11 Reasons Creatives and Curators Love Steempeak

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I've known about Steempeak before it got lauched. I was so excited when @asgarth told me about his idea. Little did I imagine It was going to be such a success. With @asgarth and @anarcist developing, @dmytrokorol 's skills in graphic design, @jarvie's brain and enthusiasm and the one and only @r00sj3 moderating the discord, the entire project surpassed my expectations.

Let's be honest. Steemit is a bit basic and hard to move around specially when you are new. And you have to use tons of different websites to get things done. Like autovotes, knowing your VP, etc. Best thing about steempeak is that everything you need is in the same place and easy to use.

Not only is it more appealing to the eye (thanks @dmytrokorol) but it's also way better to navigate.

Here are some of my favorite features:




This makes my life so much easier as a @curie curator. And the best thing about it is that you can play youtube and Dtube videos directly from the feed without having to open each post. Again, it saves a lot of time when I'm curating. The photos come up nice and big, so much better and appealing to see. It's probably my favorite feature.


Not only do you have a larger preview of the photos on your feed, but you also have the option to expand and see an entire post. All all of this without needing to open up each post. (really handy for us curators)


It's pretty useful to know when someone writes a comment so you can get back at answering them. You can also choose what you want to be notified about.



First thing, you can respond a comment directly from replies section without having to open the post. Big time saver.


Am I the only one that feels it's annoying to have to scroll all the way down to view what you are writing? You can see the preview right next to the editor in steempeak.


I used to save all my posts on word documents. With the draft feature you can save a bunch of posts at the same time and come back to the one you want to work on. Pretty cool.


You can schedule your posts even 30 days from now. Pretty handy when you have to go on vacations and want to keep your blog active. There are other ways of doing this, but like I said before, the good thing about steempeak is that you have it all in a single page.


And again, I used to bookmark certain posts on my google chrome, but here you have it all in a single page. #Steempeak gives you the option to save those specific posts you want to come back, to in a neat and organized way by categories.


We all get a voting slider. YAY! You can also see before hand what percentage and amount you get from each vote.


So yeah, here is were @jarvie kicks in hard. First time I heard about GSMI (Guaranteed Steemit Minimum Income) from him I was quite impressed. It's pretty interesting and useful to know how much percent you receive from what users and how often you get them. This way you can estimate how much you make monthly and come up with a better strategy to grow your account. You also have the dashboard that gives you all the charts and stats about your account just to see your progress. You also have the voting power info and details like steem/sbd conversion. All in one single page.


Last and not least. The entire team behind @steempeak work so hard to improve each day. You can always contact them on discord and they are happy to listen to new suggestions.

So what are you waiting for?


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Great post. The notification feature sold me!!
Signing up for it now!
You should write commercials.
You won me over. :)

\5. side preview wow ! :)


Haha love seeing the features people get a kick out of.

Do they run a witness?


@espoem not yet, but we are planning to start that at some point.

@gabyoraa, your analysis on @steempeak is quite mouth waering. I hope I won't get dissapointed trying out the DAPP. Meanwhile, I expected you telling us that there are curators attached by @steempeak to incentivize users. It could be a suggestion for @steempeak if not invoke..

Sound great!


well we hope your not dissapointed at all... here's the best thing. You get to tell us where you want to see improvements.

As for curators it's something we could do but our mission right now are two fold:

  1. Put all features advanced users love in one place
  2. Make it intuitive and easy to use for new users.

We're presently focused on making the best interface possible knowing that lots of other people are solving how to make those users money. We think making a good interface that people will stick with is the best long term solution to making money with steem. Save them lots of time is sometimes even better. Consistency is the key and we're hoping to build something that makes it easier for our users to be Consistent on steem.


Hi @Jarvie, I love what I see on your blog. May be I'll go clean up my Baby Canon Cam or better still begin to dig memories I caught.
This comment is made from Steam Peak and I think I love the feelings. I read This Post and it's a big challenge for me.

I don't know about drafts - when esteem had some issues I lost a draft which took several hours to write, not a fun feeling :)
Unless your computer gets vapourized that word document isn't going anywhere :P

I love Steempeak..
.it shpuld be the first and only.interface people use when they get here!! Plus.. mountains. What's not to love!

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These characteristics of this application are very interesting. I have to try them, I'm very attracted to the side view on the text editor.

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Awesome. Steem is the real creativity
Thanks for your time