Movie Review - Thani Oruvan/ Dhruva (Watch and Learn Netflix's Death Note!!! Watch and Learn)

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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are doing great, And I am OK, I guess. I had a very... I don't know... It was a weird day for me and I don't wanna discuss that. I never believed in the universe is working towards fixing things. Ok, That's a lie. I do believe that Universe is working very hard to fix things the only thing is you being willing to accept that helping hand. (Straying Off Topic. Are we?)

2Days back, I made a mistake by watching the Movie Netflix Death Note. Well, we cannot blame the entire movie team for the disaster, as our expectations with the movie were too high, to begin with. Anyway whats done is done, we won't be getting back those 90mins of our lives back. (Coming to think of it I am not getting any of the passed minute back, I wasted my time with the movie. Then I spent the exact amount of time again explaining why the movie was a waste of time. SMH... What the hell am I doing with my life?). Anyway, I was down and the only thing that can cheer me up was a movie (Well there are other couples of things that can cheer this dude up, But let's just focus on the movie), But which one to watch. Let's get a haircut while deciding the Movie to watch. So I was just relaxing in the barber's chair while he was styling my hair (To make me look more awesome). When the song of "Theemai Dhaan Vellum (Awakening the Monster)" was playing in the TV.

Disclaimer - All rights are resevred by the music company

It was from the movie "Thani Orvan" which translate to "Different from rest". And the movie is nothing like the Music video. It was released in 2015 and had created a sensation. Now my Tamil is not that good that I can enjoy a movie without the help of a translator (who by the end of the movie would probably kill me for asking so many doubts and then plea for self-defense). That's the main reason I stayed away from the Movie. But this music video appealed to me. So I decided to watch the movie. But the language issue remained. I checked the web and came to know about a remake in Telugu "Dhruva" which translate to "Dhruva (The character Name Because we still love that thing where the Movie's name the lead character Name)".
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the review of "Dhruva" (My first telugu movie review)

Spoiler Alert: This is an awesome movie and a lengthy one. So watch the movie first before I spoil it for you. I am just kidding, I liked the movie and don't wanna ruin it for you by giving away the bad guys name. But, I read it somewhere that they are going to remake the movie in Hindi with Salmaan Khan in it. ;-) Enjoy while you can.

dhruva-759.jpgImage Source

I am not gonna discuss the movie in detail or nitpick on it. I liked it and the reason being this is everything the Netflix Death Note gotten wrong.

Lets Discuss, The Character first.. The Lead protagonist is Dhruva played by Ram Charan. A workaholic police office who is dedicate to his work to such an extent that he has setup a lab and later reveal that he has acquired this 'sense of justice' at the very early age and worked his way into police but started tracking criminal way before. He doesn't have any family and is a loner. This movie has given many clue before revealing his background that he is driven by his sense of justice and is very brilliant and someone to be reckoned with. Sound's familiar? He is what "L" should have been. On the other end of the spectrum is the legendary Actor Mr. AravindSwamy playing Light Yagami, (Ahhh!! sorry) playing Siddharth Abhimanyu, who is a scientist. Another brilliant character who introduction and cunning nature was revealed very early, Actually his brilliance was the opening act. And guess what this scientist has, A lab. Where he does crazy and scary stuff.

Image Source

The pacing, Even I agree that movie was lengthy but if you cut down the songs it comes down to 150mins. And trust me you will enjoy every bit of it. Nope, let me rephrase that as most of it. because since this is an indian movie there has to love because with out love most of the musicians would be out of business. But it is lengthy for a reason, every scene is done very nicely and moves the plot further. I will get into the detail analysis some other time. Otherwise, I would again start bickering about the Death Note..which is not good.

dhruva-3.jpgImage Source

Moving to the Third point, The character design of the antagonist. The main thing about him, is he is violent, Very violent, not physical violence but with his thoughts. The introduction scene of him as 15year taking the blame for a murder as deal to propel his father into political career and him know that juvenile punishment would be small is enough to give the chills. Him using his fathers political powers getting out of the jail and getting more exposure and influence for himself. And arrogance with charm. The guys has very big kill count even without a Death Note on him, that too without directly getting involved. The planning and execution is impeccable until the protagonist gained the upper hand, by the power of Love (Hahaha, Just kidding) but yeah the girlfriend was involved.

dhruva-4.jpgImage Source

There are many points that can talked about like the chemistry between the characters, the cat and mouse chase, the acting and the plot itself. And there are things for nitpick but lets keep that off for the day. Because, the universe has made up for getting me a Netflix Death Note by giving me "Dhruva" (Yeah, I heard myself. That came out wrong)

Man!!! I gotta learn tamil.


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This is my personal view of the Movie, And it is to be taken lightly. All the comments that I made were on the performance of these actors and not the actor themselves. Do not take my word as a word of an expert. I am no expert.



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Thanks for the review of both movies. I usually do not like violence but I think I will check out the tamil version after reading your review. My niece gave me a copy of vikram vedha and I ended up deleting it because I could not digest it :p
You should try a you tube version review which will also be a task you love other than doing office work and you end screaming in frustration

@sayee, it's the imagination and the creativity that went behind this movie that amazed me. I am not saying that this is 100 percent original as you can see element borrowed from various sources but tye way they were executed is wonderful.

And the po being this was the directors first venture out of his main focus, he had been directing remake mostly so one can say the experience that he gained is the key player in the movie

Wow, bro. This is epic stuff. Awesome post!

It is epic. Really a fun movie to watch.. given that you understand the language as mostly its the mind games and dialogues between the people that makes the movie more fun.. action is there but not that much. The music video is just something of a promo stuff and none of the action happens in the movie.

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