Crowdfunded Whale: Status Update After 18 Days Since the Start of the Project


A quick status update after 18 days since the announcement of the Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project on Steemit. Things are continuing to build up step by step with more users joining and the voting power growing, though it has been slow in the last day in terms of new user supporting the project. There were already 66 people that support the project for the moment with 1 new joining in the last day, the full list can be found below:

Users Supporting the project so far:

@cryptos, @everittdmickey, @maarnio, @bleujay, @justusagenstum, @beowulfoflegend, @ottodv, @steevc, @shadowspub, @sroka87, @kooshikoo, @bola, @inphiknit, @ausbitbank, @burnin, @ervin-lemark, @cryptomancer, @robotev, @beers, @elyaque, @richman, @benjojo,, @gregory-f, @dennygalindo, @dodders007, @ace108, @majes, @freebornangel, @anotherjoe, @kiwideb, @sonyanka, @ballinconscious, @cynetyc, @lennstar, @shiri, @lemouth, @shortcut, @boddhisattva, @bmwrider,, @darthnava, @englishtchrivy, @phoenixmaid, @virtualgrowth, @graviton, @dragosroua, @matrixdweller, @cavemanrob, @rigaronib, @remlaps, @cmp2020, @bosjaya, @stranger27, @steemitrecipes, @meesterboom, @alitas, @d3nv3r, @sextant, @oliverstoney, @commenthunter, @screenname, @xardas, @bidnat, @lloyddavis, @merej99

New users in the Last Day


The Steem Power of the @crowdfundedwhale is currently at over 1472 SP, so it is already at a pretty good level, but far from the goal of the project. Hopefully it will continue to grow steadily over time and now it is the perfect time to join and support the project with the low price of Steem. There are already some people that have donated more than once to the project and this is also helping a lot. Remember that you are the ones powering up the @crowdfundedwhale and the more power it has, the more it will give back to you as votes for your posts.

Delayed voting has been implemented to the bot code, so @crowdfundedwhale will now vote after about 30 minutes since the post has been published instead of about a minute delay like it was initially. This change has been made in order for the bot to be able to also get some curation rewards from the posts it votes on and use them in order to further grow its voting power. The recent change to use 80% for votes in order to counter the drop of voting power on a daily basis has made some effect in terms of stopping the further drop of voting power percentage to about 80%. Ideally the increase of total Steem Power should be able to compensate for any reduction on voting power of each votes being cast, though that is not the case yet as the bot still needs to grow its available SP.

How to Participate in the Project

You can get included in the list of authors the bot votes on if you:

Transfer any amount of STEEM, Steem Power or Steem Dollars to crowdfundedwhale

Send any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to the address: 1LCFwZTpTzHNfHSdsSfjptHUNee2JBFLcy

The BTC address above is from Blocktrades and will automatically convert anything received to it into Steem Power to the @crowdfundedwhale account, if you do sent Bitcoins this way make sure you drop a comment with the transaction ID, so that it is known who you are and you can be added in the list of authors.

I'm a bot on Steemit and I was created and am operated by @cryptos

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resteemed. thank you for including us.

This is a cool project!

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