stop asking what’s the next thing, the decentralised infrastructure is here now and it works today — time to build out your MVP dreams!

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The resolve of the steem community is as immutable as the chain itself, no other chain has this level of intention heading into 2019.

. .. a few things of note for those people wondering what's next. ...

stop going to events and conferences in 2019.

Instead, build something, create the mockup, record a video about that idea and project you want to build and start to pull together people together to make it happen.

Now I understand it’s it’s free drinks and food but stop sitting in the audiences and pretending that your actually gonna use some of the information from the speaker and instead let’s execute on what you have TODAY and NOW — I’m sure each one of you has an idea of the perfect application, app, service that you could run on top of the steem platform — I also BET you could make me pay a little bit of money for it each month too doing something you LOVE.

if you keep asking or waiting for the next BIG THING in the hope that you will be first and catch that wave let me stop you and give you a big power tip, YOU’LL PROBABLY NEVER CATCH IT — instead, let’s take a deep breath and look at what we have today even after a year long deep, dark bear market.

you're corner of the chain.

I like many other’s here have been busy looking at what is my own involvement of value using this chain. In the good times when we never worried about the price we kinda let things go on ‘freeplay’ and let ‘Jesus take the wheel’ while I was powering down and taking my invested time in the platform out to pay for upgrading and my own life’s needs, I assumed I was putting in as much as I was taking out by making courses and spreading the word — I’ve realised many times over the last six months that I need to be doing more and without distraction.

In recent weeks I’ve seen a real push to ‘arms’ to really get behind why we all collectively believe in this project so much, it’s obvious to me that through thick and thin that at it’s core, people want this space on the web to be their very own, we want something where we can have open debates, step in, deliver something of value and build on top of it — I truly believe that if the witness/rocksdb process happens with success we will be propelled forward like never before.

we can be as good or better that what exists.

It’s obvious to me now that the buzzword bullshit bingo is temporary and leaves a bad taste with people, when you listen at street level all the way through to marketing departments at startups it’s all friends of friends that got in to bitcoin at $20k and basements full of bitcoin mining kit that is being switched off.

straight facts, blockchain is last seasons fashion, if we want adoption we have to be as clean and good and useful as the centralised apps while pushing our immutable credentials and fast talented developers that have stood here through thick and thin.

the ripple effect works.

Maybe we were waiting for others to step in and do something, maybe we felt that we needed permission from those supposed above us to allow us to do something (who knows) but it’s clear now I think to the majority of the hard core users of the platform that the gloves are now off, it’s an all in, ride or die all hands to the pumps.

People are connecting the dots, spearheading their own part of the chain and taking stock and putting together the resources that they have and it’s have a cascade effect, you can see the momentum building across the chain, positivity matters and it’s starting to come by the bucket load — from a tweet, to an action, to a yes to a thrown together idea in a couple of days, the more data we have the more we put ourselves in a position for people outside to come and experiment and see what we are so consumed by.


Last week between all the turkey and turnkey meme craziness of last weeks steemwaves radio show @crimsonclad put out a request to people to do ‘something’ fun on the chain, or at least put out something that can help define, change and inspire the brand story — you only have to look at the photo of lovely crim to see that it takes all people, it’s our characters and passion for the virtual spaces we have that will drive interest back to us.

this is a mini contribution part to the #crimsaystakeaction hashtag of the week from @crimsonclad -- probably the best radio show on the platform both on Wednesday and Saturdays, you should tune in and check it out.

So, with this in mind, I’ve been working on a new course which I’m going head down, deep dive between now and the end of the week, after I’ve finished writing this, edited the adventube for the week, recording my 1hr client video I’m getting into recording, it’s a fairly chunky course and I think I’ll have a bunch of the hours of it done over the next 72hrs — I’m imposing a personal apathy hard fork on myself because it’s been in my text editor for too long and it needs to breathe life.

Pushing for a Christmas Day release, I’ll have a bunch of free passes for it and I’m hoping that my existing student based (5.5k on skill share and 7.6k on udemy) will be interested in it as they launch into 2019, I’ve totally avoided using words like ‘crypto’ and ‘bitcoin’ and ‘blockchain’ on purpose. ..

. .. instead, I’m pushing for digital independence for next year.

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 (burton on trent) → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado ripped up the town (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin south by southwest event → video chat with robert scoble from rackspace → music video can you spot me? → won the digital derry contest for 5k euros → crowdfunded digital signage concept called pi street → now living life through digital blockchains.


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"Digital Independence" - that's got a ring to it. Agree to avoid terms like blockchain, crypto etc. It loses people.

Good motivational post - now off to think what I can add to this platform...

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