Five Facts About Finalist Croatia

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Many may not have thought that a team like Croatia will go to the final of the World Cup ... but they have gone.

Apart from hosts Russia, they have lost strong teams like Argentina and England. They face France in the final on Sunday.

If you do not know much about the small country of Europe, then briefly some information is presented below.

1.Born in 1991

From the time of the Roman Empire, this Croatian had existed in some form. However, there is no current state called Croatia, before 1991.
In June of the year, the modern state declared its independence from Yugoslavia.

European Union member Croatia and the country's population is slightly more than 40 million.

As the population of all the countries around the world, Croatia ranked 130 in the list.

2.One-third of the Croatia in the forest

There are very nice parks in Croatia, there are some amazing lakes, where you can swim. There are many wonderful springs scattered in forests in the forest. There are all the forests in Croatia, which never collapsed.
According to the World Bank, forest cover covers one third of the country.

There are eight national parks in Croatia. One of them is Plitwitch Lake. This lake is one of the largest lake in Croatia and the United Nations Department of Science and Education UNESCO has declared the areas in the world as a heritage.

3.Dalmatian dog from Croatia

The rare dalmatian dog is born in Croatia. It is said, its origins in Dalmashia region.
This species of dogs, known for its dark black spots in white skin. This dog is seen in the painting painted in the sixteenth century and in the chronicle of Chronicle.

Experts say that there is no other dog like this dog anywhere in the world. And Dalmatia's origin has been named Dalmatian.

4.Game of Thrones in the city of Croatia

Game of Thrones is a utopia that has many dragon and white walker. But this is not a dream world.

The capital of the legendary 'Westers', 'Kings Landing', is in existence in a city of Croatia, and the city named Dubrovnik

In this city, almost all part of the Game of Thrones movie has been portrayed. This city is known for its ancient Gothic and Renaissance churches. There are amazing scenic scenes.

Due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, the number of tourists in this city has also increased.

5.Crab Tie's Birth in Croatia

A special type of tie-cradle. The necklace is around the neck. It's like a modern-day 'nickety' or 'b-tie'. In many languages, the word kroota can be found as the tie's original word.
In the 17th century, when the Thirty Years Wars were executed, the Croatian men in the French army span the cloth around their necks.

From there the birth of this crater tie. The country is celebrated on 18th October every year as the International Day of Agony.

In order to highlight their traditions and culture, the citizens of Croatia are neck-and-neck in this particular day. Source: BBC.



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