support the project with the low price of Steem. There are already some people that have donated more than once to the project and this is also helping a lot. Remember that you are the ones powering up the @crowdfundedwhale and the more power it has, the more it will give back to you as votes for your posts. The speed of growth after the initial good start has slowed down a bit, but things are still moving, even if it is a bit slow... it will take some time and effort, but we are going to get there eventually.

Delayed voting has been implemented to the bot code, so @crowdfundedwhale will now vote after about 30 minutes since the post has been published instead of about a minute delay like it was initially. This change has been made in order for the bot to be able to also get some curation rewards from the posts it votes on and use them in order to further grow its voting power. The recent change to use 50% for votes in order to counter the drop of voting power on a daily basis has made some effect in terms of stopping the further drop. Ideally the increase of total Steem Power should be able to compensate for any reduction on voting power of each votes being cast, though that is not the case yet as the bot still needs to grow its available SP.

How to Participate in the Project

You can get included in the list of authors the bot votes on if you:

Transfer the minimum amount of STEEM, Steem Power or Steem Dollars to crowdfundedwhale

Send an amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that meets the minimums to the address: 1LCFwZTpTzHNfHSdsSfjptHUNee2JBFLcy

The BTC address above is from Blocktrades and will automatically convert anything received to it into Steem Power to the @crowdfundedwhale account, if you do sent Bitcoins this way make sure you drop a comment with the transaction ID, so that it is known who you are and you can be added in the list of authors.

The project is now more than a month old and with over 100 users, up until recently there were no minimums defined to join in the @crowdfundedwhale initiative, however as warned it is now time to add some in order for the continue growing and function as intended. Below you can see the new minimum amounts of STEEM and Steem Dollars required from new users to join, you are still welcome to send less than the minimum, but then it will just be considered a donation and it will not get you included in the list of users the bot votes back for!

Minimum STEEM to send to join @crowdfundedwhale: 24

Minimum Steem Dollars to send to join @crowdfundedwhale: 2.4

The future growth and development of the project also requires some additional rules to be set, some of these will happen along the way as a part of the project evolving and adjusting to the situation. The first such rule to be set is regarding the number of posts user makes, users that post more than 4 Blog posts per day may not be accepted in the project and some that are already included may also get excluded. Since the voting bot has limited voting power available and it needs to be distributed among many users already, voting for more than 4 Blog posts per day is not something that will be encouraged on Steemit by this project in favor of the fairness of voting power distribution.

I'm a bot on Steemit and I was created and am operated by @cryptos


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See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Dec 06 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

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I think it's a good thing to have limits since I believe there is a "penalty" of sorts for more than 4 posts a day anyway? I may be wrong but I thought I read that somewhere a while ago.

Yes, there is a reward penalty that starts to build up if you make a 5th post and continue after that in a period of 24 hours...

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